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Zimmerman Persecution Team

If You Think Zimmerman is Guilty You Might Be a Racist!

“All we want is someone to be arrested” the crowd demanded. “Zimmerman killed Trayvon and we want justice for Trayvon.” Chanting: “Justice for Trayvon Justice for Trayvon Justice for Trayvon” “Zimmerman needs to be arrested. Zimmerman needs to be put on trial! He needs to be held accountable!” Done. Done and done. Apparently, to the […]

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Meet the New Democrats: A Non-Compromising Unity of Hatred and Intolerance

So what is the common denominator with today’s Democrats? Civil rights? Naw. Unless you happen to be black. Gay rights? Not unless you are gay. Abortion rights? Women’s rights? Environmental issues? No. Each of these individual proponents are lobbyists for their own position and simply tolerate the other Democrats because they have a common hatred. Republicans. Conservatives. […]

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Do you know what’s driving the Arizona initiative to incarcerate illegals?

It’s not the soaring crime rates, the killings, the drug smuggling, the kidnappings or any of that. No, it’s not the burden of increased medical and education costs.  It’s not that most Arizonans don’t wish to be overrun by foreign menaces. It’s Profit.  Evil Profit.  That’s what!  They don’t want to clean up Arizona.  They just […]

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Abortion Rights Supporter Shoots Abortion Protester Over His Views

As the radical followers of President Obama escalate their violence, an abortion protester has been gunned down by a pro-abortion radical. Acorn is helping set up prostitution.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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