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Politicians’ external behaviors do not prove whether they have a strong moral core

I don’t particularly like a friend one of the Little Bookworms has, although I feel quite sorry for the young woman. She’s in her late teens, with staggeringly low self-esteem that she buries by indulging in drugs, alcohol, and gender fluid sexual engagements. I don’t worry, though, that she’ll be a bad influence on my […]

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Has Obama Actually Accomplished Anything Positive in 5 Years?

My Mom always told me “if you can’t say something nice about someone it is best to say nothing”. Well, she passed away in 2001 when George W. Bush was still a shiny new president. Her circle of accumulated wisdom did not encompass the Barack Obama. And I suspect that she would have added “except […]

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Jimmy Carter 2.0

It seems that Obama is now lifting speeches from fellow failed president Jimmy Carter. Keep in mind as you watch this video that Tim Kaine supports Obama 100%. (Kaine even resembles Jimmy Carter a bit, don’t you think?) This short video shows Carter and Obama giving the same speech. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. And keep in mind that […]

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Romney Campaign Ignoring the Conservative Blogosphere

Several of my friends in the conservative Blogosphere have been discussing the Romney Campaign. Specifically their failure to make even the smallest gestures towards Conservative blogs. I’m not talking about monetary compensation (although tip jars DO exist!). That’s not why most of us have become bloggers and activists. While it’s true most of us weren’t […]

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Would Mitt Romney have Ordered bin Laden’s Death?

You have probably seen the Barack Obama campaign commercial by now in which Obama spikes the football again and again wanting his “props” for ordering Seal Team 6 to execute Osama bin Laden. Which for many was a step too far, especially after the left criticized former President George W. Bush at the mere sight […]

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Jimmy Carter: Democrats Should Abandon Pro-Abortion Position

President Carter was in a dead last tie for Worst. President. Ever! Until now! How cool is this? Appearing on the radio talk show of conservative radio host Laura Ingraham today, former President Jimmy Carter said he believes the Democratic Party should moderate its position on abortion, which it currently supports without limits and funded […]

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Former Georgia House Speaker Tom B. Murphy

Reconsidering Newt: A Personal Story of Newt Gingrich Nemesis and Former Ga. Speaker Tom B. Murphy

If you are familiar with Georgia State politics, then you know the name Tom Murphy. Murphy served as Speaker of the House of Representatives in Georgia for 28 years, from 1974 to 2002. He was described often as the most powerful man in Georgia. His time as Speaker saw five governors come and go – […]

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Fairness: Why Democrats are Unable to End the Recession

Think back a few years to the recession Ronald Reagan “inherited” from Jimmy Carter. The 1979 Oil Crisis caused a rapid rise in Oil prices as the Shaw of Iran was deposed and, soon after, Iraq invaded Iran. The instability in the Middle East sent oil prices skyrocketing, and the US Economy into a nosedive. […]

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Carter Defends His Place as The Worst President Ever

Jimmy Carter will appear on 60 Minutes tonight. Widely recognized as ”The Worst President Ever”, Carter is sensing that by passing the horrible Obamacare legislation, Barack Obama has now replaced him and taken this dubious dishonor. In an attempt to salvage his legacy, Jimmy will argue that had it not been for Teddy Kennedy killing it, his version of government controlled  Health […]

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I am an American For Prosperity and Self Admittedly, Obama is Not

Obama was back on the Stump down in Texas and he gave us a little more insight into who the real Obama is. This is the most unpresidential president of my lifetime (and yes, that includes Jimmy Carter). He openly attacked a group of Americans questioning their legitimacy.   Right now all around this country there […]

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Obaba: Kiss the American Dream goodbye

Absolutely Nothing Has Improved Under Obama’s Presidency

How do you define a failed presidency? Until now, the gold standard of presidential failure was Jimmy Carter. His main failing attribute was his ineptitude. The man was simply in over his head at every level. The United States has suffered many presidents rich in mediocrity, but none so clueless as Carter. Until now. Barack […]

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Clueless in Washington

Morris: Obama doesn’t have a clue

Conservatives are so enraged at Obama’s socialism and radicalism that they are increasingly surprised to learn that he is incompetent as well. The sight of his blithering and blustering while the most massive oil spill in history moves closer to America’s beaches not only reminds one of Bush’s terrible performance during Katrina, but calls to […]

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The "Biden" Bucket

Jo(K)E Biden Makes Another Ass of Himself

Turns out Vice President Biden’s first name is an abbreviated form of Joke. Honestly, as bad as Obama is for America, I often find myself praying for the President’s continued good health. I believe the only person in the world that could find Biden’s job performance as VP uplifting would be former VP Dan Quayle. […]

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President Obama Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize Lay Off Already

It is my opinion that President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. As many of you know, I am no fan or supporter of this President. However, it would be extremely hypocritical and partisan of me to belittle this reward just because I do not support Obama. The reason I do not support him is […]

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President Carter and Hugo Chavez

Jimmy Carter's Legacy Challenged By Obama

While the media fawns over a statement by former President Jimmy Carter saying the “You Lie!” outburst by Congressman Joe Wilson has racial overtones, many are beginning to question Carter’s true motives for such a statement. Carter has been the hands on favorite for worst president of all time since his defeat for reelection. He […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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