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Tom White Quoted in Politico at RightOnline Event with James O’Keefe

I made it back safely from Las Vegas where I spent about 47 hours on the ground enjoying the gathering of Conservative OnLine activists working hard to bring the nation back to common sense and thwart the dangerous Progressive movement and their assault on Liberty.

There was very little time to actually sit and blog. I managed to tweet a bit, but the fast pace of the sessions left almost no time to sit and blog without sitting out a session to catch up.

Saturday morning, after the initial opening session in the main hall, we began the “Breakout Sessions” that offered four “Tracks” as well as other optional sessions.

I chose the  “Investigative Journalism” track, but there were a lot of good sessions to attend and it was a hard choice.

One that was not so hard was the session led by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas whom you will recognize as the undercover “pimp” who went into a number of Acorn offices around the country and was offered help and assistance by these Acorn operatives to assist his “prostitution” efforts, including the plan to bring in underage girls from South America as child prostitutes.

O’Keefe is directly responsible for the demise of Acorn.

And he has been busy exposing fraud of many types at NPR, Assistance Offices everywhere, and voter fraud, including being offered Eric Holder’s ballot in Virginia.

And while Voter ID laws have been passed in O’Keefe’s wake, one common theme has emerged from the officials that were made to look foolish by these undercover efforts: they all want to put James O’Keefe in jail.

I asked O’Keefe is he thought it was a bit odd that these Governors and Attorneys General were focusing on him rather than the fraud he exposed, and if these “geniuses” realized that it was not O’Keefe who was actually the undercover “operative” that perpetrated the “sting”.

O’Keefe said he no longer does the undercover work because they would figure out who he is and blow his cover. But honestly, James O’Keefe as a pimp should have done that on it’s own. He was a horrible pimp and they still went along with him.

We also learned that his undercover work began his junior year in college when he successfully convinced the school that serving “Lucky Charms” in the school cafeteria was offensive and demeaning to Irish-Americans who deserve better than to be depicted as tiny gnomes with orange hair in green.

And yes, the school proved O’Keefe’s point that Political Correctness was out of control when the banned the cereal from the cafeteria.

At the end of the session, which was far too short at only an hour, I spoke with Politico Reporter Tim Mak. He attended most of the same sessions I did and his work was amazingly fair and accurate, especially for Politico! At least the stories I have read.

While I still consider myself a 20-something -ish activist, the gray hair and beard the inner me, as does my inability to party all night and still function the next day on almost no sleep. And as political bloggers go, I am one of the more “seasoned” ones in terms of age. There are a lot of silver haired activists. And there are a lot of young ones too.

Mak asked me about my views on the average age of the crowd:

While younger conservatives, like O’Keefe and New York Daily News columnist S.E. Cupp, spoke of their generation’s defiance against the left — “It’s encouraging to see how rebellious young conservatives have been,” Cupp said Saturday during a lunchtime panel with conservative writer Jonah Goldberg — they were giving advice mostly to an older generation.

Indeed, glance around any room at this year’s RightOnline conference and you’ll see plenty of graying hair and balding heads — middle-aged bloggers eager to expose liberal wrongs and to discuss FOIA letters, Twitter followers and digital strategy.

“The average age of citizen journalists is probably between 35 and 40,” Tom White of told POLITICO. “I think a lot of conservatives in general tend to be older.”

And part of the reason we tend to be older is that the education system is run by left wing unions and the young minds are being inundated with Liberal-think from the moment they enter school. I actually expressed more thoughts as to why the average age of Conservatives were older, but somehow they didn’t make it into the article. It is, after all, Politico!

O’Keefe’s strike on Political Correctness in college with his Lucky Charms undercover work was a direct result of the frustration he had with the liberal professors who shot him down whenever he offered his opinion and beliefs in class and on papers. The Lucky Charms incident was an absolute repudiation of PC-Think and exposed the ridiculous nature of this practice and the idiot administrators who go along with it.

Check out this video and see how O’Keefe uses their own political correctness to make them look foolish. The fact that these people took this seriously shows just how out of touch the really are!


Today, a lot of college students are bucking the trend. In 2008, I think the average age of political activists and online conservative activists was probably higher than it is now. Warriors like O’Keefe, Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp and a host of other younger folks are reaching the brainwashed kids that schools turn out and deprogramming them.

I believe the average age of Conservatives is higher than that of Liberals, but the average age is in a downward trend on the right. Which is exactly the direction it needs to be going.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. Sara says:

    That video is seriously hard to watch because it shows how sick our society is. The guy is a genius.


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