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CPAC’s Skewed Priorities: Progressive Liberal RINO Bob McDonnell Invited – GoProud Shunned

The Progressive Liberal Republican in Name Only – RINO – Governor Bob McDonnell, who just pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history, was invited to the 2013 CPAC Convention. McDonnell has been asked to speak at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast. Now if you don’t know who Bob McDonnell is, this […]

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Why The ‘Clinton Tax Rates’ Didn’t Create Prosperity in the 1990’s

Democrats have always been strangers to the truth and huge fans of revisionist history. And nothing states that more clearly than the intellectually deficient calls for a return to the “Clinton Tax Rates” to bring prosperity back to the country. And of course, the de facto leader of the intellectually deficient is Barack Obama who used this false […]

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Governor McDonnell Announces $448.5 Million Budget Surplus for Fiscal Year 2012

– Commonwealth Posts Third Straight Fiscal Year Surplus for a Total of Nearly $1.4 Billion – Governor Had Previously Announced $129 million Revenue Surplus; Today’s Announcement is Final, Cumulative Surplus Amount Including Agency Savings Governor Announces Additional $78.3 Million to Rainy Day Fund to Create Nearly $700 Million Balance; $77.2 Million to State Employee Performance […]

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This from the website of the Heritage Foundation is useful for those looking for evidence to fight tax and spend liberalism and Krugmanism.  It’s about Estonia – the tiny Baltic republic liberated nearly twenty years ago and one of the freest nations in the world today: In the midst of a world embroiled in economic […]

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John Stossel is a wonderful and prominent libertarian voice today.  His article on Social Security at Real Clear Politics is right on point. Social Security is popular but unsustainable. Its commitments over the next 75 years exceed its expected revenue by $5.3 trillion (http://tinyurl.com/29nclg7). Politicians know this, but pander anyway. He caught Senator Harry Reid […]

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From Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling: When Governor McDonnell and I took office in January, we set two key goals for our first year in office: Getting Virginia’s economy moving again and creating jobs for Virginia’s families, and Eliminating the $4.2B budget shortfall we inherited and turning our budget shortfalls into surpluses again. This week […]

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Bob McDonnell - Taxing Business to give State Workers Bonus

Va Gov McDonnell Robs Businesses To Pay State Workers Bonuses

During his campaign for governor last year, candidate Bob McDonnell promised to make Virginia a state that fostered business development and set up an environment to make it easier for businesses to thrive, and create private sector jobs. A large part of his promises included reducing taxes and red tape on businesses. “Bob’s for Jobs”, […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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