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MORE than ONE out of FIVE BRITISH VOTERS are for UKIP! Several more local officials and candidates DEFECT to UKIP!

The latest Guardian poll shows UKIP support at 21%!  More than one-fifth of the voters polled are for UKIP.  All we need is about fifteen more percent to have a UKIP landslide in a General Election. The anti-European party has reached 21% in the polls in a new high. Labour are unchanged from the last […]

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Meet the New Democrats: A Non-Compromising Unity of Hatred and Intolerance

So what is the common denominator with today’s Democrats? Civil rights? Naw. Unless you happen to be black. Gay rights? Not unless you are gay. Abortion rights? Women’s rights? Environmental issues? No. Each of these individual proponents are lobbyists for their own position and simply tolerate the other Democrats because they have a common hatred. Republicans. Conservatives. […]

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RANT: I Would Rather PAY a BRIBE to Open a Business Than Deal With the American Bureaucracy

If I hear another DAMN LIBERAL try to defend Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that business” I am going to need duct tape for my head. To say I am taking his statement of context is COMPLETE BULLSHIT! He said what he meant and he means what he said! Barack Obama believes that the Government facilitated each […]

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The official website of the European Parliament is reporting that the Union will seek deeper transparency “…aimed at increasing openness in the EU decision making process.”  Good!  I’d start with these items reported Special Report 92 for the Heritage Foundation written by Sally McMamara in the EU budget to attempt to influence our domestic policy: […]

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Dems Ignore Nov. Message, Rally Lobbyists To Defend Their Massive Spending Against GOP Cuts

Senate News Briefing: Over the course of this week, Democrats in have made it quite clear that they still have not heard the message Americans sent Washington in November to reduce spending, debt, and the size of government. In contrast to Republicans, who have been working to find ways to reduce spending, lower the deficit, […]

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Dems’ Financial Regulation Bill Won’t Fix Problems, Adds Bureaucracy, Ignores Fannie & Freddie

Yesterday, the Senate passed the severely flawed Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill. Though the Obama administration has long promoted the bill as a signature agenda item, it’s clearly lost its luster politically and with the general public. It’s not hard to see why. Speaking on the floor prior to the vote yesterday, Senate Republican Leader Mitch […]

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Sallie Mae Blames 2,500 Layoffs on Obama’s Student Loan Overhaul

Jobs destroyed and benefits lost because of Obama. From Fox News: Sallie Mae has been outspoken in its opposition to the plan, calling it a “government takeover” just last month Powerhouse student loan provider Sallie Mae says layoffs are imminent as a result of President Obama’s new student loan overhaul. “This legislation will force Sallie […]

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Rep Rangel Broke House Rules Ethics Panel Finds

The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel, has a problem with honesty and integrity. Yet the Democrats allow him to remain on top of the most powerful committee in the House. We are all aware of the problems Rangel has had in paying his taxes, but to an Obama Administration that […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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