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Its in DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA and ICLEI’s there and it’s a WASTE of TIME: Has to be a UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE! GOOD NEWS: Canada is showing LEADERSHIP at this waste of time!

It’s a bird, a plane, NO it’s another UN climate conference!  Here’s the live website!  (Listen to the video on the “fossil of the day” – if you can stand it!  It’s Occupy in suits and ties!  Maybe they’ll cite this blogger for special acclaim!)  Here’s the official website.  Just in time for the latest questions associated with so-called “global warming” from more leaked emails!  ICLEI again can play a unconstitutional role as a representative of its members, both US and foreign!  (More below!)

But the climate folks who want to take our sovereignty and liberty away through Agenda 21 are the ones in denial; they want to try to revive the discredited Kyoto accords.  But the activists are really focused on an unusual nation this time:  Canada.

Canada dares to say truth and dares to protect its national interests:

“Kyoto is the past,” Environment Minister Peter Kent told reporters in Ottawa, describing the decision by Canada’s previous Liberal government to sign on to the protocol as “one of the biggest blunders they made.”

The Conservatives – who green groups say are recklessly pushing development of the Alberta oil sands and ignoring the environment – complain the Liberals signed Kyoto and then did nothing to stop the country’s emissions from soaring.

“What we know is that we cannot comply with it … that’s a fact,” Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver told reporters.

Rah for them!  Too bad Ron Paul isn’t President and could offer important support!  But there’s more:

CTV News said Ottawa would announce its formal withdrawal from Kyoto on December 23, once the Durban talks are over.

“I’m neither confirming or denying (the report),” said Kent, who announced Canada would spend C$600 million ($583 million) over the next five years to help improve air quality.

The liberals (the NDP leader actually Peter Julian) are all over the sensible policies of the Harper government, calling it an “environmental vandal” and another gave Canada a “fossil of the day” award.  Let’s see, Canada is supposed to enpoverish its people and sacrifice its sovereignty and liberty for unproven, dubious science!  I say to Canada – do what we should have done in Kyoto – come home!  Renounce this terrible accord.

ICLEI’s there, too!  Here’s their goals for the Durban conference:

In 2010, local and subnational governments achieved a breakthrough in global climate advocacy by being recognized “governmental stakeholders”.

This year, at the United Nations climate conference (COP17/CMP7) in Durban, South Africa on 28 November – 9 December, the Local Government Climate Forum consist of events aimed at ensuring that local and subnational governments are appropriately engaged and empowered in the design and implementation of the global climate regime.

This is worse than unconstitutional for a US city; it’s potentially disloyal!  Do you go with your nation or the “global climate regime”, local government? Only one constitutional answer:  GET OUT of ICLEI!

There’s more:

Global Advocacy

At the Global Advocacy front, the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities constituency (LGMA), lead by ICLEI as the focal point to the UNFCCC, are engaging through:

How is THAT consistent with “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation *  *  *  No State shall, without the Consent of Congress,… enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power”  Article I, section 10.

There’s even more from the ICLEI website of the Climate Roadmap:

Local governments and municipal authorities constituency (LGMA) to the UNFCCC, will continue to convene through daily briefings, deliver interventions at official sessions, present inputs to UNFCCC negotiation texts, have bilateral meetings with negotiators and participate at high level events. Throughout the process, progress achieved in the implementation of Global Cities Covenant on Climate – the Mexico City Pact and carbonn Cities Climate Registry will also be presented as an input to the negotiations.

Sounds like foreign policy to me!

One more item – the Intervention of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities Constituency (LGMA) at the Opening Plenary of COP17 states that LGMA (ICLEI) speaks for its local government “stakeholders” (including its US members) to the Durban conference.

The waste of time in Durban continues until December 9.  Should provide great stuff for this blog!




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  1. Chris Jensen says:

    As an elected local official in Idaho, I ran for reelection for one simple reason, to combat this crap as it comes across the desk to be implemented. Luckily, there are only a few cities and counties in Idaho that have signed onto ICLEI and I will work to make sure mine is not one of them.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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