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The Labour Party in the UK has proven it is Tweedledee (or is it Tweedledum) party to support the EU Superempire.  Don’t take my word for it:  Read for yourself!

Here’s the sensible Tory proposal (from the Daily Mail) on human rights:

As the Mail revealed yesterday, the Tories will make a manifesto commitment to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Instead of being bound by rulings from the European Court, it will serve in an ‘advisory’ capacity.

Any verdict which was not in Britain’s interests could be rejected by MPs in a Parliamentary vote.

That is simply what any sovereign nation would or should do.  Ought to have majority support.

Here’s what Labour said:

Labour went so far as to warn that the Tories wished to put Britain on a par with Belarus – which commits human rights abuses and imposes the death penalty.


There was also anger about Labour’s claim that, if Britain no longer falls under the jurisdiction of Strasbourg, it will be ‘in the same bracket as Belarus, Europe’s last remaining dictatorship’.

There should be anger and I hope it shows up at the voting booth this next Thursday (Is it October 9 yet?) in Clacton and Heywood and Middleton.  The British Labour Party has called for the status quo where a foreign court has authority over the laws and “rights” of British people.  This is unacceptable.  Our Constitution says it clearly:
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States…are the Supreme Law of the Land…”Article VI, Section 2
Next to the Bible most dear of course!  The Tories realize they do not have the votes in this Parliament, so they have added it to the promises if they win a majority in 2015.  Their Coalition partner the Liberal Democrats intend to also oppose British law being supreme in Britain:

Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat justice minister, indicated the move was an attempt to counter the threat from Ukip.

He said: ‘The Conservatives don’t care about the rights of British citizens – they care about losing to Ukip. These plans make no sense: you can’t protect the human rights of Brits and pull out of the system that protects them.

‘We will not allow the Tories to take away the hard-won human rights of British people when in the UK or anywhere else in Europe.’

Somebody should ask the LibDems what rights they want to protect that would be lost if the UK is no longer under the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) maybe prisoners can’t vote?  Or terrorists can’t be deported?
And the EU Superempire seems to be saying:  Can’t be done UNLESS you LEAVE the EU:

“The Union’s accession to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms will confer to the latter the same legal value within the Union’s legal order as that which any other agreement concluded by the Union enjoys pursuant Article 216(2) TFEU. Such agreements have a lower rank than the Treaties but a higher rank than any other act of the institutions.”

They also confirmed that the ECHR is considered ‘primary law’:

According to Article 6(3) of the Treaty on European Union, the fundamental rights, as guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms constitute general principles of the Union’s law. The general principles of the Union’s law are part of the Union’s primary law.

As Br’er (or is it B’rer?) Rabbit (or is it Nigel Farage?) says:  Leave the EU?  Don’t throw me in that briar patch!  From the Daily Mail article:
Meanwhile the ECHR indicated Mr Grayling’s plan to restore the sovereignty of the British Parliament and our courts would not be acceptable. The Council of Europe, which oversees the Strasbourg court, said: ‘As they stand, the proposals are not consistent with the ECHR.’
It’s a sad day when the former Attorney General of the UK (who was fired in a cabinet shuffle) can’t or won’t stand for the sovereignty of his nation but here is Dominic Grieve QC:
Mr Grieve said it was ‘laughable’ that Britain would be able to negotiate its own set of rules with Strasbourg and criticised the plans as ‘almost puerile’. He told The Guardian: ‘I also think they are unworkable and will damage the UK’s international reputation.’
Unworkable?  It’s unworkable for Britain to decide its own laws?  Britain brought the world trial by jury, due process and limited government.  Why did we go to war in 1775?  It was because we felt Parliament was exceeding its power.  Quartering soldiers without consent, issuing general warrants, seeking to try offenders in Britain for offenses in the colonies, taxing the colonies without our consent – that is to say:  The colonies were being denied the rights promised – the rights of Englishmen!
If the Tories do not find a way to enter into a deal with UKIP, they will lose this election in 2015 and Britain will be lost probably for good.  And their fight will be ours.

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