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Adnan Barqawi Wows Virginia Convention!

In the most inspiring speech of the convention, Adnan Barqawi, a Virginia Tech graduate and member of the Cadet Corps had a message that made everyone there proud to be an American. This young man has a very bright future in politics, if that is his calling.

I have received a few messages as to why there is no mention of him in my blog, including this one from Max:

The single most impressive speech receiving more than 4 standing ovations from the audience and by far the most stirring was from a 22 year old ROTC Honors graduate. I’ve seen no mention of him in any of the articles on the convention. Is there a reason?

I agree that this was the most impressive speech at the convention. I met this young man the previous evening at a barbecue event at the Science Museum of Virginia put on by Restore the Founder’s Vision. It was his birthday!

During much of Adnan’s speech, I was conducting an on camera interview with Rusty McGuire, who is mentioned in the last blog. Adnan Barqawi is giving his speech in the background. (The interview is processing on YouTube at this very minute and has been in the processing mode for 2 hours. I will post that when it is completed).

Please be assured the reason he is not mentioned is not in any way intentional. After his speech, he made his way to bloggers row and I took his picture speaking with my friend and fellow blogger SWAC girl and sent the photo to her. She has written a blog and I can assure you she was glued to the speech and took copious notes. Please click the link to read her well written story and see the photo. My comments to SWAC girl when I emailed the picture were “you can tell everyone a couple of decades from now you know the new president when he was young”. Of course, we would need to change the eligibility requirements to make an exception.

But Adnan Barqawi is an exceptional young man.

Here is the video of the speech in 2 parts courtesy of Rick Sincere who is one of the most respected bloggers in the State:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. witty banter!!!xxx says:

    okay well when doc thomson done the global warming interview with Justin Rowlatt (man from bbc united kindom) i think that doc thomson did a rubbish job…he didnt even let the man get a word in an the radio station callers were the same. it was extremly cheeky and inconsiderate. so personally i think you could have been better about it oh and…..america causes alot of green house gas emissions not just china…so isnt just them or you its everyone round the globe….and you dont have to walk round in sandles or a robe to be enviromentally friendly….so dont know where you got that from because if your working in a radio station which obviously uses an incredibly amount of electricity so mabye you should be walking round in a robe and sandles.!!!!! over and out! :@


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