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A Winning Strategy For the Virginia GOP: Right to Work! Now There’s Proof!

Few if Anyone Got the RIGHT Answer to Right to Work!

A few weeks ago, this blogger suggested a reason to keep the House of Delegates: Right to Work.

I frankly thought the Dems would hide this issue until after the election. BUT they DIDN’T!

Here is a survey that many of the candidates gave to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. (It is hard for this technological dinosaur to maneuver the survey results but it CAN be done – either by district or by candidate) Virtually every Democrat said NO to Right to Work and Virtually every Republican said YES!

Here is an article on the survey and a summary of the results.

Democratic candidates running for Virginia’s House of Delegates overwhelmingly oppose the state’s right-to-work laws while Republicans want to maintain it, according to a survey conducted by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.


The Virginia Chamber sent out a survey to every candidate, asking them several questions about policy. All of the Democratic incumbents who answered the question said that they oppose the law; all but one of the Democratic candidates who are not incumbents also oppose the law. Jim Barker, a longshot candidate for Virginia’s 6th District, was the exception.

Let’s go over some districts (I bolded comments):


My favorite answer is (maybe I am wearing off on ol’ Joe!) Dem Joe Morrissey:

Yes, I support Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law.

You go, Joe! You go, Jim Barker!

One of my other favorite Dems, Stan Scott in District 4 said:

No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law

McDougle was not stated although he may have sent in a video.

Sturtevant (10) supports Right to Work!


Coward (68), Vandergriff (72), Buddy Fowler (55), Wyatt (97), Cox (66), Coyner (62) – yes I support the Right to Work. Also Rich Anderson (51), Cole (88), Nick Freitas (30), DJ Jordan (31), Lovejoy (50), Hugo (40), Batten (96) and my hero, Glenn Davis (84)! YES!

Kevin Washington (97) – Scott Wyatt’s Dem opponent OPPOSES Right to Work: No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law. I am a small business owner and understand how important the cost of doing business is to our success.

What ON EARTH does THAT mean? I oppose the Right to Work law because I know how important the COST of doing business is to our success? That’s like saying I am pro-choice because I like babies!

NOW all those people who want to write in Chris Peace – just know this: You might cause the right to work liberty to be lost in the Commonwealth!

Sheila Bynum-Coleman (66) – Speaker Cox’s Dem opponent also OPPOSES Right to Work and said this: No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law. As a small businesswoman, I want to do everything I can to continue to grow our economy. But I also realize that we rank last in the country for workers.

Last huh? For workers? Hard to swallow. But she also says: I’m against the right to work law because I want to grow business? Again, that’s like saying I’m pro-choice because I like babies!

In other nonsense from Dems:

Len Myers (61): No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law. Virginia is the best place to do business and now we must also become the best place to work. Right-to-Work is government overregulation and hurts our middle class.

WAT? Government overreach? The inherent liberty to decide if you want to join or not join a union is government overreach? Strange…

Karrie Delaney (67): No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law. I do not believe that there should be a state barrier stopping employee’s right to negotiate and seek collective bargaining benefits.

Jennifer Kitchen (25): No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law. I strongly feel businesses will ultimately benefit from giving their employees the ability to collectively bargain.

DOUBLE WAT?!!! There is NO state barrier to unionization in Virginia (except in the public sector). Any Virginian can try to bring in a union. That right is protected by the Wagner Act. The state right to work laws do not prevent that.

I could go on and on but you will get weary from it. But here’s the one that takes the cake! It’s Libertarian Dustin W. Evans (16) said this little gem:

No, I oppose Virginia’s Right-To-Work Law.

TRIPLE WAT?!!! A LIBERTARIAN Candidate OPPOSES the Right to Work law? I can say on this issue, Republican Les Adams is more libertarian than the Libertarian. (My review of Evans’ issues is he is fairly within the mainstream of the LP. Maybe this is a misprint.)

I would have said this: I support the Virginia Right-To-Vote Law. Right to Work is a fundamental liberty right that ought to be in the US Constitution.

So, I hope the state GOP or Americans for Prosperity or somebody can run ads on TV and radio in key districts saying: Right to Work is a fundamental liberty to every worker and if you vote Democrat, that liberty is at risk.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

3 Responses to “A Winning Strategy For the Virginia GOP: Right to Work! Now There’s Proof!”

  1. Right to work laws do not protect a right to a job. They protect a right to work in a particular shop without joining that shop’s organized work force. They also force unions – free labor membership organizations – to provide services such as collective bargaining and workplace grievance representation to non-members who don’t pay the dues that finance these services.

    Government, through right to work laws, forces unions to treat non-members as members just because they have the same employer. This violates their right to free association. Employers can do this if they can get away with it, but Government cannot.

    Instead, we should regulate union organization to ensure democratic votes to organize but allow workers to organize if they wish and refuse to support those who reject the union. Workers who don’t want to work in a union shop have the freedom to seek employment elsewhere, as do those who want more pay or different benefits or a better boss or a safer workplace.

    This is, by the way, a libertarian position. Government has no role in managing the contractural negotiations or relationships between workers and employers except to adjudicate disputes. And government has no place forcing acceptance of dissident workers in a shop where the employer and work force have agreed on the terms of employment in that firm.

    If you’d like to discuss what a true “right to work” law would look like, I’d be happy to. I’m pretty sure you don’t mean that every American has a statutory or Constitutional right to a particular job.

    • I agree no Constitutional right to a certain position but right to work is the right to work without joining a union – now I am not opposed to some sort of off set for the costs of collective bargaining even in RTW states. But the SCOTUS held in Janus that government union members are not required to pay such fees. I think the extreme ideologicalization of must unions may have placed a role in that result. I do not have to say I did not feel the decision Janus overruled (Abood) was to be overruled. But it is hard to root for unions nowadays due to their leadership and its political orientation.

      Thanks again Scott for coming by.



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