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Democrats Wage War on Babies

Leave it to the Left to try to frame an argument so they can win it. And leave it to the Right to always let them! The recent news about birth control and ultrasounds and abortions have nothing to do with women. Or women’s “reproductive rights” whatever that is supposed to be. The motivation is […]

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Will the Obamacare Mandate Cause More Home Foreclosures?

It might not seem probable that Obamacare could cause more foreclosures, particularly among the middle class, but these are not normal times. When the Progressives decided to force an unwanted bill and unaffordable entitlements down America’s collective throats, they had a particularly copious amount of disdain for anyone who declined to purchase Health Insurance because […]

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My Response to a Personal Email from Joe Biden on ObamaCare

Apparently, VP Joe Biden and I have become close friends the last couple of years. So close he calls me “Tom”.  At least in the occasional emails I receive from him. We have never met or even spoken, but he seems to know me. While this is technically “spam” it sends tingles down my leg […]

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Obama’s Chickens Come Home to Roost on Wisconsin Teachers Union

Obama’s Chickens We Tea Party folks tried to warn them. But the lemmings at the unions followed their leaders over the ObamaCare cliff and finally realize they are falling. When we said forcing Insurance Companies to cover pre-existing conditions would cost more, the mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging union Thugocracy pointed to some CBO numbers and said […]

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Thanks To Obamacare, Iowa Insurer To Stop Selling Health Insurance

On Wednesday, President Obama was in Iowa to again attempt to sell his policies, particularly his unpopular health care law. In a backyard discussion, a woman expressed her concerns to the President about his health care bill. Obama assured her, “[T]here’s nothing in the bill that says you have to change the health insurance that […]

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Corporate ‘Greed’ vs Government Stupidity

Corporate Greed has become the battle-cry of the left. Any company that makes a profit is immediately evil and greedy, according to these self proclaimed “experts”. One must assume that a company that operates in the red must be inherently good, in a liberal’s mind. And if the offending corporation happens to be an insurance […]

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Health Care: If You Like It, You Can’t Keep It

Despite Promises To The Contrary, New Health Law “Could Strip More Than 1 Million People Of Their Insurance Coverage” PRESIDENT OBAMA: “If You Like Your Current Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It. Let Me Repeat That: If You Like Your Plan, You’ll Be Able To Keep It.” (President Obama, Remarks At The White […]

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Hey Unions! Obama Wants To End Motorized Transportation

Listen up Detroit!!! The enlightened one you helped elect is now going to put you out of business. Don’t you feel used right about now? The liar in chief now sets his sights on motorized transportation. (Hint: For the union bosses – this means cars.) Sure, it starts small, but don’t they all? When Obama […]

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Health Bill Signed Into Law Yesterday Is Already Not Delivering On Promises Bill Didn’t Ban Discrimination For Pre-Existing Conditions In Children Immediately As Promised AP: “Obama Made Better Coverage For Children A Centerpiece Of His Health Care Remake, But It Turns Out The Letter Of The Law Provided A Less-Than-Complete Guarantee That Kids With Health […]

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Why Abortion MUST Be Prohibited in any Health Reform – Abortion is CHEAP!

And covering the procedure will only make it more expensive. CAUTION: Abortion Sale At Richmond Abortion Mill information below the fold. Please DO NOT read this enticing offer if you are pregnant! While I am proudly Pro-Life and believe the life of an infant must be protected, I understand that abortions are not illegal, so […]

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Why Obama Will Not Fight 10th Amendment Legislation Passed By States

My recent post Be Gone Obamacare. You Have No Power Here requires a bit of followup. Obama and the progressive Socialists want the States to allow their citizens to decline to purchase Health Care. Confused? Here is why that is a true statement. Obama does not want these millions of uninsured people to buy insurance […]

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Can Reconciliation Be Used To End Abortion?

An interesting question. Now that Reconciliation seems to be the way Health Care related items are pushed through the US Senate, when the Republicans retake that body, it would only take 51 votes to prohibit wasting money on abortions.

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Democrats Declare Liberal Agenda More Important Than Your Job

The Titanic is sinking and the Captain and Crew are scheduling shuffleboard for tomorrow. Forget lifeboats. Forget and S.O.S. Full speed ahead with the agenda. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are doing just that. While the economy collapses and jobs disappear, the only thing on their collective little minds is sticking it to […]

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Obama Supports Denial for Pre-Existing Conditions – Liberals Agree

We hear so much about Insurance Companies denying individuals due to pre-existing conditions. President Obama has spoken many times about ending denials for pre-existing conditions and forcing the current Insurance Company to accept responsibility for these conditions and resolve them.

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What Will The Health Care Reform Bill Look Like After Conference Committee?

The Bill now laughingly called Health Care Reform will, no doubt, pass the Senate. The Democrats have the votes to cut off a possible filibuster by Republicans, so it is a done deal. Traitors Webb and Warner feel that their next elections are far enough in the future that they are immune from voter wrath. […]

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Al Franken Makes An Ass Of Himself On Senate Floor

In one of the funniest scenes in years by Al Franken, the Minnesota blight on the US Senate, Franken attacks Republican Senator John Thune, who demonstrated that the massive taxes kick in years before any significant benefits from the Senate Health Reform bill actually materialize.

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Obama the Cat Herder

Obama Replacement Roland Burris Says No To Health Bill

What is a Socialist Liberal President to do? The Senate has bastardized the bill into an amalgamation of special interest pork and payoffs, yet still laughingly call it a “Health Reform” Bill. Every Senator on the left has received a “bribe” of one type or another, most having little or nothing to do with Health […]

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Howard Dean Says Republiucans Are Right On Health Care Bills!

While Left Wing nut Howard Dean is still wrong in believing a Public Option is the only way to go to provide Health Care, he is absolutely correct in what he says about the House and Senate bills for Health Care Reform. Dean’s comments in this video echo those in a post from a few […]

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Harry Reid Giver America The Finger With Harry Care-y

Senator Reid Commits Health Care Harry Care-y

First of all, President Obama says the Health Care bill must not add to the deficit. Both the House Bill and the Senate Bill claim to do that. In fact, the Senate bill claims it will reduce the deficit by $127 Billion over the next 10 years. But, seeing that the Democrats added $176 Billion […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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