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The Council Has Spoken..Progressive Bar-B-Cue Edition!

The nation has had an interesting week, has it not? And this week’s Watchers Council vote was no less interesting, mainly focused as it was on the tragic events in Tucson and their highly instructive aftermath, as the Left and their allies in the media decided not to let a good crisis go to waste and attempted to blame one man’s insane actions on the usual targets – Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, the Tea party, and talk radio.

Unfortunately for them, the country didn’t buy it, largely because they tried to draw water from that well one too many times in the past. Instead, it backfired and turned into a real donkey roast, as many of the entries this week document.

We ended up with a tie this week in the Council category this week.

Joshuapundit’s The Constitution War focused on our Constitution and the reading of it in Congress becoming an issue. And as I pointed out, there are apparently a number of Democrats who find our Constitution not particularly worthy of veneration, even to the point of linking the mere reading of it to the Tucson shootings and calling for talk radio and political discourse to be censored…ironic since Gabrielle Giffords, one of the few Democrats who accepted the GOP’s invitation to take part read the First Amendment.

My piece attempted to show why they feel that way, why they are dead wrong, (if we’re still permitted to use that phrase)and why John Boehner and the Republicans were entirely right about the Constitution needing to be read right now.

Bookworm Rooms’ scintillating piece, Progressives live in the past when it comes to shaping the message focused on how ‘Progressives’ tried to use the same old tactics they’ve used in the past successfully to milk the Tucson tragedy and lay it at the feet of their political opponents in a modern version of Orwell’s ten minute hate.

Only this time, as Bookworm points out, they failed because they don’t control all the information sources the way they used to:

The Dems are now proving that they also live in the past when it comes to their understanding about their ability to control the message. They speak as if this is 1995, an era in which only a relatively small number of America’

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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