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Betrayed! Only 5 Republican Senators Voted ‘NO!’ to a Tax Increase –

We have been predicting for some time that House and Senate Republicans were going to cave in to higher taxes. Every one of these Republicans has said many, many times “you don’t raise taxes on anyone in a recession – period!” So Senate Republicans would have us believe that they were completely at the mercy […]

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Obama’s Dangerous Tax Hike to Cost 710,000 Jobs

A New Study Reveals That President Obama’s Tax Hike Will Lead To ‘710,000 Fewer Jobs,’ & ‘A Decline In Workers’ Living Standards’   ‘710,000 Fewer Jobs,’ ‘Wages Would Fall’   NEW STUDY (Ernst & Young): “This report finds that these higher marginal tax rates result in a smaller economy, fewer jobs, less investment, and lower wages. Specifically, […]

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Jobs Groups Again Blast Dem Surtax: ‘Punitive Tax Hike’ On ‘America’s Job Creators’

‘Would Seriously Impair Our Ability’ ‘To Put Our Unemployed Back To Work’   “America’s job creators… are critical to the effort to rebuild our economy and create the jobs necessary to put our unemployed back to work. Unfortunately, the Senate is expected to take up yet another bill that, if enacted, would seriously impair our […]

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Jamie Radtke’s statement regarding President Obama’s “jobs speech”

Same Failed Approach, New Spin   President Obama’s speech proves one fact: He doesn’t understand how to get government out of the way of job creators. So he’s trying the same old approach that he already tried and that already failed and is just putting a new spin on it. He’s chasing the wrong rabbit. […]

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U.S. Senator Pat Toomey Delivers Weekly Republican Address

‘I remain very optimistic about our future. Americans are the hardest working, most industrious, and innovative, most entrepreneurial people in the world. And if we just let them, they will build more factories, start more businesses, hire more workers, produce more goods, and create more inventions. But first, government has to get out of the […]

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George Allen Statement on 2nd Anniversary of the Jobless ‘Stimulus’

It is clear that only thing this jobless stimulus bill has created is more debt for our children to bear.” Mt. Vernon, VA – George Allen made the following statement today regarding the second anniversary of the jobless “stimulus” package: “Two years ago today, President Obama signed into law a $800 billion jobless stimulus bill […]

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Why Democrats Cannot Vote on Tax Cuts Before the Election

Take your pick: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t or stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either saying is appropriate for the dilemma Democrats now find themselves in as far as extending the Bush Tax Cuts. On the one hand, raising taxes in the current economy is really not an option. […]

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Eric Cantor Speaking at Breakfast

Live Blog: Eric Cantor Annual Campaign Breakfast

Refresh Often for Updates!!! 8:00 AM Meeting Starts Barbara Comstock opening the breakfast. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli leads the group in the Pledge of Alliegence. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling leads the invocation. Eric Cantor delivers keynote speech: “Deficits, spending, higher taxes, energy security, health care – all of these are important. But we have a […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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