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A Tiny Tribute to Tom White

Dave Brat, Robert Sarvis, ICLEI, UKIP, How I became a blogger…

Tom White is now with Jesus in heaven. He is in a better place for sure. BUT we miss him here. I went to the viewing and the funeral. Least I could do for the fellow who allowed me to talk about ICLEI, UKIP, Ron Paul, Robert Sarvis, all sorts of libertarians and Libertarians, and the Olympics!

Let’s start with now alas former Congressman David Brat.

Tom White was instrumental in being involved with the campaign. He used this blog to make a difference. Here is his first (first I could find) blog post on one of the best men has sat in Congress:

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Dr. David Brat to Challenge Eric Cantor in Republican Primary

UPDATE: Campaign Website: Click Here

Dr. David Brat becomes the second primary challenger to Eric Cantor in this year’s primary. In November we wrote about Peter Greenwald, the first to announce a primary challenge to Cantor.

Brat’s entry into the fray is a strong statement about the ineffectiveness of Eric Cantor during his political career. One of Cantor’s best skills has been to deceive his supporters  into thinking that he is actually trying to stop Obama and reel in spending and horrible legislation like Obamacare.

But the truth is, despite dozens of meaningless “show votes” that pretend to defund or repeal Obamacare, Cantor has voted to fund Obamacare completely and his vote last month actually funded Obamacare by cutting disabled Veteran’s pensions. This is completely unacceptable and Cantor must be held accountable for his actions. It is time to retire Cantor and place someone in the seat that actually knows economics and is above political games that Cantor has become so adroit at playing.

I have known David Brat for several years and know him to be one of the most ethical people I have ever met as well as a brilliant thinker. And if I recall, I first met David at an ethics seminar he was teaching.

I have posted David’s curriculum vitae below in it’s entirety, and it is impressive. Here are some of the highlights:


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Master of Divinity. Princeton Theological Seminary

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

What an upgrade from Eric Cantor – the lawyer. (Watch it Tom!)

Below is the announcement from Dr. Brat and his schedule. Please review his curriculum vitae at the bottom of this post. It is most impressive.

This Thursday, January 9th, Dave Brat will formally announce his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives (Va-7th)! He will then begin a 2-day tour of the 7th District.

Dave is an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College, who also attended Princeton Seminary. He regularly speaks to business associations, government officials, and conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups.

Considered an extremely viable candidate by many analysts, including those at the National Review, Brat represents a serious challenge to House Majority Leader Cantor, who has helped sink Congress to a mere 6% approval rating. Already, some are framing this campaign as a “true conservative” taking on the “Establishment GOP.”

Dave will be making several “meet & greet” stops on Thursday & Friday across the 7th District, but you are highly encouraged to attend the two press events, so you can meet Dave and get to know this solid conservative!

The 2 most important events to attend are as follows:

Thursday, Jan 9th–10am St.John’s Church in Richmond (site of Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech)

Friday, Jan 10th–9:30am Municipal Building in Louisa, Louisa County (originally reported as in the town of Mineral)

While Sandy was writing articles like this:

MIXED FEELINGS in the SEVENTH DISTRICT RACE: VA’s FIRST SPEAKER since 1843 or a UKIP-STYLE EARTHQUAKE here in VIRGINIA by a candidate I really like?

On June 1! I did vote Dave Brat but I did not think he would win. I mean Congressman Eric Cantor – I took my oldest daughter to see Cong. Cantor once and introduced him to her as a future Speaker. Had not been a Speaker from the Old Dominion since 1843. (It was Cong. John Winston Jones by the way)

I missed most of the excitement that Tom was writing about:

Cantor Opponent Dave Brat Launches Campaign Website

Eric Cantor’s Opponent Dave Brat Featured on Drudge Report – Making Waves!

TERM LIMIT CANTOR! Help Collect Signatures for his Challenger: DR. DAVE BRAT!

Here is my idea for a Campaign Theme Song for Cantor Replacement Dave Brat

PS here: Tom White was an accomplished musician and he could write songs, too!

Hanover Friends of DAVE BRAT cordially extend an invitation to Meet & Greet Dr. DAVE BRAT for U.S. CONGRESS on APRIL 10th at LIFE CHURCH

The Significance of Fred Gruber’s Victory in the Brat / Cantor Primary Race

Fred Gruber winning was a huge upset. Something like what 15th seeded St. Peters winning three games in the NCAA tourney!

Elected Hanover Republicans Refute Cantor’s Claim that Dave Brat is a Liberal – Cantor Needs to Stop the Lies

Let me give you a couple of nuggets from this post:

Eric Cantor is lying about Dave Brat.

Yes, I called the Majority Leader and my Congressman a liar. And that is something that I am not proud to have to do. But I am sick and tired of the lies about Dave Brat and they need to stop.

And I am not the only one that knows Eric Cantor is a liar.

Delegate Chris Peace, who supports Eric Cantor wrote:

“I have known David Brat for a long time and have never thought he is a liberal professor. In fact, his ethics as a seminarian and economist have always been very impressive to me.”

And Delegate “Buddy” Fowler wrote:

“These are not the ads I would have run.   I know David.   He is not a liberal. “

And Hanover Supervisor introduced Dave Brat as a Conservative Professor at a Hanover County Republican Committee meeting.

And from Facebook:

This week Todd Vander Pol, former executive of the Hanover Republican Committee and author of the newsletter “Citizens Advocate,” stated, “You and I know David Bratt from first hand experience but everything Cantors campaign is saying would be true of the average college professor. I think much of what Cantors campaign has put out is beneath the level I expect for Eric…”

So what does it say for our Congressman Eric Cantor when elected officials, even those who support Eric Cantor, say they know Dave Brat is not the Liberal Cantor claims?

Tom did his homework. There’s more:

DAVE BRAT’s momentum is building BIG TIME! Here’s a small sampling of the media coverage in just the last 24 hours……..

Look at the citations behind this post!

And here is a flyer from Brat that White cited to show Amanda Chase (now Senator Chase but a former Cantor Political Director)


And the blog this blog ENDORSED Brat for Congress in the PRIMARY:

Virginia Right! Endorses Dave Brat for Va 7th District Congressional Seat in Primary vs. Eric Cantor

In those days, a blog endorsement was a joint effort. I was glad to agree with Tom. I just did not think Brat would win.

Interesting thing: The Henrico GOP had to select a delegate to the Virginia House in 2011 and six people got to decide the delegate. And Virginia Right (a guest blogger actually – Michelle Stanley) covered it!

Dr. David Brat seeks 56th House of Delegate Seat

Maybe Brat would not have run against Cantor? Or maybe he would have anyway…

But the blog DID endorse Brat and we supported Brat until his unfair defeat in 2018.

For a wonderful, humorous and useful memoir on the 2014 primary campaign, go buy this book. How to Bag a RINO

Another serious and unexpected political event that the Virginia Right blog did was in the 2013 Governor’s race:

Virginia Right! Endorses Libertarian Sarvis for Governor, Jackson for Lt. Gov. and Obenshain for AG

I had been writing about the amazing Libertarian candidate for Virginia Governor, Robert Sarvis. Here is why:

I had fully intended to endorse Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli this fall. In fact, I take seriously the promise I made to intend to support all the GOP statewide (and local) candidates when I agreed to be a delegate to the convention this spring. Yes, I knew the Libertarians were going to try to run a candidate for Governor and knew his name but that was about all I knew about Robert C. Sarvis. I figured he’d get 1-2% of the vote and be a nonfactor. Then two things happened: Giftgate and I got to know Sarvis better.

* * *

He wants to bring incremental change in the way of liberty. I have come to admire and respect Sarvis very much. I have written and gotten published in a few law journals; let me tell you, it’s hard work. Sarvis has not only written at least one law journal article – he helped START a law journal – a much needed law journal in deep blue territory (The New York University Journal of Law and Liberty) that promotes free markets and personal liberty. (Sarvis also writes at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University!) Sarvis also is trying to make the LP a winning party with winning ideas. You cannot get everything done at one time. Also there are utterly unelectable ideas in the libertarian movement and I agree that being libertarian is not an excuse for warmed-over anarchy or being separated from Biblical values.

I thought I was on the bottom floor of a story – like the wonderful indy win of Jesse Ventura for Governor of Minnesota in 1998.

In fact, Tom warned me: You are too enthusiastic about this fellow – he might cost Cuccinelli the race!

But I kept writing and Tom made NO effort to censor me. I did fall for this campaign. It was Bobby Kennedy in ’68 for me!

One Saturday in early October 2013, I got a call from Tom. What he said made me almost drop the phone!

Remember, a blog endorsement required both of us!

Tom called me and said: You convinced me. We got to endorse Sarvis.


Tom was serious. Here is why:

Like Sandy, I had intended to support Ken Cuccinelli. I even had a discussion with Sandy about the coverage he was giving Sarvis, fearing he would add to the siphoning of voters away from Cuccinelli. But as I read Sandy’s posts on Sarvis and did my own research and listened to him, I really like what he had to say. In many ways he is more like Ronald Reagan than most Republicans and all republicans. But every time I tried to muster support within myself for Cuccinelli,”GiftGate” came to the front of my mind and I just wanted to take a shower. The fact that the gifts came to Cuccinelli from Jonnie Williams who owes back taxes to the state (reportedly $1.7 Million) was simply unbelievable to me. I kept clinging to the thought that Cuccinelli is far less corrupt than his opponent Terry McAuliffe (in my opinion). The final straw was an explanation that the Attorney General only makes $150,000 and has 7 children to support and a lot of bills. REALLY!!!That’s the excuse? Cuccinelli has been a rock star as AG. I have been very happy with everything he has accomplished or tried to accomplish. He is a good man who took loot from someone and did not report it. The man I thought Cuccinelli was would have reported it, legal or not, just to be open and honest. But he didn’t. And that makes him corrupt. Perhaps less corrupt than Bob McDonnell and Terry McAuliffe if you measure things in dollar value, but corrupt is corrupt. And the fact that he is the Attorney General makes it that much worse. You can still be corrupt and not break the law. They are two different things. So at the end of the day, I was left with a choice between a Democrat that I believe to be corrupt, a Republican that I believe to be corrupt and a Libertarian that has not been involved in any corruption that I could find. There are republicans that will still support Cuccinelli. I simply can’t endorse him without being a hypocrite.

I could have blocked it. Might have renounced my chance to be a judge. But I had to do what I promised. Help Robert Sarvis. I agreed and we endorsed the Libertarian. Sarvis got the third best percentage of a LP for Governor (now fourth) in USA. (I think still third in total votes)

Did it matter?

Try these two articles:


Hanover County attorney Elwood “Sandy” Sanders Jr. counts himself in the crowd, having publicly endorsed Sarvis this month on the Virginia Right blog after decades of on-and-off GOP involvement. He agonized over that after backing the GOP ticket at a nominating convention in May before being swayed by Sarvis’ appeal and his own distaste for Cuccinelli’s role in a gift scandal.

“Cuccinelli wasn’t doing anything for me. He was running a negative ad every week about how terrible Terry McAuliffe was, but he wasn’t inspiring anybody,” Sanders said.

OOPS! I can see why somebody might not like that!

I wrote this article for Style Weekly (and got paid $150 for it!).

I think we had an impact.

I think this is enough for now but there should be more. We miss you Tom. We miss your idealism and your Christian faith and your integrity. Thanks for letting me sound off from 2009 to the present!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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