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7:40 PM Richmond Tea Party – Charles Payne Keynote Address

Chales Payne

Chales Payne

Charles Payne – Keynote speaker

This black man from Harlem has never fealt more welcome than right her.

I see a crowd of people that love their country with all their heart.

When I look into this crowd, I see thousands that have escaped the apathy of the masses. God blessed me with a brain and an indomitable spirit and a brain and I am not going to let a politician take that away.

Anti-capitalists always find their greatest opportunity when things are bad. They blame Wall Street, but they have a different agenda. Obama came in intending to take over banks.

Through Czars, Executive Orders the White House plans to take over the economy.

Jim Bunning was vilified for demanding we pay for unemployment payments.

I never hear Obama say thank you God. I always hear him say “my administration did this, or that”, but never “I thank God”.

When I was growing up in Harlem, I saw many that refused to take handouts, and others that believed welfare was a right. The working parents see their kids in the same clothes as the welfare mothers. The government paid rent, food and clothes. There was no incentive to work. Why should we work.

47% do not pay income tax.

10 million are getting unemployment

40 million are on food stamps.

We are becomming a welfare nation and the government has given up on capitalism.

Businesses are vilified and weakened.

We barreling toward the great welfare society.

Nobody drove here in a limo. You are all regular hard working folks. You know stealing is wrong. The government is stealing from the mouths of our children.

Faith in God laid the groundwork for capitalism.

It is time to reject the creation of a welfare nanny state.

When I was a teen in Harlem one night, I was not eating. My Mom asked what was wrong.

He said he was watched a handy man cleaning a laundry mat and he found an arm of a doll. He ran over to other parts of the doll and put it together. He said his daughter would be so happy to get the doll.

This doll was probably bought by someone on welfare, and was going to a family that worked very hard.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “7:40 PM Richmond Tea Party – Charles Payne Keynote Address”

  1. Venu says:

    —Tom, I was debating whether or not to post this on the most relevant update or the most recent one, but I’m probably more likely to be read on the most recent one—

    This isn’t about Capitalism vs. Socialism. This is about Responsible Capitalism vs. Irresponsible Capitalism. And right now the winner is painfully obvious. IT’S A TIE! It appears that both President Obama and the Tea Parties are equally incapable of making the slightest economic sense! Who’s the loser? America.

    Tom, I really don’t want to rain on either your or the liberals’ parade, but come on. Much of these Tea Partiers are crazy! 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes! Shall we cut taxes more and have some more people free-loading off of society? Then again, the alternative is just as worse. If you look at this from the Obama angle: “47% of Americans don’t pay taxes. Let’s just get that to 50% + 1”

    Tea Partiers came along and said that Moderate means soft on free-market principles, soft on war, soft on the Constitution, and soft on Communism. And Liberals came along and said Moderate means soft on environment, soft on peace, soft on corporate-greed, and soft on tolerance. And instead of saying “Excuse me you reactionary, paranoid, anti-fiscal responsibility, anti-common-sense, anti-dialogue, pro-wedge issue trip straight to bankruptcy, we cowered in the corner and said “Please don’t hurt me”. I don’t care who’s right, and I don’t care who’s wrong. Both of you are right, and both of you are wrong at times. All i want is for America to think. I want America to think about thinking. I want America to grow up, and realize that there’s a solution better than cut-throat politics designed to manipulate and control the individual. I want America to realize that we can have a country where true fiscal responsibility reigns, individual rights are secured, our borders are secured, our Market has been stabilized with Responsible Capitalism, and our parties come together for the good of the country.

    And that, my good sir, is why I shall never attend Political Rallies that propagate political antagonism.

    • Tom White says:

      Venu, that is why I wanted you to attend the tea party. You are confusing the Republicans with the Tea Party movement. When a Republican says “cut taxes” their history is to increase spending.

      When the Tea Party says cut taxes, the second part of the sentence is “and cut spending”. No more debt. Government is way too big and we need to reduce it’s size.

      A lot of what you are saying is EXACTLY what the Tea Party says. Believe me, Republicans are looked at with equal disdain as are Democrats. Democrats perhaps a bit worse.

      And the fact that 47% pay no income tax is a horror to the Tea Party. We all need to do our share. Shifting the tax burden has not made things better.

      You have a deep misunderstanding of the Tea Party. You have been fooled into believing a lot of lies. The only way to understand is to experience it. Sure there is animosity towards Obama, Pelosi and Reid, but Republicans are just as guilty. And the Tea Party wants to see a lot of them GONE.

      Government no longer works for us, it is our master. It is in it’s nature to grow, and we must stop and reverse the growth.

      It is really a pity you don’t wish to gather first hand knowledge. The entire Tea Party was video taped and I will send you a link after they process it. I think you will be amazed at how close your thinking is to the Tea Party.

      Are we mad? Sure. The Constitution has been tossed away. And while it is worse under Obama, the Tea Party clearly blames the Washington Politicians. You don’t hear the things that I do about Republicans from Tea Party folks. While many are former Republicans, most do not trust the GOP. And there are many in the GOP that think things are just peachy with the party. It is not!

      I will send you the links. Listen to the speakers. Pretty much everything you wrote in this comment was said today.

  2. Venu says:


    I might have if I could have attended. I don’t get home till about 5:30, then get buried in with a pile of work from projects, homework, and writing for the school play. I’ll take a look at Tea Party events online this weekend.

    I seem to fundamentally disagree with them (Tea Partiers) on two important notes: 1, I do not believe the Federal Government is “too big”. Yes I believe that our government is wasteful and must be cut for efficiency, but I do not believe that our government is fundamentally “too big”. Government is the societal engine that drives us forward. I believe in Responsible Capitalism. This includes Common-sense Market Regulation, heavily investing in Education and College Affordability (honestly, that’s why I supported Creigh Deeds) to promote a responsible future. So I guess I disagree that our government needs to always be “smaller” because I don’t agree with the sentiment that “Less Gov’t = Good”. I believe that we can have a transparent, efficient and responsible government (and that seems to be a sentiment shared by Tea Partiers), but I don’t agree that Government is intrinsically too big or needs to be cut.

    The other main point I disagree with is moral obligations. I am fundamentally of the notion that concepts of moral obligation are willful. The message of the Tea Party that legislating a “moral” society is OK seems to be the plight of ignorance not on the role of government, but the rights of men. Abortion is immoral, yet is it my place to try and force your hand at my sense of morality? (through legal means). Homosexuality is a practice that boggles my mind, yet what right should I have to suppress the rights of my fellow Americans by working hard for my own “Great Society”?

    The point is this. We need a responsible America that grows our economy through Responsible Capitalism (no, it’s not called “Socialism”) while respecting the rights of men and offering the Economic and Personal Opportunity. I’ve resolved that this concept is fundamentally irreconcilable with the views of the Tea Party and Progressive movements.

    Tea Partiers are either for lassiez faire (I disagree), massive deregulation (I disagree) or lack of adequate Market control (what is necessary for a Responsible, yet Capitalistic society). I’ve come to the conclusion that my idea of Responsible Capitalism does not coincide with the Tea Partiers outlook. Nor does the “respecting the rights of men” as legislating of morality is not something that I can live with (I’m for Gay Rights, Gun Rights, Abortion Rights and Free Speech, is it wrong for me to say I’m not hypocritical in the rights that I shall defend for the nation?) Providing “Economic Opportunity” is also not something that the Tea Partiers enthusiastically advocate for, but I shall concede that I do not truly believe that Tea Partiers actively plot for disenfranchisement of the American population.

    Progressives’s strict Market Regulation though seems to be the wholly reversed side of this equation. The bailout of GM was a low point in our ethical responsibilities as a steward of capitalism. Loaning money to banks to keep them afloat and buying up a car company are two different things in my mind. The Financial Sector’s solvency is paramount for economic stability, while a car company is not central to the overall well-being of an economy. “respecting the rights of fellow men” fall on deaf ears to Progressives when it comes to Gun Rights. I do give the Progressives credit for fostering Economic and Personal opportunity, yet I do not think that they push for these items when it doesn’t correspond to their stringent political philosophy.

    I am a Centrist in the strictest use of the word. I never knew what a “Radical Centrist” was until the past few months. I now know. And hey, they’re some good things to be had. When partisan divides are transcended to bring about common non-partisan solutions, what’s the down side?

  3. Colleen O. says:

    Thanks Tom for covering the Rally. Charles Payne exceeded my expectations. He was so nice, so kind and I was so impressed with him. His speech was very good at the fund raiser, but at the rally he knocked it out of the park. Very heartfelt and inspiring.

    • Tom White says:

      Charles is an amazing man. I liked him before I met him, from FoxNews. But he really is a down to earth guy. He seemed to get a little choked up telling the story about the doll.
      You also did an amazing job. I am so proud of the work the RTP is doing. Without the efforts of people like you, Jamie and the rest, our lives would be far worse.

      The Tea Party movement may not be able to totally block the socialism, but it has taken the “righteous” wind out of their sails.

      There is a lot more work to do!

  4. Colleen O. says:

    Venu you say that a woman has a rights over her decisions over her body, yet you promote the government taking control over everyone’s body through control of healthcare. You say you want a government to control to keep society and capitalism in line(you really need to look up the definition of socialism) While the left advocates and demanded the govt take over of 1/6 of economy with healthcare, along with banks, car companies, mortgages and student loans because GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST. Just remember, when the political winds change, and Republicans have taken control, you liberals have handed over control over a quarter of our economy on a silver platter for them to wield over your life. Is that want you want? I don’t want the Republicans or Dems to have that control, it’s not my cup of tea.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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