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The Dysfunctional Republican Party: Can It Prevail?

The world of Republican politics differs greatly from the world of Democrat politics, primarily because Republicans and Democrats really do live and think differently from one another. On the one hand, you have a Democrat Party that marches in lock step, democrat voters who will vote for any candidate so long as they are running […]

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GOP Debates Haven’t Changed A Thing: It’s Still Jeb v. Cruz

Ted Cruz is the most polished and prepared Republican Candidate running for President in the GOP field. Despite being utterly ignored in the debates, his responses and temperament have been flawlessly executed. His campaign is carefully crafted, consistent, and relevant.  His record of fighting for Conservative and Constitutional values and policy is unrivaled amongst his […]

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Senate Candidate Dunnavant (VA-12) DENIES McEachin’s Story Says Janis and McEachin Working Together Against Her.

Dear lord. This is better than a Soap Opera. If you don’t listen to the John Fredericks radio show, you missed it. Yesterday VaRight! wrote about a story where State Senator Donald McEachin claimed that Republican Candidate for the 12th Senatorial District Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant met with Don along with Democratic Senator Dick Saslaw and […]

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I had the honor to speak with Anthony Riedel, the Republican Candidate challenging the establishment’s representative Rob Whittman in Virginia’s historic First District. Now, I’m not a professional reporter or a great interviewer. The questions I asked were quite selfish and self-serving since, as a King George resident, Mr. Riedel could be my representative. Before […]

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Eric Cantor is Technically Ineligible to Participate in the 7th Congressional District Convention

I am hearing from some friends via email and Facebook that there is a move afoot to disallow any voters that have supported a non-Republican candidate running against a Republican Candidate in the last 4 years. Once again, the slaters are looking to cheat the system. According to the Republican Party Plan : Article 1 […]

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RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Responds to ‘ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion in Virginia’ – A Susan Stimpson Email

There is an email from Susan Stimpson the former Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia circulating concerning the Republican’s plan to expand the ObamaCare Medicaid program in the Commonwealth. My fellow blogger Sandy Sanders covered this story today here. We all remember the deal the Republicans made in the last session to get Democrats […]

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The Virginia 2013 Bellwether Theme: Republicans Electing Democrats to Make Republicans Pay!

In 2008 the United States of America lost it’s collective mind and elected a Marxist, Socialist, Alinsky-ite for a president. It was hardly unexpected given that the press spent 8 years painting George W. Bush as the worst kind of demon imaginable. And to be sure, Bush did almost as much harm as Obama has […]

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Finally Nailing Terry McAuliffe on GreenTec, Tax Returns and Debates. MUST SEE!

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is running for governor of Virginia. Again. If at first you don’t succeed …. But Virginians have been after him for months to know the truth about his failed GreenTec car company, his Tax Returns and why he refuses to debate Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli. You remember that Terry McAuliffe called Barack […]

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Jamie Radtke Endorses George Allen for US Senate

Jamie Radtke came to the public eye as a leader in the TEA Party movement with the Richmond TEA Party. Her leadership was tremendous and her drive and enthusiasm for fiscal sanity was contagious. When Radtke announced that she was running for US Senate, TEA Party Conservatives were thrilled. Jamie Radtke put her all into the […]

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Henrico County, Va Vandalizes Romney Bus, EVICTS GOD THEN Welcomes Obama

What a week for the left wing haters in Henrico County, Virginia this past week. In a span of but 7 days the left wing “party of tolerance” vandalized a Campaign Bus belonging to the Mitt Romney Campaign, then the Henrico County Board of Supervisors voted to kick God out of the Board Meetings by […]

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Is the Virginia TEA Party Still Relevant? And Can the Leadership Mend Fences with Conservative Republicans?

Last week I posted a rather scathing indictment of the Virginia TEA Party movement in general here and here concerning the aftermath of the Republican Primary in which a former TEA Party leader lost to the more mainstream Republican Candidate. There is no doubt that the TEA Party movement has lost some steam (and relevance) since […]

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Senator Tom Coburn Set to Endorse George Allen Later Today

One of the most important measures of a political candidate is the people and groups that endorse that candidate. George Allen has picked up endorsements from the National Rifle Association, the American Conservative Union and a number of Congressmen and Senators. And word is, that list is about to grow some more. Later today, the […]

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E.W. Jackson Wins First Virginia US Senate Debate for Republican Nomination

ROANOKE, VA – Republican Candidate for US Senate Bishop E.W. Jackson won the first of three debates that the Republican Party of Virginia has planned between now and the Republican Primary on June 12, 2012. Jackson’s enthusiasm and charisma was in full display as this man of humble beginnings has gone from a foster child […]

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Allen Increases Lead Over Kaine: Now Up 8%

Roanoke College has released a new poll of Virginians that shows the presumptive Republican Candidate for US Senate George Allen increasing his lead over Democrat Tim Kaine 45% to 37%. As always, I look at the numbers behind the polls to see if they pass my “believability” test, or if the results are skewed and […]

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Are Va Gov. McDonnell’s VP Hopes Clouding his Judgement on Pro-Life HB1?

We hope not, but given the fact that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is often named on everyone’s short list for Vice President, and his strong support for Virginia’s anointed Republican candidate Mitt Romney, it is a question that is being raised often in Pro-life circles. And we all know about the abortion flip-flops that Mitt […]

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Dear RPV: I Hereby Retract My Signature on Romney’s Primary Petition

This is an open letter to Pat Mullins, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Dear Chairman Mullins; When I was initially asked to sign a petition to place Mitt Romney’s name on the Virginia Republican Primary ballot this past summer, I declined. My explanation was that I did not support Mitt Romney at that […]

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Gingrich Out in Virginia Primary – Only Romney and Paul On Va GOP Primary Ballot

Newt Gingrich was eliminated from the possibility of having his name on the Virginia Republican Presidential Primary ballot for 2012. Virginia requires at least 10,000 signatures which must include 400 from each Congressional District. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul remain as the only candidates whose name will appear on the ballot in the Republican Presidential […]

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Endorsements: Hanover Board of Supervisors

Virginia Right! makes the following endorsements for the Hanover County Board of Supervisor Races for 2011: Ashland District: Incumbent George “Ed” Via (R) has the experience and has represented the Ashland District well. Virginia Right! endorses Supervisor Via for the Hanover Board of Supervisors. Beverdam District: Aubrey M. “Bucky” Stanley is the uncontested incumbent and […]

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Obama Slip Slidin’ Away – Hits All Time Lows in Rasmussen AND Gallup Polls

  Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away” is replacing Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop (Thinkin’ about Tomorrow)” in the Appropriate Theme Song category. The gloss and sheen has worn off of the Gold Plated Presidential Candidate as the reality of Barack Obama’s clueless administration sets in with American voters. The “Generic” Republican Candidate has been replaced by […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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