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Meet the New Democrats: A Non-Compromising Unity of Hatred and Intolerance

So what is the common denominator with today’s Democrats? Civil rights? Naw. Unless you happen to be black. Gay rights? Not unless you are gay. Abortion rights? Women’s rights? Environmental issues? No. Each of these individualĀ proponentsĀ are lobbyists for their own position and simply tolerate the other Democrats because they have a common hatred. Republicans. Conservatives. […]

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Fear and Hate are All The Democrats Have Left

This is a great new ad that the RNC has put out. First the Democrats go after the elderly by taking $719 Billion out of MediCare starting next year. Now they are the only thing they have left after pushing the old people out of their way. Hate. Lies. And more hatred. Listen to these […]

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Democrats: Meet the New Party of NO!

No debt ceiling plan of their own. No budget for well over 800 days. No leadership from their President. No jobs. No economic growth. It seems the only thing Democrats are capable of these days is doing nothing. And killing any and every idea that comes from Republicans. And whining. A lot! See, the Republicans […]

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Memorial Day 2011: A Time to Remember When American Exceptionalism was Our Dream

The memory of those who fought and died for our country should always be held with the highest of honor. Memorial Day gives Americans and the world the opportunity to reflect on the freedom they enjoy bought and paid for with American blood. Not just on American soil, but on nearly every continent on the […]

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John Maynard Keynes

Progressive Democrats: A Keynesian Cancer

The wheels have come off the Progressive Express. America has seen you for what you are: short sighted ideologues with no ability to understand the long term implications of your “vision”. Class warfare specialists whose only tactic is a choreographed temper tantrum. Your policies have encouraged the dependent welfare state in which we now find […]

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US Senate SC

Progressive Democrats Penchant for Racism Thwarted in South Carolina

One of the dirty little secrets the Mainstream Media fails to talk about is the pervasive racism found among the Progressives. They pretend to be a friend to African-Americans, but the fact is, they view blacks as useful idiots whose only value is their overwhelming tendency to vote for Democrats.

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Yesterday’s Primaries Signal the End for Progressive Democrats

The Tea Party smoked in Nevada and the Progressives smoldered in Arkansas. Blanche Lincoln (D-AK) defeated the Progressive’s choice who was backed by $10 Million in Union money. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s massive influx of money was not enough to overcome even Democrats disdain for the Progressive failures forced on the citizens of the country.

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More Bad News For Warmers – Sea Level Rising Claims Withdrawn

The Global Warming hoax is now in full reverse as “scientists” who had played a part in the scam struggle to avoid prosecution for their lies. One by one the perpetrators are “gracefully” admitting that their outragious claims are simply lies, or as they put it, in error due to flawed data. The latest serial […]

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Top 5 Winners And Losers In 2009 Election

#1 Winner: Conservatives and Republicans. While a number of lefties are trying to say that the Republicans won because they ran a Moderate candidate in Bob McDonnell, that’s a bit much after months of hearing how Bob McDonnell was such a right wing monster he was going to chain women to the kitchen sink. And […]

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Is Acorn Threatening Obama and Democrats?

Send Lawyers Guns And Money! Politico has a story today about Acorn’s woes entitled ACORN threatens to open Pandora’s box. While this is an interesting story concerning Acorn’s threats to file lawsuits against FoxNews, biggovernment.com, Andrew Breitbart, the undercover free lance reporters and anyone else they can think of, but Politico’s take on this:

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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