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Virginia Right! Endorses State Senator Tom Garrett in the 5th Congressional District

Sandy Sanders and Tom White don’t always agree on endorsing a candidate. And when we do not agree, we often personally endorse candidates. But Tom Garrett was an easy choice. Garrett receives Virginia Right’s endorsement as well as personal endorsements from Sandy and Tom. Sandy Sanders’ Endorsement Tom White agreed to write this together with […]

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Could Rand Paul Surprise in Iowa Tomorrow?

I was reading several reports about how Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of my hero the former Representative for liberty, Ron Paul, might have a stealth campaign in Iowa that may surprise. The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are in a tight race for first and Senator Marco Rubio […]

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Trump Doesn’t Have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America

In most elections I find myself gravitating to the most Conservative candidate. I have supported Conservatives for every level of office. Sometimes my pick wins, sometimes not. Now I don’t fall for that “most Conservative that can win” claptrap. That is a dog whistle call for a RINO. They believe that chasing after the Democrats […]

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Bill Bolling Facebook

Bill Bolling: A Case Study in Classic Delusional RINO-ism

We have a lot of RINO’s in Virginia. And in the nation as a whole. RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only – are responsible for the leftward lurch of the Republican Party. And one thing I have noticed is that they all believe themselves to be Conservatives and they all believe they are moderate Republicans. […]

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Donald Trump Defies and Survives Unprecedented Onslaught

In today’s national Quinnipiac Poll, we find the Teflon Don, Donald Trump, untarnished from weeks of tireless assaults from the Democrat and Republican Establishments, the Media, and the Blogosphere. The Donald has not merely survived these attacks, he’s actually risen in the polls. I tend to use Quinnipiac because, of all the national polls, I […]

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Hold the Celebration: The GOP Got By on the Skin of Their Teeth – We Need New Ideas

I went to the Buddy Fowler Victory Party in Ashland Tuesday evening with excitement (It was looking good the Del. Fowler) but also trepidation.  Gecker was ahead – was it 3000 or 40o0 votes?  Powhatan was out but how many votes can that be?  Will it be enough?  I knew little about the Hal Parrish […]

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Siobhan Dunnavant HIPAA Investigation Exposes GOP Sickness

Let’s not kid ourselves. Dr. Dunnavant will win today’s election by a good margin. That was never in doubt. And while her campaign letter at the heart of the HHS investigation offended a number of her patients, inside establishment GOP circles, any behavior, no matter how shocking or reprehensible, is ignored as long as there […]

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Perhaps the Scariest Comment by a Presidential Candidate

The left has worked itself into a tizzy for comments by Dr. Ben Carson and of course Donald Trump but this has got to be the scariest thing I have heard (Thanks also to the Daily 202, from the Washington Post) from any party’s Presidential candidate: Languishing at the bottom in polls of the Republican […]

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Exclusive: Va Senate Candidate Siobhan Dunnavant Under Federal HHS Investigation

Updated: I am being accused in a comment of lying when I say Dunnavant is under a Federal HHS Investigation. So for the benefit of all that need proof, on the day I posted this article, I received the letter in the mail that is posted below at the bottom of this post. It is […]

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Hanover Republicans Peace and Peterson Ducking Debates – The Cantor Lesson Didn’t Go Too Far

There is only one word that can describe elected representatives who refuse to answer to the people that put them in their position. Arrogant. ar·ro·gant ˈerəɡənt/ adjective adjective: arrogant having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. “he’s arrogant and opinionated” synonyms: haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistic, full of oneself, superior; overbearing, […]

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The Dysfunctional Republican Party: Can It Prevail?

The world of Republican politics differs greatly from the world of Democrat politics, primarily because Republicans and Democrats really do live and think differently from one another. On the one hand, you have a Democrat Party that marches in lock step, democrat voters who will vote for any candidate so long as they are running […]

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Conservatives Abandon Conservatives For Big Money and Big Fame

Conservatives are tired of losing. Even when they “win” they lose. They give the Republicans the House of Representatives and nothing changes. They give the Republicans the Senate and watch as their own Republican Party works more closely with Obama than with the voters who put them into power in the first place. This long […]

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Democrats Have Changed; GOP Still Needs to Adjust

The Democrat Party has never been fond of free market capitalism, constitutional republicanism, federalism, or individual rights; but over the last decade, the Democrats have gone from a Progressive-European model of lite Democratic-Socialism, to a party of full blown totalitarian Statists. There is nothing American, moderate, independent, or virtuous left to the Democrat Party. Ever […]

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I’m Heartbroken. RINO Bill Bolling UNFRIENDED Me on Facebook

Our former do nothing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who whined and cried because he was afraid to face Ken Cuccinelli in a Convention and even considered a third party run (like Donald Trump has considered) has unfriended me on Facebook. I was quite surprised it took him so long because he has been purging Conservatives […]

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GALLUP POLL ALERT: Republican Leadership Held in Public Contempt

At no moment in modern history (besides 2006) has the Republican Establishment been so categorically despised and now, not later, is the time to fight. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are powerful men. It is always dangerous to go after men of great power. But in the course of human events, when leadership needs changing […]

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I Like Donald Trump for President Because he is not for Sale and the Rest Are!

Republicans are fond of their loyalty oaths because they know as soon as someone with an “R” after their name is elected, they immediately become indistinguishable from Democrats and Socialists. If, after elected, Republicans actually did what they promised to do during the election, there would be no need for loyalty oaths in the first […]

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10 year gas prices

UPDATED: The Truth on Bush and the Economic Collapse of 2008 and Political Lies

Editor’s note: I wrote this as a comment to a reader who still blames Bush for everything and would support a third term for Obama because Bush was so horrible. He made some claims about gas prices that were not true (we have data!) and like many people does not really understand the complex events […]

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Who is Dissing Trump? RINO Losers and the Newly Disenfranchised Mainstream Media of Course!

Just watching the RINO’s and Lamestream Media falling all over themselves trying to ruin Donald Trump and send him packing is wet your pants hysterical. All of these Media heads, Jeb Bush supporters, Christie supporters, the John McCain apologists and K-Street Zombies – there’s another idea for a song – crack me up listening to […]

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Time to Protest the Republican Party

We wanted to send the GOP Establishment a message in 2010, so the grassroots sent a wave of conservative represenatives to the House of Representatives. In response, the House Leadership, under John Boehner, thwarted all their efforts and pressured them into obediance. Nothing happened. Boehner’s excuse was that without the Senate, there was nothing the […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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