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I fully concur in the disappointment that these House members voted to support Governor McDonnell’s tax increase.  My dispute with it is more to the the scope and method of raising the taxes.  I would also have preferred to see spending cuts but I do not pretend to say how I would do so.

But I would not recommend not voting in a contested race.  Each voter has to decide that for themselves.  How are they on other issues.  I have met Del. Ingram and enjoyed that meeting very much; I admire Del. Albo for his attempt to be culturally sensitive and outreaching (He loves hard rock music and voted for Thorne-Begland to be confirmed as a judge which I agreed with) and Del. Loupassi is well-spoken of and we need a few more lawyers in the General Assembly to advise and counsel the others as to the legal effects of their bill language.  (It would be inappropriate for all the General Assembly to be attorneys as I think a strength of our Commonwealth is the part-time citizen legislature.  We need farmers, business owners and others to balance this out)  I am told Speaker Howell is holding firm on Medicaid expansion and I have admired Del. Putney for many years and had hoped he’d be speaker in 1998 but that was dashed.  (Del. Putney did serve as Acting Speaker when the speaker had to resign due to sexually-related allegations.)  There are surely others that vote right on guns or other issues.  Again, each voter has to decide for him or herself on that.

Of course there are too many uncontested races.  I once voted in Hanover for six or seven offices and only one was contested:  Henry District Supervisor.  I cannot say that most of the others I would not have voted for if contested and I strongly support both Del. Peace and Senator McDougle.  But in the long run it is not good for the system to have so many uncontested races.

I do not want at this time to speak on the statewide races.  That’s tomorrow.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

8 Responses to “A few THOUGHTS on the NEGATIVE ENDORSEMENTS”

  1. Gene says:

    A Few Thoughts on a Few Thoughts.

    1) Was not Speaker Howell the Chief Patron on HB2313, the largest tax increase in Virginia history? Did he support the current runaway spending budget?

    2) Did Delegate Peace support the 10 Billion dollar increase in the current 2 year budget vs the last budget? $75 Billion versus $85 Billion. $5 Billion per year increase. What is that? Over a 13.3% increase, when the cost of living increases were running about 1.5% per year, or about 3% over 2 years? Runaway spending? Conservative?

    3) Who was willing to increase taxes on a smaller scale?

    4) Who looks at you like a deer in the headlights when you mention cuts?

    Doesn’t this prove my point? Republicans just love big spending and tax increases, just as long as it belongs to them! It is funny that they still get far Right support. Shame. Shame, Shame.


  2. Tom White says:

    When Republicans run as Conservatives, make Deeds desire to raise taxes a campaign issue and then turn around and stick it to us with higher taxes, they lose my vote. I will never again vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Been there, done that.

    In the past I have tried to look at the good and the balance that with the things I disagree with. No more. You are either a fiscal Conservative or you are not. The 42 Delegates and Senators that voted to raise taxes are NOT fiscally Conservative. I like some of them personally but that has nothing to do with endorsing them to represent us.

    As soon as someone is elected, friendship and their record become two completely different things. They have to be or we are not properly represented. If we let friendship cloud our perspective, or someone’s similar taste in music or religion allows us to overlook bad votes and LIES, then we become part of the problem.

    The bottom line is – raise my taxes, lose my vote, support and more importantly, know that I will move heaven and earth to see you defeated.

    At some point if we do not stop growing government, it will completely take over every aspect of our lives. Taxes go up 10 times for every decrease we see. And most decreases are simply smaller increases and not actual cuts.

    Government is a leach on society now at all levels. The proper relationship of government and citizens is of of symbiosis where the government performs the functions we cannot perform ourselves.

    The government at every level has been leaching money from the economy and always does a very inefficient job. The only thing the government does well is spend and waste money.

    In an uncontested race you can send a message to a politician. If they receive far fewer votes than others of their party in the same precincts, the message is loud and clear. Yes, they still win (unfortunately) but they understand what can happen. It also sends a message to others that this person is vulnerable and encourages competition. If a politician gets half the votes that the statewide candidate of the same party gets in the same places, you are more likely to see a challenge next time.

    Uncontested politicians still want to see as many votes as possible.

    Proving them vulnerable by not voting will produce more primary contests and more competition in general.

    In a close race, not voting may tip the seat to a Democrat. Democrats will raise taxes, which is the biggest reason to NOT vote Democrat.

    The republicans (little “r”) that received negative endorsements already did raise taxes. So there is no difference. And I would be just fine if Democrats took seats away from republicans that betrayed the Republican Creed and the people that put them in office.

    For far too long Republicans have allowed our elected officials to get by with lies and broken promises. Just because the use the republican party identifier they get a free pass.

    It is all about accountability.
    Tom White recently posted…A few THOUGHTS on the NEGATIVE ENDORSEMENTSMy Profile

  3. Specer Lyman says:

    Mr. White; well saidThat government is best which governs least.’”  Jefferson hat government is best which governs least.’”  Jefferson hat government is best which governs least.’”  Jefferson my good and faithful servent.
    Mr. Gene; makes some excellent points but my word of warning to the readers is that Mr. Gene has a hidden agenda. He is a brainwashed liberal and is working to get Liberals elected by trying to drive the wedge deeper b/n the RINOs and Conservatives.
    Mr. Jefferson said, “That government is Best which governs Least.”

  4. Gene says:

    Thank you for your comment Mr. Lyman.

    Wow! Never been called a brainwashed Liberal before.

    But, lets suppose for a moment that you are correct. Wouldn’t that also make me a member of the majority in this country right now? Wouldn’t that also mean that in a Democracy that us brainwashed Liberals are now in charge?

    So, since we are in charge, I will compromise with you, but I will not be held hostage for money already spent, or ObamaCare.

    Elections do have consequences.

    Regarding that wedge, your Republicans are doing a fine job of driving it between themselves. It is not necessary for me to help them. Again. thanks for your comment.

  5. Mr. Lyman says:

    Mr. Gene,
    I’m not a republian but a Constitutionalist, thank you.
    Are you really sure you want to take the ownership of “being in charge” of this GIGANTIC Mess the Federal Gov’t is in?
    And since you seem to have all the answers would you be so kind to provide some answers about this crook known as Fast Terry that you are throwing your weight behind?

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    Well ok, let’s use another logic, ok Mr. Hyman?

    Lets just assume that McDonnell, Cuccinnelli, and McAuliffe are all crooks. There is no proof or investigation as far as I known into McAulliffe, but, just assume for a minute.

    McDonnell and Cuccinnelli seem to have admitted to wrong doing by supposedly paying back their gifts. But, just for a minute, lets assume they are all crooks.

    Now your crooks are McDonnell and Cuccinnelli. My crook is McAuliffe.

    Is not your crook McDonnell responsible for the largest tax increase in Virginia history? Budget increases 3-4 times the cost of living increases? Is not your crook under FBI investigation? Did not your crook Cuccinelli take a $18,000 gift, (grease job), from the same person as McDonnell?. Did your crooks bring scandal to Virginia? I believe both have admitted to these issues?

    Is McAuliffe under investigation? Has he admitted to wrong doing? Has he brought scandal to Virginia? So, what has my crook done? Nothing but accusations by a desperate Right.

    If your are a Constitutionalist how can you support a Party that does not want to follow our Constitution, the Republican Party?

    Thank you Sir!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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