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Russ Wright Defeats Nancy Russell 57% – 43% for Hanover Republican Committee Chairman

Russ Wright, a Libertarian leaning Republican challenged Hanover County Republican Committee Chairman Nancy Russell for her seat as Chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee and came away with a 57% to 43% victory over Russell. The final tally was 168 for Wright and 129 for Russell. It is not a secret in Hanover County or […]

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Why I Am Voting for Ed Gillespie – Top 10 Reasons

It is not often that I get to cast an enthusiastic vote for a politician. But next month, I get to do just that. And I shall savor the process. And despite the headline of this post, the recipient of my enthusiastic vote will be Dave Brat. Brat is running for US Congress in the […]

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Elected Hanover Republicans Refute Cantor’s Claim that Dave Brat is a Liberal – Cantor Needs to Stop the Lies

Eric Cantor is lying about Dave Brat. Yes, I called the Majority Leader and my Congressman a liar. And that is something that I am not proud to have to do. But I am sick and tired of the lies about Dave Brat and they need to stop. And I am not the only one […]

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Since the President has decided to graciously allow Congress to have their say, it’s time for Congress to do what it did not do when we attacked Serbia:  Stop the war! First, if the best they can do is panicked phone calls from Syrian officials to chemical warfare chiefs about the so-called chemical strike, that […]

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SANDY on duty at the CANTOR JINDAL breakfast this morning! PICTURE of BLOGGER with SAINTS JERSEY with the LOUISIANA GOVERNOR!

Thanks to Tom White, I was able to attend the Cantor/Jindal breakfast this am!  (In fact I am here – already I have been a few feet from my hero, Governor Bobby Jindal) I have gotten a solid, if blurry photo that should be in an update for this blog post.  I was invited up […]

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Dem Connolly the ONLY Va Congressman to Vote FOR “Fiscal Cliff” Bill and $4 Trillion in NEW DEBT!

Democrat Gerry Connolly was the only Virginia Congressman to vote in favor of the bill masquerading as legislation to save us from the “fiscal cliff” that actually only makes the cliff higher. Or more precisely, the fiscal abyss into which we are falling even deeper. Even Bobby Scott (rightfully) voted no to this massive spending bill […]

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A Recovering Republican’s Views of Cuccinelli’s Va Run for Governor

As I mentioned yesterday, my Congressman Eric Cantor and his War on Conservatives has convinced me that all is lost on the National Front with the Republican Party. As Speaker John Boehner and Cantor, two Progressives pretending to be Republicans purge Conservatives from every committee, the result is not only a total and complete move away […]

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Congressman Cantor Releases First Campaign Ad of 2012

Good, positive message from Virginia’s 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hKWnuB9VdZs

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Radicals, Revolution and the Virginia Republican Primary

Virginia is one week away from a Republican Primary contest featuring several important races. This article will focus on two of these races. The first, the US Senate race between former Governor and Senator George Allen, State Delegate Bob Marshall and two political newcomers Bishop E.W. Jackson and Jamie Radtke. The second race will look at […]

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Jamie Radtke Responds to Cantor’s Endorsement of Allen

Yesterday we posted that Congressman Eric Cantor endorsed George Allen in the US Senate race for 2012. Jamie Radtke, also a Republican Candidate for the same Senate seat has responded to the announcement: Campaign Statement on Today’s Allen Endorsements Jamie Radtke opposed the budget compromise in April that delivered less than 0.4% of the $100 […]

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Eric Cantor and Bob Goodlatte Endorse George Allen for Senate

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va-6) joined House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA-7)  today in endorsing Virginia’s former Governor and US Senator George Allen for US Senate in the 2012 race. On a conference call, Congressman Cantor made the argument that Allen would be ready to lead on day one and has a proven record of leadership. […]

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Kyl: GOP Agrees to Up to $200B in New Revenues – Cantor: Willing to Compromise

The discussion as far as the debt ceiling seems to have lost. Republicans are caving in at all turns. It would appear that two of the top Republicans (Jon Kyl in the Senate and Eric Cantor in the House) are willing to backtrack on the promise to not increase taxes. In Jon Kyl’s case, he […]

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Cantor praises our military, congratulates Bush and Obama

Cantor: “Many Virginians were directly affected by the devastating attacks on the Pentagon on September 11th and the bombing of the USS Cole homeported in Norfolk and those lost will never be forgotten.” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) last night issued the following statement regarding the news that Osama Bin Laden has been […]

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Why ‘Across the Board Spending Cuts’ are not the Answer

To some on the right, any spending cut at the Federal level is a good thing. And that premise is hard to disagree with. But not all spending cuts are created equal. There is a dark side to non-specific, across the board spending cuts. The budget amendment offered by Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is a case […]

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Eric Cantor Statement on Obama Budget

On Monday President Barack Obama released his latest budget, another financial mess that adds to the national debt while raising taxes as well. His $3.7 trillion budget fails to take government spending seriously, offering tentative cuts at best.  In response, Congressman Eric Cantor offered the following statement: “President Obama says he wants to win the […]

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Eric Cantor: The Gentleman From Virginia

Tablet Magazine has a good piece on our Congressman Eric Cantor. H/T to David Gerstman Last month, when the Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and John Boehner was elected speaker, Cantor became majority leader, the second most powerful person in the chamber and the one tasked with driving the partisan agenda […]

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Todd Rojcewicz gives Eric Cantor a message on fiscal responsibility

Rojcewicz for Supervisor invites you to a special event with Governor George Allen

Todd Rojcewicz is running for the Powhatan Board of Supervisors this year. He has been a powerful force in Powhatan for fiscal responsibility and making the mostly rural Virginia County a better place. Todd started the Powhatan Taxpayer’s Alliance and has been a brilliant watch dog for Powhatan resident’s money. In the accompanying photo, Todd […]

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Rick Waugh: Virginia’s Version of Alan Grayson

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for political candidates that are so far down in the polls as to be irrelevant. But when these politicians resort to questionable tactics, lies and downright distortions of reality and truth, one must begin to feel sorry not for the candidate, but for the voters who must suffer the […]

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Chuck Smith - VA-03

Virginia Right! Endorses Chuck Smith (VA-03)

Virginia Right! has endorsed Congressman Eric Cantor for reelection in the 7th Congressional House race, but there is one other race in the Central Virginia area where we are (mostly) based. Fellow Va Right blogger Michelle has noted Chuck Smith Gains Endorsments and Momentum and Sandy has opined that A SOLID CHOICE in the THIRD […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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