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Teacher re-writes the Pledge of Allegiance

This is just wrong on so many levels, were do you even begin. First, a teacher has decided that the Pledge of Allegiance is too difficult for our kids to recite and has revised it to a “kid friendly” version. This is from the NEA website: Michael Szewczyk, a fourth grade teacher at Berkeley Terrace […]

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Virginia Senate Democrats Didn’t Get the Civility Memo

Yesterday,  Tom White posted about the Virginia Senate Democrats disregard for the rules. So, today I was not the least bit surprised when a friend in Sen. Stosch’s (R-12th) district call to tell me she just got a robo call from a group called Commonwealth Victory Fund, which is a Democratic Party 527 group. The […]

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Is Former DHS Secretary Chertoff making money off TSA scanners?

File this under “never let a crisis go to waste” and “strike while the iron is hot” or in this case while the iron is luke warm. On the floor of the house this week, two congressmen, Rep. Duncan and Rep. Paul, claim that the scanners were merely a “sweetheart deal” that is costing American […]

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Socialism IS Cool?

Yesterday in Charlottesville, President Obama made a campaign stop for Tom Perriello and as Tom White stated in his post: … this is a golden opportunity for Obama to let the other radical lefties in his camp that he will not abandon them – even when all hope is lost. And Charlottesville, VA was the […]

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Virginia Right! News Hound for 9/4/2010

Top Posts From the Top Conservative News Sites! Brought to you by Virginia Right! American Thinker Letting Leftists Limit Language Ricochet Podcast #32: Mark Steyn Returns Economy’s Message to Washington: ‘Just Get Out Of The Way!’ Big Hollywood Today’s Open Thread Pakistani Taliban Claim Responsibility for Terror Attack Obama’s Labor Pal Trumka: Palin is Like […]

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Ten Year Old Girl Wows America’s Got Talent With Opera Voice

I do not watch America’s Got Talent. But yesterday, everyone at work was talking about the little 10 year old girl that sang opera on the show this week. So, I looked it up on Youtube and was absolutely amazed. Watch this, and you, too, will be amazed!

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Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) – Federal Government Can Enslave Citizens

H/T Andrew Breitbart In this video, a woman asks California Congressman Pete Stark (D), in congress for 37 years, about his statement that Obamacare makes Health Care a right. Her comment is that this “right” necessarily compels providers to use their skills and training, and forces others to pay for it. This is a type […]

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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee: Representative of the Ignorance of the Democratic Party

If you have not seen this clip, spend the 1 minute and 3 seconds to find out exactly the type of idiocy that serves for Leadership in the Democratic Party.  Ms Lee believes that there are now two Vietnam’s, North and South, living and working side by side. This video is representative of the entire […]

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Introducing The Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

H/T – Newsbusters Folks, this is a funny video. If you are looking for a laugh, this is great. Also, the web address takes you to American Tees, which is a really great marketing gimmick. BSRemoval.com: You were drawn in by the promise of hope and change — so much so that you decided to […]

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Indonesians Start Smoking Young

VIDEO: 2 Year Old Baby Smokes 2 Packs a Day in Indonesia!

Perhaps Barack Obama picked up his nasty cigarette habit in Indonesia as a young Muslim lad learning jihad and Terrorism 101. Or perhaps in his “Destruction of America 101” class. This video has been confirmed and is NOT a HOAX!

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The documentary “For Liberty” is on YouTube and I watched it last night.  (I mayembed it into both my blogs but I am awaiting an email that my readers will know about shortly after I get it!) It was moving and emotional.  It starts with the men walking from Green Bay to St Paul for the […]

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Congressman Bob Etheridge (D – N.C.) Assaults Student on Video

With Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats spreading lies about Tea Party violence, comes this video of North Carolina Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge in a violent assault against a young student that simple asked him if he fully supports President Obama’s agenda. Anger and violence? You betcha.

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Hey Moonbat – Do You Find This Offensive Too?

According to YankeePhil, Moonbat finds Ray Steven’s new video offensive. (Phil gets paid to read the Moonbat Droppings so we don’t have to – Donations are appreciated!). Personally, I find the video satirically enlightening, if not down right funny! But I believe the video below was a far better example of the brilliant humor that […]

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The Times Square Bomber Would Have Defeated Arlen Specter

The Progressive Liberals are desperately searching for a silver lining in yesterday’s batch of primaries and elections. The spinners are feigning delight at the “victory” of Joe Sestak, a liberal Progressive that only a Socialist can love. And it is hard to blame the Democrats for celebrating the loss of 30 year career politician Arlen […]

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Obama Calls In SWAT Team on Peaceful Tea Party Protesters

Freedom of speech? Not if you oppose Obama. This is about the most disgusting display of a Dictatorship I have seen north of Venezuela. Remind you of Hitler’s SS, does it not?

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Virginia Right! Produces First Parody Video

Ok. All those years of piano lessons didn’t go to waste. Well, actually I never took piano lessons, but I play around a bit with writing and playing music. I thought it might be fun to produce a parody and video to go along with it. In my misspent youth, I acquired some eclectic musical […]

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Michelle Obama Admits Kenya Is Barack’s Home Country

Apparently, Michelle Obama is now a birther. Will the left wing media begin calling her names? Will Michelle and Orly become BFF’s now that the truth is out?

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Richmond Tea Party April 15, 2010 – New Video – Charlie The Unicorn

Over 12,000 views so far. This is a really awesome video made by a 14 year old Tea Party Patriot. If you have not marked your calendar, the second Richmond Tea Party is set for Thursday April 15, 2010. Kanawha Plaza (Near Federal Reserve) Downtown Richmond 5:30 – 6:30pm Music and Doc Thompson 6:30 – […]

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Shocking Video: Harry Reid Supporters Violence Against Tea Party and Andrew Breitbart

You have to see this short video. As a Tea Party Express bus leaves Nevada for the trip across the country, Andrew Breitbart catches some violent Harry Reid supporters throwing eggs and even threatening him with violence. Will Harry Reid repudiate this behavior by his surrogates? Don’t count on it.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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