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Although only being shown in 363 theatres this weekend, the noted authority Box Office Mojo reports that The Grace Card earned an estimated $360,000 on opening night!  This is a high percentage per theatre and is nothing to be ashamed of even though it is only 15th in the box office right now.  Fill the […]

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Based on The Grace Card FB site, there are some awesome reports on Friday night!  Another report of a sold out show in Richmond, VA where the audience sang “Amazing Grace” at the end (maybe that was the showing I missed!) and it was sold out at showings in Kankakee, IL, Tampa, FL and of […]

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Hamas Leader Agrees with Obama…

at least half of the time.  Or he agreed with Obama’s position as he addressed Muslims at his Iftar dinner at the White House on Friday night. Ground Zero mosque must be built. Now they are not in agreement, at least publicly. Before It before he was against it…Or something

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How To Beat A Speeding Ticket Legally

The first step is to run out and but a Toyota. It does not have to be one involved in the current recall, it only has to say Toyota. Next, drive any speed you wish. In a hurry, floor it. Toyota owners can now beat any ticket by blaming “sudden acceleration”.

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A Leech - AKA Democrat

Democrats: The Party of Mooch

We all know them. They have been in your life as far back as you can remember. You grew up with them, met them in High School or College, or just somewhere along the way. They were always there at the Friday night poker game. “Hey, dude. Can I bum a cigarette?” Then he proceeds […]

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AP 2004 Newspaper Article Claims Obama Was Born In Kenya

A 2004 story talks about Kenyan Born Obama. More ammo for the Birthers? I am no birther, but things like this really make me question why Obama locked up all of his Hawaiian records.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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