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If You are Conservative, You Must be Anti-War

If you hold conservatism as a value, you must maintain an anti-war stance.  The current state of American militarism is in clear opposition to the conservation of foreign and domestic wealth, property, freedom, safety, and life.  As the modern war-justifications from the shrinking crowd of neo-conservative fear mongers grow in absurdity, as our President spreads […]

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The Ignorant Immorality of Government “Promise”

In light of the recent Wisconsin teachers’ debacle, I thought it prudent to examine the morality of government contracts in general—especially that legislation which includes long-term “guarantees”.  The following argument seems to be most prevalent among the teachers unions (and all similar beneficiaries at every level of government): “we were promised such and such at […]

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The U.S.A. is number one!…in prison population

Take a look at this article. Despite having one billion fewer people within its borders, the United States contains approximately 500,000 more prisoners than the People’s Republic of China.  In a ranking of countries, the U.S.A. is number one worldwide in both total imprisoned population and in prisoners per capita (China is number two in […]

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Youthful Inspiration for the Republican Party

By Michael Couvillion Who are those with principles in the evolving Republican Party?  The youth!  It is the older generation which finds fascination with grand oratory and great hair.  Please, look only to the recent gathering at CPAC 2011 for the required evidence.  The young, who created record attendance at this conservative event, seek no […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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