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FINALLY something like THANKS for UKIP weeding out racists and radicals! FROM a TORY SITE!

Finally a sensible article about UKIP – thanks to the ConservativeHome website, torydiary.  It argues well that UKIP is not the BNP.  They have done an admirable job weeding out radicals and racists: However, the number exposed as extremists is under 1% – indeed I think still in single figures. Furthermore UKIP should be commended […]

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McConnell Warns, “Very Determined Group Of Extremists On The Left…Are Rooting For Us To Go Off The Fiscal Cliff”

Speaking on the Senate floor this morning, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell discussed one of the key obstacles to obtaining an agreement to avoid the approaching fiscal cliff. “I believe the two parties can avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. And in the process, I even believe we can agree on a framework for a bipartisan plan […]

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2011 Richmond Tax Day TEA Party Attendance: Mission Accomplished Syndrome?

It seems the media is making hay with the lower than previous year’s attendance at last night’s Tax Day Rally put on by the Richmond TEA Party. Here are the facts. First, last night’s rally saw between 1,100 and 1,500 people attend the event. The attendance was off from the previous two years, that is […]

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Budget Deal! This is a HUGE Win for GOP. Give Boehner an ‘A’ for Negotiating Skills

A deal was (finally) reached late last night that will avoid a government shutdown – as long as Congress approves the final draft of the agreement and the President signs it into law. So, it’s almost over, but not quite. And while the amount cut was far short of the $100 Billion figure talked about […]

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I actually got this story from a pro-ICLEI comment to the events in Charlottesville.  The article basically suggested that those fighting ICLEI are black helicopter style conspiracy theorists: Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists are at it again, this time in Charlottesville, Virginia. Local officials in this small city, which is home to the University of Virginia, […]

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Obama Baits Tea Party: Be Specific on Cuts (Like Hope and Change?)

Trying to find an answer to the Tea Party phenomenon must really be a nightmare for Barack Obama and the Democrats. Every time they attack the Tea Party, the movement grows by leaps and bounds. They have found that attempting to brand the majority of Americans as extremists is not a smart tactic. But they […]

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Sorry, but I’m not feeling very sympathetic

I’m having an R. Lee Ermy GEICO, “Tissue?” moment after reading this opinion piece on CNN. Apparently, life has been hell for this muslim since 9/11 .  He feels that people eye him suspiciously.  Sure, he admits that 9/11 was a terrible thing, but he’s in the camp that calls the hijackers a crazed minority.  […]

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Bad News for Democrats – Hutaree Militia ‘Nutjobs’ Registered Democrats

Did you hear that on MSNBC or CNN? Nope. And don’t hold your breath. They are too busy trying to tie the anti-government Hutaree Militia to the Republican Party. Sorry, the only ties to a political party are to the Democratic Party. According to the Toledo Blade:

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A Deadly Combination: Pre 9-11 Mentality with Political Correctness

The Obama Administration has been warned. Repeatedly. But these are such bright and all knowing creatures that they have ignored the advice. And who suffers the consequence of these failures? Nancy Pelosi on her cushy military jets? President Obama on Air Force One?

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Obama giver America the finger

Obama Gives America The Finger

Ramming through a Health Care bill he has not even read (no one had time to read it), despite the massive debt it will cause – some say $2.6 Trillion, President Obama just gave America the finger. He has no idea what the bill contains, what it will actually cost, or exactly what it does. […]

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Czars are just a little bit unconstitutional

Reasons To Keep Your Kids Away From Obama Speech

It is no secret that candidate Barack Obama was not vetted by the Mainstream Media. His associations with Bill Ayres, Reverend Wright, and the many extremists that continue to surface. Obama was the left’s Golden Boy and they wanted no part in tarnishing that veneer.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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