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A Far Right Conservative Can NOT Win the White House. Time to Face the Facts.

NOTE: Please read the entire post if you are going to comment. Several comments tell me that the person only read the title and made assumptions.

This was a difficult piece to write and I would imagine it is not easy to read, either. The truth seldom is. But we, as Conservatives, tend to surround ourselves with other Conservative activists and begin to believe that the Conservative nature of our friends is representative of the country as a whole. Sadly, it is not. Our political point of view, like that of the Progressives, occupies a small portion of the political spectrum. But in order for us to win, we need to know the truth about our strengths and weaknesses.

It has been a really fun Republican Primary season this year on the Presidential level. My Conservative friends who are backing Ted Cruz have been vicious and annoying in their attacks on me and my Conservative values because I am a Trump supporter.

“Trump’s NOT Conservative,” they tell me over and over again. He is a Democrat!

Well, no. He’s not a Democrat. He is a Republican.

And my fellow Conservatives go apoplectic and start with the accusatory, “I thought you were a Conservative, but I guess you aren’t,” shaming.

But the truth is, anyone running as a far right Conservative like Ted Cruz is doing simply cannot win the White House. And any Conservative that takes a critical look and takes off the Conservative Blinders long enough to take an honest look at where the country is politically these days and do an honest assessment of the chances of a Conservative winning the White House will come to the same conclusion. And if you think otherwise, you are either not being honest with yourself or you are delusional. America is not a Center-Right Country. We are a Center-Left Nation.

Progressives have done a number on public perception over the last decade or so. Remember when “Liberal” was a dirty word no Democrat wanted to be labeled with? And when “Conservative” was actually a compliment? Look around you. We have come 180 degrees from those days. We have a Socialist running for President that is doing amazingly well. Bernie Sanders won’t win the Democratic nomination, but damn! Look at the crowds! In America!

The stigma once attached to Liberals is now attached to Conservatives. And if you are a Conservative and don’t see that, then you need to get out more. And if you don’t wake up and admit the truth, you better get used to more and more Nannie-ism.

Now Progressives have managed to win the PR game against Conservatives, but we must give a lot of credit to the GOP Leadership – the dreaded GOPe. The RINO’s.

These establishment folks are no fans of Conservatives either, but they usually pretend to be one when it benefits them. But while they often assume the mantle of Conservationism in their home districts, the truth is they are big government Progressives in DC. With the same desires and goals as the Progressives who berate them. And don’t look now, our Colleges and Universities are turning out Progressive Liberals who are only to happy to be known as such and who believe Conservatives and Capitalism are every bit as dangerous and evil as today’s Conservatives knew Socialism, Communism and Keynesian economics are.

Today’s young people believe the Free Market is unfair and favors the rich while Socialism is fair to everyone. Gone from the classroom indoctrination are the mention of the extreme poverty, empty shelves and long lines for toilet paper.

So when I attend gatherings of Conservatives, I have to shake my head and bite my tongue to avoid confrontations with my fellow Conservatives who refuse to admit the truth. They seem unable to face the reality that most of the country has been brainwashed into believing things we all know are completely false. And they are misguided into thinking that if only the nation hears the Conservative point of viewthat they will flock to the right in droves and elect a far right Conservative to the White House.

They don’t realize that more than half of the voting population in the US is as likely to embrace Conservatism today as we are to vote for a Socialist.

I saw David Plouffe, Obama’s Advisor and Campaign Manager and now a Hillary supporter, on the news last night talking about Clinton facing either Trump or Cruz. He said that with Cruz, they already have the standard Democrat playbook they have used for years to go by. But Trump will, “say anything about anyone at any time,” and is pretty much a wild card.

I have always rejected the philosophy that we need to nominate the “most Conservative Republican that can win”. That was a phrase coined by the GOPe to justify establishment candidates that they insist are “moderates” like John McCain and Mitt Romney. But the truth is, these candidates are not moderates, they are big government establishment guys that are more concerned with the politics of power than with winning. In fact, they would rather lose an election and deal with being the minority “out of power” party than see a true Conservative win, fearing the Conservative will put an end to their charade. And they are perfectly willing to vote for a Democrat, or at least refuse to vote for the Conservative.

In the 2013 Gubernatorial race in Virginia, Conservative Ken Cuccinelli lost to Liberal Terry McAuliffe by about 60,000 votes. But interestingly, the Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Obenshain, who was considered the only establishment candidate on the Republican ticket managed to get about 90,000 votes more than Cuccinelli did for governor. Had the people who voted for Obenshain also voted for Cuccinelli, convicts would not be voting in November. Some of the 90,000 fewer votes can be accounted for by the GOPe voters who went to the polls and voted for AG, but left the box for Governor blank. But not all 90,000. Virginia has become pretty much a blue to purple state. Republicans hold a majority in the State House by a good margin and have a tiny margin in the State Senate, but all of the statewide offices and both US Senate seats are Democrats.

Virginia is pretty much a microcosm of the rest of the country, politically speaking. And in spite of GOP success in the State House and Senate, the Statewide and Federal offices are owned by the Democrats, thanks in large part to deep blue Northern Virginia and a couple of other urban areas.

Clearly, the answer is not an establishment candidate for statewide or Federal offices here in Virginia. They would have no more success than McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012. Both lost in Virginia. And given the results in 2013 combined with 2008 and 2012, neither Conservative nor establishment will win Virginia in 2016. And the nationwide results of 2008 and 2012 are very likely to repeat with either a Conservative candidate like Ted Cruz or an alternate choice “parachuted” into the GOP Convention – who would be an establishment choice. And Cruz has the “tarnish” of both Conservative and establishment hanging around his neck.

But trust me on this. The United States will not elect an establishment Republican and they will not elect a Conservative. No matter how much Ted Cruz excites Conservatives, we are simply too small a portion of the electorate to win nationwide or even statewide in Virginia. The Democrats already have their tried and true plan to defeat Cruz. It will be a walk in the park. Cruz will be told he cannot attack Hillary for fear of alienating women. And he will get smashed by Hillary pandering to votes that will never come.

Trump, on the other hand, will not shy away from attacking Clinton. He has not yet pulled the email issues or Benghazi out of his arsenal. Not to mention the other scandals Hillary has been involved in. We got a small preview when she pulled out Bill Clinton. Trump neutered him in seconds. No one else in the GOP stable could or would have done that.

The results of yesterday’s primary saw Donald Trump win all 5 states by large margins while Cruz came in last in all but one. Trump also won every district in every state. And this came on the heals of a big win in his home state of New York last week.

At this point, Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from getting to the 1,237 delegates. And he cannot win in November. Nor can Kasich who is no different from McCain or Romney. Cruz made a bad mistake aligning with Kasich to take out Trump. And his glee at “stealing” delegates and the fact that the establishment is behind the “thefts” may be one reason Trump far outperformed the polls yesterday.

  • In Pennsylvania the Polls had Trump at 48%. He won 58%.
  • In Connecticut the polls has Trump at 54%. He won 59%.
  • Rhode Island the polls had Trump at 52%. He won 65%.
  • Maryland the polls had Trump at 48%. He won 57%.
  • Deleware the polls had Trump at 55%. He won 63%.

Trump is an enigma to the Democrats and to a lot of Republicans. He has done something no Republican has done in decades – he has tapped into the anger that many people have at the failures of our leadership no matter the party. Some call it Nationalism like Nationalism is a bad thing. This excitement and support will only grow as Trump goes on the offensive against Hillary. There are a lot of people who will move behind Trump as he does to Hillary what he has done to the entire GOP Primary field. Which now includes Cruz. (Kasich never had a chance.)

Cruz needs to drop out. He can’t win as a Conservative. Not now. Not ever.

Remember. #NeverTrump = #AlwaysHillary.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

22 Responses to “A Far Right Conservative Can NOT Win the White House. Time to Face the Facts.”

  1. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I don’t think it matters who goes up against Hillary. The Republican will win. Saying Cruz can’t win in a general election is absurd and there is no evidence to suggest it. I think most Republicans will fall in line and vote for a Democrat like Trump out of fear of Hillary, so I still think he’s electable too. I’ve never despised a front runner as much as I despise Trump, but he’s a better politician than Dole, McCain, or Romney. He’s a brilliant showman and lightning rod. I’ll never understand why people choose to follow Trump. But it also doesn’t matter now. Defeat Hillary and pray that Congress keeps Trump in check.

    • Stop Uranium Mining in Virginia says:

      Mr. Tucker-

      Will you employee the same strategy in next year’s statewide races? Supporting a Democratic Governor Northam over Rob Wittman or Ed Gillespie to keep the Republican Led State Senate and House of Delegates in check in the Commonwealth? To protect us from the GOP Agenda of URANIUM MINING and selling the Port of Virginia like Sponge Bob McDonnell attempted to do? Or do you support a GOP slate across the board with no checks and balances? You see, after Bob McDonnell I don’t believe the good voters of Virginia will ever allow a GOP ticket to win as long as they control the HOUSE AND THE SENATE.

      Just asking’ since you are so afraid of a GOP controlled POTUS, Congress, and Senate in Washington.

  2. James Willis

    If a solid conservative cannot win now, it will never happen. I’m tired of listening to the naysayers. We tried the moderate route twice and got Barack Obama both times. Do you really want to make the case that we need to try it a third time? Anyone with half a brain can beat Hillary; if the GOP can’t elect a conservative to office now what good is it?

    • Tom White says:

      The article states:
      “I have always rejected the philosophy that we need to nominate the “most Conservative Republican that can win”. That was a phrase coined by the GOPe to justify establishment candidates that they insist are “moderates” like John McCain and Mitt Romney. But the truth is, these candidates are not moderates, they are big government establishment guys that are more concerned with the politics of power than with winning. In fact, they would rather lose an election and deal with being the minority “out of power” party than see a true Conservative win, fearing the Conservative will put an end to their charade. And they are perfectly willing to vote for a Democrat, or at least refuse to vote for the Conservative.”

      I think that maybe you only read one or two lines of the article James and decided you didn’t want to read the rest. We can elect Conservatives in a lot of districts, Dave Brat for instance, but unless the needle moves back towards the center, Virginia is a blue state in statewide elections and national. Cruz managed 10% to 15% yesterday. And that is in the Republican Primary. How do you think that will translate in a general? I would love to have a solid Conservative in the White House, but it is not going to happen in this left of center country. I am simply being honest.
      Tom White recently posted…Important movie night May 2nd — My Profile

      • James Willis

        A lot of Trump’s support comes from Democrats crossing over to vote in the Republican primary, just like Trump crossed over to run in the Republican primary. Many of them will vote for Hillary if he doesn’t get the nomination, and if he does then they get a choice between which Democrat they will vote for. I don’t vote for Democrats regardless of which party nominates them.
        James Willis recently posted…Republicans Push Back Against McAuliffe’s Move on Voting RightsMy Profile

        • Tom White says:

          Trump is the candidate that the Republicans have been looking for for a long time. He is not a Democrat, he is a Republican. That argument is simply false and silly. Besides, the Republican Party has moved so far to the left that a Democrat 10 years ago would be conservative by today’s GOP standards. But what you said acknowledges that Trump has wide appeal across party lines. He is feared by the establishment and the Democrats equally. If you want to live in a fantasy land and believe Cruz can attract enough moderates and Independents as well as Blue Dog Democrats, go ahead. The reality is that Cruz has a very narrow appeal and only to the far right of the Republican Party. The GOPe will not vote for him. We tried GOPe candidates and now it is time to try someone who is a true Independent Republican. But this country is long past the days where a Conservative Republican could be elected into the White House. It is simply not in America’s DNA.
          Tom White recently posted…Important movie night May 2nd — My Profile

          • James Willis

            If Trump is going to be elected President he will have to do it without my vote. I will vote conservative until the day I die. I will never have to answer to my children, grandchildren, or my Maker for having been a part of putting him in the White House.

            I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and I doubt Trump could even spell it let alone understand it.

            The country may have moved left but I have not.
            James Willis recently posted…Republicans Push Back Against McAuliffe’s Move on Voting RightsMy Profile

          • Dan Rutter says:

            Ted Cruz was elected to the US Senate in Texas with a strategy of mobilizing the Low Information evangelical “never voted before” support from his fathers’ Dominionist Churches. Defeating Dewhurst was a coup on the level of Rafael Cruz’s coup to elect Godless Communist Castro in Cuba.

            Just like Senator Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate with the help of Jeremiah Wright’s “GD America” congregation.

            Ted Cruz is the GOP’s Barack Hussein Obama and the evangelicals are too stupid to recognize it.

          • Which “Democrat from ten years ago would be conservative by today’s GOP standards?”

            The Clintons? John Kerry? Barack Obama? Al Franken?

  3. James, you are really getting as silly as Glen Beck and his 6 month long tirade against Trump. Whereas I agree with much of what Tom notes I take issue with the notion that the country is left of center. It really depends on who you are counting. Although we now have so many immigrants both legal and elegal I don’t think they have truly joined the voting ranks. What we now have is enough fraudulent voting that it brings sufficient numbers to defeat any of the so called conservatives running. There are a number of reasons why the conservatives are unable to nominate a winning candidate. One of the reasons is, we put up people that do not attract the electorate. I for one like to vote for the person that states strict constitutional conservative values but I am not the general public. Cruz is about as exciting as a dish rag. Concerning Cruz being this great conservative, I don’t buy it, although I would vote for him if he were our candidate. James you need to take off your rose colored glasses in your view of Cruz. Crus loves the idea of a central bank. His wife worked for the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) under Bush. This group was promoting a North American Union not unlike the European Union. One of the many issues they were working toward was a single currency for the three countries along with erasing the boarders of this Union. Now, if Cruz likes to give the appearance of piety then we have to look at his personal life. He like John Edwards cried innocence and as we found out with Edwards he was guilty. Cruz looks mighty guilty. My last point relates to Trump. He is the main reason that immigration has become one of the largest single issues now being discussed. He is also the best one running that I believe will address the maelstrom of our financial problems. An out of control central bank and yes I know congress really is the controll on this group. And if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. All countries are printing fiat currency and all will fail. If we don’t controll the policies of the fed and the immigration problem we are doomed. Trump is the best candidate to deal with these pressing issues.

    • Juris Doctored in 78 says:

      Let’s be specific here: The North American Union you mentioned here was to include the SuperHighway from Mexico to Canada. It took a county on the border in Texas that invoked Coordination that STOPPED the Superhighway Ted and Heidi Cruz supported along with the EVIL Council on Foreign Relations. TED CRUZ Is never going to build a WALL on the Mexican Border.

      Ted is a Globalist. His father is a Globalist. His father was a Godless Atheist and fought for Castro- went to Canada and lived in America for over 30 years before becoming a US Citizen in 2005. Many suspect Rafael Cruz’s suspicious “I found Jesus” story was a ploy to prevent his deportation to Cuba – religious asylum. He told a crowd at the Richmond VA Family Foundation Gala he was an atheist until Ted was 3 and living in Canada with Ted’s mother he had abandoned there. Seemed like he went to Canada to retrieve his Anchor Baby and it’s mother’s passport to some of us. ( The founders warned us about men like Rafael- thus the natural born citizen clause in the Constitution)

      Trojan Horse doesn’t even begin to describe Cruz and his father. Trump is correct when he calls him
      Lyin’ Ted.

  4. TRUMPET says:


    After 8 years of George W. Bush, an establishment Republican who ran as a “compassionate conservative,” America will never again vote for a CONSERVATIVE. Mr. White is correct.

    Why? TWO unfunded wars FOR OIL and Trillions in DEBT, MEDICARE PART D UNFUNDED, No Child Left Behind, a Near Depression in 2008 with Goldman Sachs’ Hank Paulsen at the wheel of the Treasury to
    oversee the demise of his competitors Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearnes, TARP, a decade of wounded warrior commercials and a broken VA Health System that won’t care for them, THE PATRIOT ACT, and OPEN BORDERS with MEXICO and a PRO AMNESTY agenda because his brother JEB is married to a MEXICAN.

    Trump will defeat Hillary in November if all you “GOP CONSERVATIVES” will just shut up and vote for Trump .

  5. Trump Supporter says:

    Koch Brothers founder and CEO who started many of the Globalist PACS such as “Americans for Prosperity” to get out the vote for the CHAMBER of COMMERCE organizations promoting AMNESTY and CHEAP LABOR is now stating he will support Hillary for President over Trump.

    Translation: these people were NEVER REPUBLICANS- they were always promoters for BIG CHAMBER PLATFORMS- like Amnesty which was taken off the table in Washington the DAY ERIC CANTOR WAS DEFEATED IN VIRGINIA.

    CHEAP ILLEGAL LABOR has cost localities TRILLIONS in education, healthcare, social services and law enforcement WITH property tax increases to pay for it. The little guy voting for TRUMP is FED UP with the Billionaire Lobbyists and their AGENDAS bankrupting AMERICA.

    Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity kept Governor Scott Walker in Office in Wisconsin and then used their “republican voter lists” in Wisconsin to defeat Trump and KEEP ESTABLISHMENT TED CRUZ in the primary….. Lyin’ Ted supports Amnesty and cheap Labor.

    Connect the dots here Conservative Voters………. YOU ARE BEING SCREWED.

    • Trumpster Paul says:

      Great comments Trump supporter ! I can see lying Ted telling us all that one world currency is the only way we can prevent US bankruptcy. He can no more manage the financial CRISSIS coming at our country than the man in the moon! He and his “one world order” crap will just be a couple short years away if he were to be elected.
      This man, and his I am superior, attitude needs to be sent back to Texas !

  6. Ken Talbott says:

    Tom, you are wrong. The Buckley Rule is the reason the Republican Party has lost its way. We should always vote for the most principled conservative. Winning elections will take care of itself. Buckley’s strategy has given us Republican leadership dominated by RINOs. Boehner announced yesterday that he will not vote for the Republican nominee if that person is Cruz. Remember what the Republican leadership did (or didn’t do) for Cuccinelli! Are you enjoying McAuliffe? He is yet another product of this misguided strategy. The first goal is NOT to win elections. The FIRST OBJECTIVE is to stand on principle and not prostitute our beliefs in exchange for a few crumbs from the Democrat table.

    • Tom White says:

      Ken. Your comment makes me think you only read the title. Please read the entire post an let me know if you would like me to delete your comment.
      Tom White recently posted…Our Watcher’s Council Nominations: Secrets To Hide EditionMy Profile

      • Ken Talbott says:

        I read the post. And I did not espouse support for Trump or Cruz. I stand by my position. Principle trumps (no pun intended) elections EVERY TIME. I guess supporting COS to repeal the 17th, repeal the 16th, impose term limits, and require a balanced budget makes me a strict constructionist with little tolerance for any compromise with secular progressive socialists.

        OTOH I’m old and won’t be able to complain much longer. As Thomas Jefferson said ‘The Government You Elect Is The Government You Deserve.’

        • Screaming Trumpets says:

          You probably support the GOP belief that Voters shouldn’t select the Republican Presidential nominee- the party insiders ( DELEGATES) should.

          The establishment GOP elected officials in Virginia supported that Party Loyalty Oath in order to vote in the March 1st presidential primary. ( Cantor was Jeb Bush’s co- chair in Virginia) They also support Party Registration- voter suppression.

          These same “insiders” are fighting for Control of the GOP’s State Central Committee to insure expensive primaries over conventions so they can line the pockets of their “political pundits” and control the nominees.

          How’s that working out for us? We have two LIBERAL US Senators and a Gov, Lt. Gov, and AG.

  7. Screaming Trumpets says:

    Ken Cuccinelli got caught with his hands in Star Scientific CEO Johnnie Williams’ Cookie Jar to the tune of $18,000 in gifts and goodies along with SpongeBob and Gold Digger ( I gave the Mansion’s liquor and China to my Kids) Maureen McDonnell and the good voters of the Commonwealth couldn’t vote for Cooch.

    We dodged a big bullet and now Cooch is stumping desperately for Ted Cruz in order to land a job in the Cuban Canadian White House. What does that tell you? about Cooch and Cruz?

  8. Trumpster Paul says:

    Steven Tucker,
    You couldn’t be more wrong ! And do you mean ” hope Congress can keep Trump in line ” kinda like they have done with Barack !

  9. Bob Shannon

    Looks like Tom’s honest assessment has fired some folks up–good dialogue and discussion. If I may observe ……….
    Saul Alinsky said ” you must coopt enough of the white middle class so as to create the perception that big government is good”

    The intellectual dishonesty that exists across the spectrum regarding those who now indeed do benefit from government largesse clearly indicate the nation and more specifically it’s policies have reached that point. As such seniors, in spite of Medicare paying out at a 2:1 ration of benefits to contributions, Seniors refuse to allow any serious reform of a spending program they benefit from being cut. Members of Congress recognize this and Medicare is now the 4th rail of American politics.
    Federal Farm subsidies going to many of these so called republican conservatives reach into the billions annually, 74% of which go to farm households with annual incomes between $250,000—-1 million, hardly a group that should be getting a dime in transfer payments from other taxpayers. The folks living in the Fredericksburg area just love Congressman Rob Wittman who refuses to stop shoveling tax dollars down the Amtrak rat hole, but once again the folks in Wittmans district who benefit by this gross waste by artificially subsidized fares keep sending this ” conservative” back to DC because like the poor farmers Rob keeps the candy flowing.

    Those not liking what Tom has said in his analysis can not ignore that Alinsky’s philosophy has won, and it is reflected by the evidence I cite above.

    If it were not so then cutting spending wouldn’t be such a herculean effort. I hold the view now that a economic collapse is the only thing that will force the reorganization, a realignment of both national and state priorities. Conservatives can hold out some hope that when this occurs a grudging recognition will finally be achieved that the Founding fathers indeed had it right to begin with. Then the Constitution and the rule of law will be returned to it’s rightful place.

    Meantime hold onto your seats because much more unpleasantness is just around the corner.
    Bob Shannon King WIlliam

    • Tom White says:

      There are none so blind as he who will not see.

      Those that believe we are a far right or even center nation need to get out more and see the rest of the country. I have friends in many walks of life from business to music. If my circle of political friends was my only view of the world, I would think we are a right of center nation. But when you get out more, you realize that we are badly outnumbered by those left of our beliefs.
      Tom White recently posted…The Council Has Spoken! Our Watcher’s Council ResultsMy Profile


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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