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Fresh & Local: Real Life Hunger Games, Part 2 by Bryant Osborn

Feds Fund ‘Diet Choker’ to Monitor Eating Habits

(Read Part 1 here)

HungerGamesPosterIn last week’s column, I wrote about the select committee of The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services called the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC).

The DGAC recently released its recommendations for updates and changes to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans report. The Dietary Guidelines report is used in forming Federal nutrition policy and programs.

The DGAC recommendations, stretching nearly 600 pages, are a true monument to junk science and big-government’s insistence on controlling what we eat. The recommendations are both embarrassing and frightening, and the lame-stream media has dutifully ignored them.

For starters, the DGAC recommended a plant-based diet that limits all animal products – including meat – because, “Current evidence shows that the average U.S. diet has a larger environmental impact in terms of increased greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, and energy use, compared to [other] dietary patterns.”

The old USDA food pyramid had meat and dairy products at the top of the pyramid. The DGAC recommendations chop off the top of the pyramid for reasons that chopped food pyramidhave nothing to do with human nutrition.

But calling for plant-based diets because of “sustainability” is not the most troubling aspect of the recommendations. The DGAC actually promotes forced compliance with their recommendations, including taxing your desserts, banning advertising for sugary food, sending trained lifestyle “interventionists” to your worksite to ensure “health-related outcomes,” and electronically monitoring how long you sit in front of your television. These are all in the DGAC recommendations that will be used as the basis for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

This ought to terrify you. The Federal food police are on their way. As I said last week, after reading these horrible recommendations, the premise of the fiction book The Hunger Games – where a tyrannical Federal government uses food to control and punish its citizens – is not far-fetched. All that is missing from the DGAC recommendations is the requirement that the Districts send tributes to the Capitol every year.

This week, Elizabeth Harrington, writing for the Washington Free Beacon, reported the Federal government spent $148,379 to create a ‘diet choker’ necklace that monitors eating habits. Ms. Harrington writes that this “smart necklace can be set to buzz or send alerts if any undesirable behavior occurs.”

I am not making this up.

05-wear-sens-necklace.w529.h352.2xThis necklace is named WearSens. The National Science Foundation gave the money for the development of WearSens to “fill the need of automatically detecting swallows and eating patterns.” I will bet you did not know that the Federal government had a need to detect your swallows and eating patterns. Who knew?


The DGAC recommendations make very plain, “In order for policy recommendations such as The Dietary Guidelines for Americans to be fully implemented, motivating and facilitating behavioral change at the individual level is required. This [DGAC report] suggests a number of promising behavior change strategies that can be used to favorably affect a range of health-related outcomes.”


The ‘diet choker’ necklace would appear to be a “promising behavior change strategy,” and it fits perfectly with the DGAC Federal food police mission.


Researchers at UCLA released a report on the necklace this month. According to the report, “These sensors track the vibration that occurs in the neck when a person chews food and swallows their drink. This ‘diet choker’ can even sense what type of food you’re eating since something crunchy is likely to make the neck vibrate more than food that’s soft. The sensors can also determine if a person is downing a hot or cold drink.”

New York Magazine calls the WearSens a, “choke collar to judge your eating habits.”

CBS News, showing just how completely clueless it is, labeled the WearSens “slightly odd.”

The UK Daily Mail reports that the WearSens will, “know if you eat too much of the wrong kind of food.” And who is it that now decides what the wrong kind of food is? The same bureaucrats that define “sustainable.”

Just think of the possibilities. If the WearSens could be made to contract by remote control, the food police could make you spit out your food when you eat the wrong kind. And if it could contract, it could be used to enforce all kinds of behaviors, not just dietary edicts. It could be used to keep you from saying the wrong kinds of things, for example.

The disclosure that the Federal government believes it has a right to enforce its dietary edicts, ought to terrify everyone about the future. In our post-Constitutional America, the concept of individual liberty is fading quickly, and both 1984 and The Food Games have arrived.


Bryant Osborn - Fresh and Local

Bryant Osborn – Fresh and Local


Bryant Osborn and his wife Terry own Corvallis Farms in Culpeper County. Bryant’s Fresh & Local columns on local-market agriculture now appear regularly here at Virginia Right!. He can be reached at [email protected]

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