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America: From ‘I Have a Dream’ to ‘We Have a Nightmare’

President Barack Obama has taken the dreams and visions of Dr. Martin Luther King full circle. An African-American man has finally become President of this great country, but he has perverted Dr. King’s dream of peaceful coexistence in this great country of all people. Dr. King said: But there is something that I must say […]

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George Allen Calls on Tim Kaine to Stand Up for Virginia and Condemn the NLRB’s Baseless Lawsuit

George Allen Calls on Tim Kaine to Stand Up for Virginia and Condemn the NLRB’s Baseless Lawsuit Richmond, VA – Today, George Allen condemned the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) complaint against Boeing as an attack on job-creating businesses and the economic competitiveness of all Right-to-Work states, and urged Tim Kaine to stand up for Virginia […]

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One Year’s Worth Of Union Dues Could Support 265,447 U.S. Workers For A Year

Labor Union Report suggests: Union bosses have been engaging in class warfare for so long now that it’s become standard for the media to echo the meme without challenge. An example of such mainstream Marxism is in today’s Bloomberg piece entitled ‘Runaway CEO Pay’ Could Support 102,000 U.S. Jobs, AFL-CIO Says. Bloomberg’s piece relies heavily […]

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AFP Video Pokes Fun at Va Dems Controlled by Union Bosses

Americans for Prosperity posted a short Youtube video poking fun at the Democrats who are rolling over for Big Union money and influence. This is funny, in a sad but true sense.Visit Americans For Prosperity The preceding video is a parody of the recent scandal where communication was sent from a union rep to liberal […]

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Congressman John Mica (R-FL)

Virginia Should ‘Opt Out’ of TSA – Hire Private Security at Airports

Republican Congressman John Mica (Fl) was one of the original authors of the bill that created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the days after 9/11 back in 2001. The TSA has grown into a huge bureaucracy and President Obama is about to allow the TSA to unionize. According to Congressman Mica, the TSA was […]

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Hey Unions! Obama Wants To End Motorized Transportation

Listen up Detroit!!! The enlightened one you helped elect is now going to put you out of business. Don’t you feel used right about now? The liar in chief now sets his sights on motorized transportation. (Hint: For the union bosses – this means cars.) Sure, it starts small, but don’t they all? When Obama […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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