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24 hours or so from LIVE BLOG ELECTION 2011! We will have EXCITEMENT! SENATE PREVIEW!

The Va senate is clearly in play tomorrow but here’s my take on several races:

14 13 Seantors are unopposed:

Dist 3 – Norment R

Dist 4 – McDougle R

Dist 5 – Yvonne Miller D

Dist 7 – Wagner – R

Dist 8 – McWaters – R

Dist 11 – Martin – R

Dist 12 – Stosch – R

Dist 14 – Blevins – R

Dist 15 – Ruff – R

Dist 18 – Lucas – D

Dist 24 – Hanger – R

Dist 26 – Obenshain – R

Dist 28 – Stuart – R

That is 11 Republicans and Two Democrats unopposed (Dist 9 Senator Donald McEachin has a write-in opponent – Floyd Mays!)

The GOP only needs nine more seats!

Here are some HOT races:

Dist 13 – Black R v. Mitchell D

Dist 17 Reeves R v. Houck D (this is a REALLY HOT race, I just saw a Houck ad on Richmond TV)

Dist 19- Smith, Ralph R v. Bell I

Dist 20 – Stanley R v. Reynolds D and Evans I

Dist 22 – Garrett R v. Dodson D

Dist 29 – Gordy R v. Colgan D

Dist 33 – Phillips R v. Herring D

Dist 36 – Frederick v. Puller D

If you have any other HOT races let me know!

Others worth watching are:

Dist 1 – Chohany R  v. John Miller D

Dist 2 – Harmon R v. Locke D

Dist 16 – Marsh D v. Brown I

Dist 25 – Aldous R v. Deeds D

Dist 30 – McGhee R v. Ebbin D

Dist 31 – Merrick R v. Favola D

Dist 38 – Light R v. Puckett D  (When I was out in Grundy, i saw plenty of Light and Puckett signs and the Puckett signs were saying “Friend of Coal”.   I thought Puckett was the R)

Dist 39 – Baker R v. Barker D

Dist 40 – Carrico R v. Lamie D

Other races of interest to ME are:

Henrico Com Atty – Geary R, Shannon D, and political giant Bill Janis as an independent.  I always admired Janis – he made a great profession of faith in Christ in an African-American church last January.  I did not think he’d give up his safe seat and power to be top prosecutor.  So I respect his stand for principle.  It could also be that Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney is a good springboard to say AG in the future.  Jim Gilmore was the CA in Henrico before he ran for AG and then Governor.

Orange Com Atty – a good friend and principled follower of Christ, Gil Berger is running for CA in Orange.  He has hit on several issues involving the incumbent, Diana Wheeler, but the incumbent just won a big murder case last week.  Both are independents.

Buchanan Com Atty – a local attorney and friend of mine, Gerald Arrington is running against the incumbent Tamara Neo.  Neo is the Republican and Arrington is a Democrat.  It’s a local race and Arrington worked for the former CA (Sheila Tolliver), is from Grundy and went to the Appalachian School of Law.  Neo does not have the extensive local ties but she appears to have a nice record of accomplishment.

Stafford Com Atty – Eric Olsen is the Republican and there was a question about his legal residency.  He has an opponent, independent Tim Barbrow.  We’ll see if the race turns on this question.

I also have an interest in the Ohio ballot quetsion – number 2 (gov’t union rights) and number 3 (health care freedom).  Ron Paul just did a commercial for number 3.  I think there is potential for an upset on both questions but I recall a initiative in Ohio on returnables legislation (I supported it in 1979 as Wright State YAF chairman and still do today) and we are out funded about 20 to 1.  Guess who won?  No on the bottle bill did.

Other hot races?  I have one I might cover but I promised I would not reveal it until after the polls close.  ICLEI in an important county in USA is on the line!

Also Albemarle County (Boyd) and James City County (Mary Jones), too.  Don’t forget to vote for them if you live in that district.  It’s a vote against ICLEI!

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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