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I do have a Twitter account and so does this blog.   And I do get tweets (is that right?) on issues like UKIP.  (I have sought out to follow and be followed by UKIP members and clubs and it is working!)  I must say:  They are not sent directly to me!

Here is a great article twitted out and about by Malcolm Carter UKIP and here’s the tweet:

Westminster political elite in a flap as the electorate keep rebelling over anti UKIP propaganda. UKIP support surges

UKIP support is surging for the May 22 EU elections.

THE surge in support for Ukip continues to gather momentum. Amid mounting public disillusion with the progressive ruling elite, Nigel Farage’s party is on the verge of causing one of the biggest upsets in politics since the Second World War.

An opinion poll at the weekend showed that 31 per cent of people are planning to vote Ukip in next month’s European elections, well ahead of both Labour and the Conservatives.

So the media and it seems the other major parties are desperately trying to stop UKIP:

The further that Ukip advance the more rattled the political establishment becomes. A mood of hysteria and desperation has gripped the three main parties and large sections of the media as they try to halt Farage.

Rational argument has been replaced by a form of McCarthyism, policy debate by puerile insults. So we are told that Ukip’s campaign posters, spelling out the disastrous impact of uncontrolled immigration, are “racist”.

Similarly, a phoney storm is being generated by people dredging up online comments by even the most obscure Ukip members on social media sites. In this climate of witch hunting and guilt by association, any controversial remark or dodgy behaviour by a Ukip supporter is paraded as representative of the party as a whole.

But the hateful tactics of name-calling and smearing the party seem to have backfired:

But these negative, mud-slinging tactics have backfired spectacularly. The onslaught has only enhanced the rise of Ukip, as this weekend’s figures demonstrate. This is because most Britons see through all the synthetic indignation.

This is not the only article I found on a recent poll:  One poll in the far west of England – UKIP is at an amazing 44%!

Here is a national poll that has UKIP with an 11 point lead (ELEVEN POINTS!) over Labour (38-27%)!

The detractors say the 32% who think UKIP is racist is a drag on the party.  I wonder if 32% of the electorate in our country think the GOP is racist.  I would guess a poll taken on that would show at least 20-25% feel that way.  If so, that 32% thing is not a huge drag and it can be changed.

There is going to be a by-election in a riding (district) called Newark for a Westminster MP spot but UKIP is not expected to win it.  Although since it will be after the EU election, and since it was caused by a (Tory) MP resigning for scandalous reasons, there is a chance of a UKIP victory.  UKIP Leader Nigel Farage decided not to stand in Newark.

Pat Condell tweeted:

The more the media try to sabotage #Ukip the more determined I am to vote for them. Nigel Farage is the only honest politician in Britain.

There is just over three weeks and anything can happen.  But right now, it is looking good for UKIP.  They are fighting your fight – against globalism, against superimperial states set up without any legitimacy or popular will, and against big government.

Maybe I’ll have to take off work May 22.  Let’s see what happens.







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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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