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THE UNITED STATES NAVY is NOT a GLOBAL FORCE for GOOD! IT is to DEFEND the NATION against ENEMIES foreign and domestic!

I am appalled at this series of commercials put out by the United States Navy with the theme:  A Global Force for Good(tm)! Here is the place to go to see the commercial and here’s is a portion of the accompanying commentary: The role of America’s Navy is both vast and dependent upon circumstance. It […]

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This Methodist lady, Martha Mullen, is my hero this week (I hate the word heroine, it’s sexist and looks like a candidate for the police blogger!) for this brave act:  Ensuring that there was a burial site for the terrorist Tamerian Tsarnaev.  She was motivated by the words of Jesus: “Jesus tells us to love […]

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I’ve been pondering this posting for some time.  How long could the USA have gone without a war?  If we had followed the Constitution, renounced imperialism, minded our own business, what wars would we have been in?  How might history have changed? Try this mental exercise: I think the War of 1812 was probably necessary […]

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Comic politicians poining

Should Our Children Join The Armed Forces?

“Jihad against the enemies of Islam is obligatory on Muslims until the danger of their mischief or evil-doings is over, and the dominance of Islam is established over all other religions. Since this will occur only near the end of the world, the command of Jihad remains till the last day” Mufti Usmani   Our […]

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Know the Enemy: The 7 Power Levels of the Progressive Movement

With union boss Jimmy Hoffa’s statement “Let’s take these sons of bitches out”, the Progressives in this country declared war on anyone who does not agree with their plans for America. When someone declares war on you and wants to “take you out”, like it or not, they have declared themselves your enemy. And while […]

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Can You Read Michelle Obama’s Lips? What is she Saying about the Flag at 9/11 Ceremony?

  Read My Lips! My face says I despise the flag. Well, there are some nasty rumors going around about this video (H/T to DL at All American Blogger). I have my opinion, but are there any lip readers out there? Is she making a snide comment about the flag as some suggested? Or is […]

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VCU student (It seems it takes a VCU student to get things done!  Ask a Kansas basketball fan.) Conor Murphy wrote this fabulous article about the myths surrounding Cong. Ron Paul.  Some highlights: The first and most common problem that conservatives have regarding Ron Paul is the assertion that he is weak on national defense. […]

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More Anthony Weiner Pictures and X-Rated Messages Exposed!

Wow! Are you following this? WARNING: If you are easily offended please do not read this! Fair warning. It gets fairly graphic. Update: 3:52 PM – Congressman Weiner to speak on Fox News about this story. That should be good! A picture of a man’s, ahem, “growing member” (clad in briefs, thankfully) was sent from […]

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Virginia Right! Moves to New Dedicated Server

Welcome to the new home of Virginia Right! We are now in our third year of covering mostly politics, a few sports and an occasional non political happening or two. We have made a lot of friends (not to mention enemies on the left) and have hopefully produced a website that is informative, entertaining and, […]

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Cantor praises our military, congratulates Bush and Obama

Cantor: “Many Virginians were directly affected by the devastating attacks on the Pentagon on September 11th and the bombing of the USS Cole homeported in Norfolk and those lost will never be forgotten.” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) last night issued the following statement regarding the news that Osama Bin Laden has been […]

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The Council Has Spoken!! Winners for 3-19-2011

We had quite a week here at the Watcher’s Council! As more than one member remarked, picking whom to vote for this week was extremely difficult because the entries, both Council and non-Council were really that just good. And to top it all off, yours truly was faced with an internet outage that took me […]

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John Bolton would be…the Most Interesting Presidential Candidate In The World

The question before the Disruptive court is, are you ready for a John Bolton presidential run?  The answer: Yes.   Yes I am .   John Bolton has conquered enemies who haven’t even attacked America yet. When pressed as to whether that means he would consider a run, Bolton seemed to suggest that he might […]

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What do WWII, the Iranian Hostage Crisis and 9/11 have in common?

They were all preceded by the perception of cowardice within our political class by our enemies. So says Bill Whittle over at PJTV in another outstanding segment of Afterburner.

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Tea Party Census

Great idea at the Washington Tea Party. A census. The media lies about attendance, intentionally low balling the numbers for Tea Party events. Problem solved. If one thing is clear, the Tea Partiers are conscious of their so-called enemies. As I entered the Tea Party Express rally at Freedom Plaza here in Washington, a young […]

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Ahmadinejad Seeks to Destroy Israel

Israel Should Attack Iran by Late Summer or Early Fall to Force Obama’s Support

While the Obama Administration and the United Nations pretend to be discussing some really tough sanctions against the Iranian regime led by madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has publicly called Israel an “occupying regime” and is working for a “World Without Zionism”, the world knows the sanctions will be neither tough nor effective. The problem is, […]

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Homeland Security Has Become Reactive Under Obama – Proactive Days Gone

It seems like these days every time we hear about a terrorist attack, or attempted attack, Homeland Security reacts to the threat after the fact, but only for a short time, then the bomb sniffing dogs and extra security fade away.

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Controlling the Weather

Global warming, global warming, wherefore art thou? If man has truly reached the point where he can cause the entire earth to warm by releasing CO2, and we also have the capability to reverse this trend by slowing the release – according to the warmers, then why use punishing means like Cap and Tax to […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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