Why did you start blogging?

If I remember correctly it was the combination of 9/11 and the so-called “Aqsa intifada” and the attendant reporting (or mis-reporting) that encouraged me to get started.

The organization, Honest Reporting got started due the latter. In this video, Tuvia Grossman meets the soldier (actually border policeman) who saved him 10 years earlier.

Watcher’s Council Nominations September 1, 2010

To be sure, over the next few weeks there would be several more incidents of journalistic malfeasance. There was the killing of Mohammed al-Dura, which was attributed to Israeli soldiers. It took two and a half years for anyone in the mainstream media to raise doubts about the narrative. James Fallows wrote “Who killed Mohammed al-Dura?” for the Atlantic in June 2003.

The al-Dura case stands out as a prime example of what Richard Landes calls “Pallywood.”

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Watcher’s Council Nominations September 1, 2010