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Fresh & Local: Real Life Hunger Games by Bryant Osborn

Katniss EverdeenDietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Recommends Federal Food Police

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services jointly create a report titled Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This report is used as guidance in forming Federal nutrition policy and programs. The last report was issued in 2010 by a select committee called the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC).

By law, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans report must be updated every five years, so about 18 months ago, a new DGAC was formed to recommend updates and changes to the 2010 Guidelines report. A few weeks ago, this new DGAC released its recommendations in a nearly 600 page tome titled Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

The report is scientific in name only, being a true monument to junk science and big-government’s insistence on controlling our choices about what we eat. The lame-stream media has dutifully largely ignored this embarrassing report.

Barbara Hollingsworth, writing for CNS News, reported that last December, the House Appropriations Committee expressed concern that “the [DGAC ] advisory committee is showing an interest in incorporating agriculture production practices and environmental factors into their criteria for establishing the next dietary recommendations” which were “outside the nutritional focus of the panel.”

The congressional committee directed USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack to “only include nutrition and dietary information, not extraneous factors, in the final 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

Despite the explicit congressional directive, the 2015 DGAC recommends limiting all animal products – including meat – from our diets because, “Current evidence shows that the average U.S. dietchopped food pyramid has a larger environmental impact in terms of increased greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, and energy use, compared to [other] dietary patterns. This is because the current U.S. population intake of animal-based foods is higher . . .”

Do you remember the old USDA pyramid of food groups with meat and dairy products at the top? This year’s recommendations chop off the top of the pyramid for reasons that have nothing to do with human nutrition.

The report admits that addressing sustainable diets is a new area for the DGAC. The report insists that it is necessary for “dietary guidance that promotes both health and sustainability. This also recognizes the significant impact of food and beverages on environmental outcomes, from farm to plate to waste disposal, and, therefore, the need for dietary guidance to include the wider issue of sustainability.” Huh? Wasn’t this report supposed to be about nutrition?

American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, in a statement about the report, said, “we are troubled that it repeats alarmist and unsubstantiated assertions about land use first promulgated by a UN agency with scant agricultural understanding. These assertions contradict the views of the UN’s own agricultural experts and fly in the face of decades of scientific consensus. The overall guidelines also ignore easier and more effective ways ordinary Americans can reduce their carbon footprints.”

Mr. Stallman continued, “We suspect the report’s unrealistically pessimistic view of sustainability colors its views regarding meat in the American diet. Instead of supporting the health benefits of lean meat consumption – as previous advisory committees have consistently done – the authors focus only on a [plant-based] diet.”

Barry Carpenter, president of the North American Meat Institute, also believes that “the Committee’s foray into the murky waters of sustainability is well beyond its scope and expertise.” Mr. Carpenter went on to point out that, “Lean meat’s relegation to a footnote [in the report] ignores the countless studies and data that the [DGAC ] committee reviewed for the last two years that showed unequivocally that meat and poultry are among the most nutrient-dense foods available. Nutrient dense meat is a headline, not a footnote.”

But calling for the adoption of plant-based diets for “sustainability” is not the most troubling part of the report. The report hopes to see “efforts to provide all individuals living in the United States with the environments, knowledge, and tools needed to implement effective individual or family-level behavioral change strategies to improve the quality of their diets and reduce sedentary behaviors. These goals will require changes at all levels of the social-ecological model through coordinated efforts among health care and social and food systems from the national to the local level.” What?

Federal food policeTranslation: “It is time to send in the Federal food police.”

The DGAC report actually contains recommendations on how to force compliance with their recommendations, including taxing your desserts, banning advertising for sugary food, sending trained obesity “interventionists” to your worksite, and electronically monitoring how long you sit in front of the television. I’m not making any of this up. This is all in the DGAC recommendations that will be used as the basis for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The report actually says, “In order for policy recommendations such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to be fully implemented, motivating and facilitating behavioral change at the individual level is required. This [DGAC report] suggests a number of promising behavior change strategies that can be used to favorably affect a range of health-related outcomes.” These strategies include comprehensive lifestyle interventions and nutrition counselingno cows by qualified nutrition professionals.”

The report defines “comprehensive lifestyle interventions” as consisting of diet, physical activity, and something called “behavior therapy” given in weekly, onsite treatments provided by a trained interventionist in either a group or individual sessions. The report goes on to say that comprehensive lifestyle interventions and nutrition counseling should be held in “healthcare settings as well as in community locations, including public health facilities and worksites.” The food police are coming to where you work.

This ought to terrify you, because there is nothing in the report to suggest that any part of this would be voluntary. This DGAC believes the Federal government should force compliance with their recommendations. Where exactly in the Constitutions does this food police authority come from?

After reading this horrible report, the premise of the fiction book The Hunger Games, where a tyrannical Federal government uses food to control and punish its citizens, does not seem far-fetched. All that is missing from this report is the requirement that the Districts send tributes to the Capitol every year. That will probably be in the 2020 report.

It makes me both sad and angry that DGAC gave no thought whatsoever to our individual freedoms. How can this be happening in America?

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Bryant Osborn - Fresh and Local

Bryant Osborn – Fresh and Local

Bryant Osborn and his wife Terry own Corvallis Farms in Culpeper County. Bryant’s Fresh & Local columns on local-market agriculture now appear regularly here at [your website name here]. He can be reached at [email protected]

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