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Sequestration Pain: Necessary Service Reductions or Obama Temper Tantrum?

Sequestration is a result of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, kicking the budget can down the road over and over again. In order to avoid responsibility for trimming a few dollars from the massive Federal Budget, our elected officials appointed a smaller group – a Super Committee – to make the tough decisions. They stacked the […]

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Over the River and Through the Woods and Off the Cliff We Go

There is no doubt that whoever coined the phrase “Fiscal Cliff” for the converging tax hikes and sequestration cuts is a fan of big government. And while most Republicans and Conservatives are loathe to cut a single dime out of Defense spending, and those on the left will never willingly cut the entitlement spending that […]

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New Poll – George Allen up in Va Sen by 5 Points and Romney Up by 5

UPDATE: This is a good poll. I just received the cross-tabs from Gravis Marketing and the sample was 39% Democrats, 36% Republicans and 23% Other (Independents.) My only criticism is that there were too many Republicans and Democrats and too few Independents. But since the sample polled 3% more Democrats than Republicans and the relatively […]

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Poll Analysis: Adjusted Polls from CNN – ABC/WaPo and IBD/CMS/TIPP Show a 4 Point Lead for Romney

Well, there they go again. Polls should measure public opinion, not attempt to sway it. What makes for a good poll these days? Well, the same as always. A good sample size, I prefer at least 1,000. And most importantly, a party makeup that realistically reflects the public at large. These days, I accept a […]

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Don’t Be Fooled, Barack Obama Is No Bill Clinton by Gov. John Sununu

Union Leader Gov. John Sununu September 5, 2012 http://www.unionleader.com This week, Democrats huddling in North Carolina for the party’s convention will hear speeches from party leaders past and present, including former President Bill Clinton. But while President Obama and his allies would love to be able to borrow credibility from the nation’s 42nd President, the […]

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Obama Budget: Not a Single Democrat Voted Yea! (Just Like Tim Kaine!)

How proud Barack Obama and his local Clone Timmy Kaine must feel this week! First, the Supreme Court stands ready to abort his “Crowning Achievement” Obamacare and the Democrats are circling the spin wagons to declare that, somehow, a victory. Tim Kaine, as head Cheer-girl for the ObamaCare disaster has been trying to change the […]

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Upcoming Patriot Events – Mark Your Calendars!

March 22, 2012 – (Tonight!) How to Defeat Progressive Republicans and Democrats – 7 PM Speaker: John Taylor President of VA Policy Institute, Tertium Quid and Host of The Tuesday Morning Group. King William TEA Party – King William County Admin Bldg Contact Bob S. 769-8884   March 27 – 1 PM (Buses leave earlier […]

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Virginia Right! Endorses Ron Paul in the Virginia Primary

Virginian’s only have two choices in tomorrow’s primary. And that is an absolute shame. The “establishment” Democrats and Republicans have stacked the deck to give the best possible chance to the “anointed” candidate of either party and make the bar nearly impossible for anyone else. If Virginia Republicans had their way, Mitt Romney would be […]

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New Poll Shows George Allen +2 Over Tim Kaine 44% – 42%

Quinnipiac released a poll that shows George Allen leading Tim Kaine 44% to 42% in Virginia’s US Senate race. Other candidates on either side were not polled, but there was an option for the generic “someone else” that totaled 2%, combining alternate candidates on both sides. There are some other interesting bits in this poll, […]

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PPP Poll shows Allen Leading Kaine 48% – 47% (If Properly Weighted)

You gotta love those Liberals at Public Policy Polling. They do their best to spin the numbers and influence public opinion with their polls. Many media outlets simply report the results without even bothering to let you know that the good folks at PPP are Democratic Pollsters. That doesn’t mean that the polls are not […]

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Senate Prevents Obama From Making Recess Appointments

Wow! This is great news. The Senate Republicans AND Democrats have tied President Obama’s hands as far as making any more of his horrible “emergency” appointments during the recess. More devastation was in store for Americans as Obama was sure to make his now customary and sneaky appointments in this manner as soon as Congress […]

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Rep. Castle Explores Write-In Bid in Delaware!

Both Politico and the Atlantic are reporting that Rep. Mike Castle (my coin hero from Delaware) might seek a write in bid for Senate.  Although described as “under five percent”, Castle has been encouraged by both Republicans and Democrats to pursue this bid. Castle has several advantages that Lisa Murkowski would not have – easy […]

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Kagan – A Vapid And Hollow Charade

Media Notes Kagan “Repeatedly Declined To Weigh In,” “Deflected Questions,” “Wasn’t Willing To Answer More Questions,” & Was “Lead Actor In The Very Farce” She Called A “Vapid And Hollow Charade” SEN. ARLEN SPECTER (D-PA): “And Perhaps You Haven’t Answered Much Of Anything.” (Judiciary Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 6/30/10) THE WASHINGTON POST: “Fifteen Years Ago, […]

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PA-12 (Murtha Seat) Message to Republicans and Democrats

This was a Special Election to replace Democrat Murtha, now deceased. Democrat Mark Critz faced Republican Tim Burns in this Western Pennsylvania district with registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans 2 to 1. Despite the voter party affiliations, this is a very Conservative district. Of course, Democrat Mark Critz won with 53% of the vote. There were […]

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ARLINGTON, Va. – On Thursday, October 8, 2009, ProjectVirginia released Twitter usage data for Republicans and Democrats currently running for elected office in Virginia. To view the entire report, click here.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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