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With The Constitution In Shambles Who Should We Elect?

Power is the ability to do work. Political power is the governments ability to exercise legal control over its citizenry. The United States Constitution was written to enumerate and define those powers. Our current government exceeds those powers on such an indiscriminate scale that The Constitution has, in effect, lost its relevance and authority.

2016_filephotos_1As a participant in the debate between those who seek to completely abandon The Constitution through “nullification”, by simply ignoring federal law, and those who seek to restrengthen the Constitution with amendments proposed by the State Governments through Article V of the US Constitution, I have, at least, reconciled myself to the fact that neither of these alternatives are solutions to the actual problem. The actual problem is that our government is allowed to act outside of its enumerated and clearly defined Constitutional authorities and therefore, in and of itself, provides the American Citizen with no protection, regardless of our tactics.

What we require, truly, is a government strictly held to account by the courts to the powers granted to them by the Constitution, and with no other power besides. I think we can safely assume that such a time has passed and is unlikely, short of revolution, to return.

The reality is, that our government has, not entirely, but almost, unlimited power. This has been the way of things for decades and it will continue to be the way of things for decades to come. The American People are not going to fight a revolution. We’re too fat, too happy, too lazy, and we’re too disorganized for any such bloody dream of revolution. So let’s dismiss that.

So what should we do?

Well, power is the ability to do work. I believe that we should elect as many representatives to as many positions of power as possible who intend to attempt the deconstruction of our authoritarian federal government. I should hope that these new political creatures would, when possible, give power back to the States and, or, to the individual citizen. I should hope that the mechanisms through which government has grown (the purchase of voting blocs through entitlements) would be scaled back and eroded completely. I should hope that whomever we elect as President, seeks to scale government down, rather than expanding it.

Thus, there is no perfect candidate, because there is no one man or woman who can fix this awful decay at the heart of our country.

There are only candidates that will use their power to scale the government back and those candidates who intend to continue with the status quo.

I will support all candidates willing to try to scale this government back and I will oppose all candidates comfortable with the status quo. For the liberty movement, it really can be that simple. Therefore, I will not spend my time during the media creation which will become the 2016 Republican Primary, trying to belittle your guy for my guy. I will not spend my time trying to tear down this candidate, in hopes of getting that candidate. I will support all candidates running on an agenda (if I believe them) to scale back our spending, our taxes, our debt, and our regulation. I suggest that everyone else consider doing the same. We, the liberty movement, are a minority. We’re a loud and engaged minority and not without power! But a minority nonetheless.

In 2016, if we seek any real work to be done on our behalf, we must put forth a candidate, any candidate, that would use that power on our behalf. My second, third, and fourth choices for President are acceptable in this regard. The Bush Family will seek to divide conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists. This isn’t hard. We mostly do this to ourselves without any prompting or provocation. We must resist this tendency, and as the backbone of the grassroots, we must approach, as positively as possible, all candidates willing to do good works on our behalf.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

7 Responses to “With The Constitution In Shambles Who Should We Elect?”

  1. Gary Porter


    While I sympathize with your frustration, the “elect better representatives” option is unrealistic. Consider the reaction by the Left to Indiana’s RFRA bill. If it is ever revealed that a certain candidate pledges to begin dismantling leviathan, said candidate will be the victim of a smear campaign similar to what we saw in Indiana. The Left can mobilize that kind of support overnight. The Left is not going to allow their cash cow to be dismantled any more than they were willing to let an honest RFRA stand.

    I witnessed Delegate Bob Marshall stick to that same storyline today in a COS debate with Mike Farris At Regent U.: “All we need are better people, a COS is too risky.” Congress must be tied down with the “chains of the Constitution” as Jefferson would say. Unfortunately, the Court has recast the Constitution’s links from playdo. The ambiguous language which has allowed this to happen must be reworded to inject strength where none currently exists.

    The definition of insanity, it is often said, is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. We’ve tried for a hundred years to elect “better” representatives and it hasen’t worked. Perhaps it is time to try something else.

  2. Steven Tucker

    Please understand, I’m not arguing that this SOLVES anything. I’m just saying, that’s it’s all we’ve got.

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    Yea, you might try preaching from the Bible. It is the only way, the only truth.

  4. Jerry Gore says:

    Makes sense to me!

  5. Steven Tucker

    In the meantime, we still need to fight.

  6. Robert Shannon

    The real problem is in defining the word “fight” The Patriot movement has “woofers” in leadership position, co-opted by the establishment, by the PAC’s and their own cowardice.

    In King William on the budget agenda is an actual discussion on closing the true rip off land use tax exemption classes , clearly the culprit explaining why real estate taxes in this County are 40-100% higher than many other similar counties that either do not have these tax schemes or have much more restrictive versions of them.

    Last year our group stopped another silly idea of putting another “resource officer’ at the middle school. After the grant money would have run out another $100,000 a year thrown down a rat hole.

    I could cite numerous other examples of why and how we have curtailed quite a bit the last few years at the local level, but that isn’t the central point.

    We didn’t accomplish any of this without resorting to real hard ball tough tactics. Think what could get done if we collectively stopped acting like little girls and got after them across the State, and or Nation.

    Way too many “woofers” worried about who they might upset. I don’t concern myself with being liked, but being effective.

    Our TEA Party signs, the paid ads we are now running, the Letters to the Editor, the folks who got off their asses and attend the meetings, all of this has culminated in moving the needle. We punch democrats, republicans IN THE MOUTH. We don’t sit around ringing our hands about who likes us or who doesn’t.

    Unless and until their is a will to fight, really fight, we tread water at best.

    Bob Shannon

    Bob Shannon

  7. Steven Brodie Tucker

    If the establishment isn’t upset, we’re doing something very wrong.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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