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Obama jumps the Shark?

According to my one time favorite Presidential candidate and present pitchman for reverse mortgages, Fred Thompson says that Obama has jumped the shark with his over the top treatment of the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Listen to Fred in all of his folksy, baritoney awesomeness. Although I still like Fred and agree with him on this point about Obama, he’s pretty much jumped the shark himself with this whole reverse mortgage thing.  Just sayin’.

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Obama’s mistaken sense of direction

Yesterday Obama was on the stump campaigning in Atlanta. He went on about how the Republicans haven’t proposed any new ideas. At one point in his speech he abandoned the teleprompter to deliver his lame comedy routine about the car going into the ditch and now that he and his liberal congress have managed to get back on the pavement, this is no time to turn the “keys” back to the Republicans. I happened to be listening to this on the radio as Obama clumsily delivered  his monologue, in my minds eye, I pictured him not behind the Presidential Seal on the podium but in front of the red brick wall at the improv on open mic night. Anyway, the jokester in chief went on to add that when you want to go forward you put the transmission in D and when you want to go backward you put it in R (at this point the drones roar with laughter). Well the efforts put forth to get out of the…

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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