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The Taste of John Boehners’ Tears

As I begin to write this, I am unsure whether I will quote the soon to be former Speaker of the House. The left-leaning Republican media in Virginia, New York, and Washington DC are already posting story after story about how unfairly their Dear Leader was treated by the Republican voters. See, we’re too stupid. […]

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John Boehner Retires: What Have We Gained? What Have We Lost?

With great delight did I receive the news this morning that the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, would be retiring. Two years ago, the great patriots of Virginia’s 7th District retired House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but since then, John Boehner has stood steadfast and resolute against the freedom movement in America. However, Boehner’s […]

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What’s Wrong With America?: A Series of Troubling Statistics

In 2010 and in 2014, conservatives sent wave after wave of Republicans to Washington to put an end to our exploding debt, irresponsible spending, and out of control bureaucracy. Each wave was met with 3 impossible obstacles. The first obstacle was John Boehner and the Republican Leadership in the House of Representatives. The second obstacle […]

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We’ve Lost Some More Battles: What Now?

The TEA Party and conservative activists have a difficult mission in 2015: to attempt to influence a political establishment which you’ve waged war upon and lost. I don’t think it requires any great feat of honesty to admit that we have lost in almost every way imaginable. ObamaCare is law, the debt ceiling climbs and […]

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24 Hours left to Contact Your Congressman

Over the next 24 hours, Congressmen Rob Wittman, Dave Brat, Scott Rigell, and Bob Goodlatte must be contacted and asked to publicly state whether or not they intend to vote for John Boehner for Speaker of the House. If Speaker Boehner continues his hold over the House of Representatives, the 2014 conservative wave will come […]

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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor in a Landslide Primary Victory – But What Does it Really Mean?

I met Dave Brat several years ago and was immediately impressed when he gave a talk on political ethics and how it relates to economics. It was refreshing to hear someone that understood how an economy really worked and how, sometimes, the help we are inclined to give, being the magnanimous people we Americans are, […]

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Why Replacing Majority Leader Cantor with a Freshman Congressman is GOOD for the 7th District

I used to be an Eric Cantor supporter. I worked from before dawn on election day until well after dark putting up and taking down Cantor signs at the polling places. I rotated between polls in my District all day. Some days were nice, most were not. Cold to the bone. Wet. And all the […]

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Reader Submitted Its Time to Clean the House. Thanks for visiting RINOCantor.com! Four years ago, Tea Party conservatives put Republicans in charge of Congress. But since then nothing has changed. ObamaCare is being implemented and House Republicans led by John Boehner and Eric Cantor are funding it. Planned Parenthood continues to receive your tax dollars […]

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Anarchy in the Federal Government

I’m sure by now everyone has read the articles and seen the videos of our beloved Speaker trashing the Tea Party and those of us who oppose amnesty. We understand that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing amnesty on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce. According to the Speaker, there […]

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‘Impotent Eric’ Cantor WILL APPROVE Obamacare Before All is Said and Done. Virginia WILL GET Cantorcare.

The legislatively impotent Eric Cantor will approve the full funding of Obamacare before this final battle is done. Mark my words. While Ted Cruz plans to do what he can to defund Obamacare in the Senate, most give him little chance of success, since Mitch McConnell is solidly in favor of funding Obamacare and thwarting […]

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John Boehner

Political Recipes: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Nutty Nana’ Fruitcake Cocktail; Boehner’s Filet Mignon; Obama’s Economic Recovery ‘Stone Soup’; Cantor’s Fiscal Conservative Club Sandwich

John Boehner’s Filet Mignon with Brown Onion Gravy Recipe Go to your local deli and ask them to slice a roll of bologna about 1 1/2 inches thick. One slice per person. Sear the bologna over high heat in a cast iron skillet until dark brown on both sides. Set the bologna “fillets” aside and […]

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NSA Leaker Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Edward Snowden is the 29 year old computer geek with the hot girlfriend that just informed the world that Obama was spying on every phone call and every email and much, much more of every citizen in the United States. And the accusers and defenders crawling out of the woodwork seem to defy logic. On […]

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VA GOP Convention: Conservatives and TEA Party Send Republican Establishment a STRONG MESSAGE! Overcome DIRTY TRICKS and WIN!

What a historic weekend! The Virginia Republican Convention of 2013 is one for the history books! Four years ago, after suffering a most humiliating defeat in 2008 that saw Democrats grab both houses of Congress and the White House, Conservatives, the newly formed TEA Party groups and Patriot groups, Libertarians and anyone else who saw […]

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Do Republicans Even Deserve to be a Majority Party Any Longer?

There was some good news coming out of CPAC this year. The younger, more Libertarian leaning Republicans rose to the moment and gave some stirring speeches. At least a few are trying to buck the trend of the RINO Republican Establishment Machine. But the Machine is fighting back. In a big way. The Old Guard […]

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Bozell: When GOP Leadership Fights For Conservative Principles “We Will Enthusiastically Support Them”

“If they hold firm…things may be changing for the better in Washington.” ALEXANDRIA, Va. – ForAmerica Chairman L. Brent Bozell III today released a statement in response Speaker John Boehner’s opposition to replacing any of the spending cuts in the sequester.  “Finally, Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans are starting to sound like a majority,” Bozell said. “When […]

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Dem Connolly the ONLY Va Congressman to Vote FOR “Fiscal Cliff” Bill and $4 Trillion in NEW DEBT!

Democrat Gerry Connolly was the only Virginia Congressman to vote in favor of the bill masquerading as legislation to save us from the “fiscal cliff” that actually only makes the cliff higher. Or more precisely, the fiscal abyss into which we are falling even deeper. Even Bobby Scott (rightfully) voted no to this massive spending bill […]

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Congressman Rigell (R-VA) Joins Obama and the Democrats in Calls for Higher Taxes

Another Virginia Congressman has turned his back on the Conservatives who put him into office. Congressman Scott Rigell is now the latest to justify expanding government through tax increases. And he has even adopted the Progressive’s “code word” for tax hikes calling them “revenue enhancements” to blur the truth. Rigell’s approach is to take away deductions […]

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A Recovering Republican’s Views of Cuccinelli’s Va Run for Governor

As I mentioned yesterday, my Congressman Eric Cantor and his War on Conservatives has convinced me that all is lost on the National Front with the Republican Party. As Speaker John Boehner and Cantor, two Progressives pretending to be Republicans purge Conservatives from every committee, the result is not only a total and complete move away […]

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Boehner and Cantor’s ‘War on Conservatives’ Causes Exodus of Conservatives from the GOP

It never fails. When the Republicans lose an election, they always start listening to the Liberal media telling them that they are too far to the right. They toss principles out the window and run to the left. And it never works. And even worse, instead of gaining support and popularity, they end up alienating […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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