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Reason magazine has reported that Senator Rand Paul (It is great to know that there will be Lord willing a Paul in Congress after January!) has introduced this amendment to the NDAA: A citizen of the United States who is captured or arrested in the United States and detained by the Armed Forces of the […]

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Democrats Always Blame Racism when they Get Caught in Lies

This is really getting old. Nobody gives a damn about Susan Rice’s race. The White House sent Rice out after the Benghazi Terrorist Massacre to spread the false narrative that some video had caused the whole thing. Race has nothing to do with is. Susan Rice is either a lackey or was completely ignorant of the facts and should […]

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What is VTPPF Drinking

VTPPF Gives Tim Kaine Early Christmas Gift

Do you hear what I hear?… it’s Democrat Senate Candidate Tim Kaine and his campaign staff laughing all the way to elections day. Today, Mark Lloyd, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation issue this press release,  specifically to call out George Allen because he dare to have people in the tea party people […]

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Dr. John OBannon: Latest attack by Shields is false, outrageous, despicable and desperate

Delegate John M. O’Bannon III, M.D. (R-Henrico) today decried the most recent of his Democrat opponent’s negative mail pieces, which 73rd District voters received this weekend. The latest in a series of negative mailers, all of which were authorized by Tom Shields and paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia, claims that John O’Bannon […]

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Towns Gone Wild Starring Delegate Lynwood Lewis

If this were fiction it would almost be funny. Unfortunately, it is all too real. The Eastern Shore town of Hallwood, VA. is a small town of less than 300 residents. The best way to describe the Mayor, Town Council, Police Chief and other Town administrators is Twin Peaks meets Mayberry.

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Tom Shields Responds To Disgusting Acorn Ties And Bobby Scott's Vote To Fund

We asked Democrat Tom Shields to repudiate Congressman Bobby Scott’s vote to continue funding Acorn. Scott was one of the 75 Democrats that voted to continue funding for Acorn in spite of the many videos released to date showing a systematic pattern of the Community Organizer group at 5 offices (so far) around the country […]

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Shields Falsely Accuses O'Bannon Of Rewriting History Displays His Ignorance Of Qimonda And High Tech

It would seem that Democrat candidate for the 73rd House Seat Tom Shields is accusing Incumbent Delegate John O’Bannon, MD of rewriting history. One would think that Shields would at least check his facts before throwing such an accusation at his opponent. Delegate Joe Morrissey, in arguing for accelerated grant payments said the plant might […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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