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Allen: Tim Kaine Stars in Extreme Makeover

I suppose Tim Kaine thinks we Virginian’s forgot how he increased College Tuition by 25% and ran the state into more debt than anyone but Obama can accumulate.

Did you forget that we used to call him Tim “The Absentee Governor” Kaine because he was off in a bro-mance with Barack? Or that he didn’t manage to get a single vote in the House or Senate for his final Virginia Budget? Not even the Democrats would touch that one and we all know how much they love higher taxes.

The Geotge Allen campaign released the following statement on Tim Kaine’s Extreme Makeover video he released that are a best, fiction. And at worst, a pack of laughably wishful thinking.

Tim Kaine Stars in Extreme Makeover

Henrico, VA – Today Tim Kaine is up with his first TV ad featuring his latest attempt to rewrite his record as Governor, but Virginia voters will remember all too well his agenda for higher taxes and fewer jobs in Virginia.


“Tim Kaine launches his Extreme Makeover TV ad that recycles ‘exaggerated’ and debunked claims in an attempt to hide his true record,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for George Allen for U.S. Senate. “Tim Kaine isn’t telling Virginians that his budget was called a ‘shoddy little trick’ that used one-time gimmicks.  He isn’t telling Virginians he has admitted making ‘significant cuts’ to higher education leading to 30 percent tuition increases. And Tim Kaine isn’t telling Virginians that over 100,000 jobs were lost under his watch as he tried to raise taxes on Virginians making as little as $17,000 a year. Virginians can’t afford for Tim Kaine to take his not ‘particularly successful’ Governor record to Washington.”


Kaine’s Real Record

Kaine’s Tenure As Governor Not “Particularly Successful”


University Of Virginia Political Scientist Larry Sabato Said Kaine’s Tenure As Governor Not “Particularly Successful,” Ranking In “The Bottom Quartile.” Sabato: “Few nonpartisan observers in Virginia regard Kaine’s tenure in the Governor’s Office as particularly successful. Having known every governor since Albertis Harrison (1962-1966) and having studied the records of the dozen most recent governors, I would characterize Kaine’s term to this point as belonging to the bottom quartile.” (Larry Sabato, Op-Ed, “Vice President Tim Kaine?” Rasmussen Reports, 7/29/08)


Sabato: “[H]is executive tenure has recorded few significant successes and one giant, overriding failure in the transportation field where Kaine hoped to make his mark.” (Larry Sabato, Op-Ed, “Vice President Tim Kaine?” Rasmussen Reports, 7/29/08)


“[A]t Home, Kaine Has Been Stung By Major Policy Setbacks.” (Tim Craig, “Kaine’s National Reputation Soars As State Goals Falter,” The Washington Post, 3/16/08)


Kaine Failed To Deliver On His Promise Of Universal Pre-Kindergarten Education. “For example, Mr. Kaine had said he hoped to see universal pre-kindergarten education offered in the state – a plan that would have cost roughly $300 million a year. He was later forced to back off the campaign promise in favor of a drastically scaled-back version amid partisan opposition and a tight budget.” (Gary Emerling and Christina Bellantoni, “Kaine State’s Last Hope For Role In Obama Ticket,” The Washington Times, 7/13/08)


FactCheck.Org Previously Called Claim That Kaine Cut $5 Billion An Exaggeration


FactCheck.Org: “It says that Kaine ‘cut $5 billion in spending’ as governor. It’s true that Kaine faced shortfalls of roughly $6.4 billion in the 2008-2010 biennial budget, and nearly $1 billion in the 2006-2008 budget — totaling more than $7 billion. And he did make significant spending cuts to help close those gaps. But not $5 billion.”  (Eugene Kiely, “Democratic PAC Distorts Facts In Virginia Senate Race,” FactCheck.Org, 6/21/12)


FactCheck.Org: “The Ad Also Exaggerates When It Says Kaine ‘Cut $5 Billion In Spending.’ As Governor, Kaine’s Spending Cuts Amounted To About $3.5 Billion, Not $5 Billion.”  (Eugene Kiely, “Democratic PAC Distorts Facts In Virginia Senate Race,” FactCheck.Org, 6/21/12)


Kaine’s Budget Gimmicks: “Didn’t Cut That Much,” One Time Things Like The Stimulus And Raiding The Rainy Day Fund


Carol Capo, Associate Editorial Page Editor Of The Daily Press Wrote “Kaine Didn’t Cut That Much”, And That He Plugged Holes With “The Rainy Day Fund, The Stimulus And Borrowing.”  “On the spending side, there’s room to cut. Because Kaine didn’t cut much, plugging much of the gap he faced with money from the Rainy Day Fund, the stimulus and borrowing. That one time’s over, and while talk of waste and inefficiency in government plays well on the campaign trail, McDonnell must know it won’t find you $3 billion.”  (Carol Capo, “Don’t Raise Taxes, Make Them Fair,” Daily Press [Newport News, Virginia], 12/15/09)


Kaine Admitted His Record Of Balanced Budgets Were “One-Time Things Like The Rainy Day Fund”, Continued Call For Tax Increases. “Kaine insists that after nearly $7 billion in budget reductions, a residual shortfall of $3.6 billion in the next budget can’t be reconciled without additional revenue. ‘So far, all of it has been done through cuts or one-time things like the rainy day fund or swapping out cash for (debt),’ Kaine said. ‘Somewhere, whittling down that $3.6 billion number, I’m going to get a cut that I don’t want to make, that I know would be the wrong thing for Virginia.’”  (Bob Lewis, “Analysis: After 4 Years, Kaine Looks Forward,” The Associated Press, 12/26/09)


  • ·         In January 2006, Then-Governor Mark Warner Noted The State’s Rainy Day Fund Had Been Fully Replenished To “More Than $1 Billion.” (Governor Mark Warner, State of the Commonwealth, 1/12/06)


  • ·         In January 2009, The Richmond Times-Dispatch Reported Kaine Planned To Balance “$77 Billion Behemoth” Budget By Raising Taxes And Draining $500 Million From Rainy Day Fund.  “Virginia appropriates in two-year increments. The current budget, out of balance by at least $2.9 billion because of the continuing economic downturn, is a $77 billion behemoth. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine proposes balancing the budget with spending cuts and layoffs; a drawdown of nearly $500 million from the so-called rainy-day fund, an emergency cash account; and by doubling the cigarette tax to 60 cents per pack.”  (Jeff E. Schapiro, “10 Years Of State Spending/Budget Grows Steadily,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/2/09)


  • ·         In March 2009, The Richmond Times-Dispatch Reported Kaine’s Budget Made “Use Of $490 Million” In Rainy Day Funds, Leaving Only $160 Million. “The budget covers the two-year period between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2010. It makes use of $490 million from the state’s rainy day fund and leaves a balance of $160 million – a cushion against a future decline in revenue.”  (Jeff Schapiro, “Kaine Says Stimulus Saved 7,100 Va. Jobs,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/1/09)


In December 2009, The Richmond Times-Dispatch Reported Kaine Sought To “Borrow” $292 Million From Virginia’s Rainy Day Fund For His Last Budget Proposal Covering 2010-2012. “Outgoing Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is proposing a 1 percent increase in the state income tax to offset a proposed elimination of Virginia’s despised local car tax. The tax increase, which would raise $1.9 billion annually for localities, was the most striking aspect of the 2010-2012 budget plan that Kaine laid out for state lawmakers yesterday. . . . The governor’s plan also calls for borrowing $292 million from the state’s ‘rainy-day fund.’”  (Jim Nolan, “Kaine Seeks 1% Rise In State Income Tax,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/19/09)

Cut His Own Pay?


Kaine Didn’t Cut His Own Pay Until October 2008. “Kaine announced on Wednesday that he is taking a pay cut and curtailing his office and living expenses to begin dealing with an expected multibillion-dollar budget shortfall over the next two years.” (Bob Lewis, AP, 10/10/ 08)


Flashback: George Allen Cut His Salary As Governor Beginning With His First Pay Check.  “. . . the governor wrote his personal check today — the day he received his first state paycheck.” (John F. Harris, “Allen Signs Check To Cut His Salary,” Washington Post, 2/2/94)


  • ·         Allen Wrote A Check To The State Treasurer In Order To Fulfill His Promise To Cut His Salary By Ten Percent. “That was the amount of the check that Allen wrote from his personal account to the treasurer of Virginia, the first installment of a promise to reduce his $ 110,000 annual salary by 10 percent.”(John F. Harris, “Allen Signs Check To Cut His Salary,” Washington Post, 2/2/94)


Tim Kaine Cut His Salary By Only 5 Percent.  “Kaine will be taking a 5 percent pay cut, limiting his staff’s cell phone costs, ending purchases of bottled water and canceling some newspaper subscriptions. The governor’s salary is $175,000.” (Bob Lewis, AP, 10/10/ 2008)


For Most Of The Time Tim Kaine Took A 5% Salary Reduction, He Was Only Working Part-Time As Governor. “Timothy M. Kaine said he has been spending a day and a half of each workweek handling fundraising and policy matters for the Democratic National Committee, a departure from his pledge to conduct most of his national party work by phone and fax and restrict it largely to evenings and weekends while he is governor of Virginia.”  (Christopher Dean Hopkins, “Kaine Devoting 30 Percent Of Work Week To DNC,” The Washington Post’s Virginia Politics Blog, 7/9/09)



Made Education A Priority?


Kaine Cut Spending For Higher Education Resulting In Higher Tuition And Fees For Virginians


Kaine: “I acknowledge that the cuts to higher education have been significant.” (Governor Tim Kaine, Address to the Virginia Summit on Economic Competitiveness and Higher Education,” 10/1/09)


Kaine Cut Funding For Four-Year Colleges And Universities By 25%.  “It shows the amount of general funds spent for each in-state, full-time student at a four-year college fell from $8,709 in budget years 2006 and 2007 to $6,500 in 2010 and 2011. That’s a 25.4 percent drop.”  (Sean Gorman, “GOP Says Tim Kaine Cut Colleges By 25 Percent,” Richmond Times-Dispatch’s PolitiFact Virginia, 4/4/12)


And Kaine Cut Funding For Community Colleges By 36%. “At community colleges, average state funding per student fell from $4,602 in fiscal 2006 and 2007 to $2,946 in 2010 and 2011, a 36 percent decrease.”  (Sean Gorman, “GOP Says Tim Kaine Cut Colleges By 25 Percent,” Richmond Times-Dispatch’s PolitiFact Virginia, 4/4/12)


Kaine’s Cuts Resulted In Skyrocketing Tuition Increases Of 31% At Four Year Schools And By 24.5% At Community Colleges. “Sure enough, tuition did go up during Kaine’s term. The average costs for in-state tuition and instructional fees at four-year institutions — not including room and board — rose from $3,812 in the 2005-2006 school year to $5,003 in 2009-2010. That’s a 31.2 percent increase. The average cost for tuition and instructional fees at Virginia’s community colleges rose from $2,182 in the 2005-06 school year to $2,716 in 2009-10. That’s a 24.5 percent increase.”  (Sean Gorman, “GOP Says Tim Kaine Cut Colleges By 25 Percent,” Richmond Times-Dispatch’s PolitiFact Virginia, 4/4/12)


“Kick In The Teeth”: Kaine’s Outgoing Budget Would Have Cost Northern Virginia Schools $120 Million


Kaine’s Proposal “Would Prevent The Influx Of More Than $120 Million In Additional State Funds To Northern Virginia Schools.” “Gov. Timothy M. Kaine proposed a one-year delay in the regularly scheduled readjustment of the formula, a move that would prevent the influx of more than $120 million in additional state funds over the next year to cash-strapped schools in Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun counties.”  (Michael Alison Chandler, “Bounty May Bypass N.Va. Schools If Formula Change Is Delayed,” The Washington Post, 1/11/10)


Under Kaine’s Plan “A Number Of School Districts Would Lose State Funding Through The Change, And Those Districts Are Largely Centered In Northern Virginia.” “Though he was blunt about the pain contained in his budget generally, what he did not say about the composite index change is that a number of school districts would lose state funding through the change, and those districts are largely centered in Northern Virginia.”  (Rosaling Helderman, “Fairfax Leaders Express Doubts About Kaine’s Budget,” The Washington Post’s Virginia Politics Blog, 12/21/09)


“Fairfax County Board Of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova (D) Called Kaine’s Proposal A ‘Kick In The Teeth.’”  (Michael Alison Chandler, “Bounty May Bypass N.Va. Schools If Formula Change Is Delayed,” The Washington Post, 1/11/10)


Time And Time Again, Kaine Made Cutting Education A Priority


In December 2008, Kaine Proposed $400 Million In Cuts To Education. “Some of Kaine’s proposals were painful but expected. State agencies, including colleges, would face 15 percent cuts. He proposed a $400 million cut to education funding and a $400 million cut to Medicaid, which helps cover medical needs for the indigent, elderly, blind and disabled.” (Tim Craig and Anita Kumar, “Kaine Offers Major Shifts In Proposal To Cut Budget,” The Washington Post, 12/18/08)


Kaine’s Outgoing Budget Proposal Would Have Cut $357 Million From K-12 Education. “Trim $357 million from K-12 education in part by capping the number of support staffers that schools can hire and reducing health insurance funding for faculty and staff.” (“What’s In The Budget,” The Washington Post, 12/19/09)




Well Managed State?

Unemployment Swelled Under Kaine’s Watch As Governor And DNC Chairman


Under Kaine, Virginia Lost More Than 100,000 Jobs.  (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website)


Kaine’s Outgoing Budget A “Shoddy Little Trick” With An “In-Your-Face, Tax Hike” Of $2 Billion

Would Have Raised Taxes On Those Making As Little As $17,000


Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Said Kaine’s Budget Proposal Was A “Shoddy Little Trick” And The Budget Process Needed To Be Fixed.“Departing Gov. Tim Kaine’s shoddy little trick last week adds another item to the General Assembly’s to-do list: Fix the state budget process.”  (Editorial, “Broken Process,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/2/09)


Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Called Kaine’s Budget An “In-Your-Face, Tax Hiking Budget.” “Kaine put together an in-your-face, tax-hiking budget knowing full well it would not meet with the approval of the General Assembly or the incoming governor, Bob McDonnell. McDonnell made it quite plain throughout his campaign that he was not going to entertain tax hikes.”  (Editorial, “Broken Process,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/2/09)


  • ·         “Yet Kaine has proposed an income surtax that would raise roughly $1 billion, if the Assembly agrees to eliminate the car tax – even more if it doesn’t.” (Editorial, “Broken Process,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/2/09)


The Tax Increase Under Kaine’s Budget Proposal Would Be A $2 Billion-A-Year Income Tax Increase. “Virginia’s hated local car tax would be replaced with a $2 billion-a-year income tax increase under the new budget Gov. Timothy M. Kaine presented Friday.” (Bob Lewis and Dena Potter, “Va. Gov: End Car Tax, Raise Income Tax 1 Percent,” The Associated Press, 12/18/09)


“The Increase Would Mean A Hike In The Income Tax Rate From 5.75 Percent To 6.75 Percent For Those Earning More Than $17,000, 60 Percent Of Taxpayers.” (Anita Kumar and Rosalind S. Helderman, “Virginia Governor Proposes An Income Tax Increase,” The Washington Post, 12/19/09)


Kaine’s Budget Unanimously Defeated, Left $4.2 Billion Deficit Behind For Others To Deal With


Virginia’s House Of Delegates “Soundly Rejected” Kaine’s Budget, Defeating The Tax Hike Plan Unanimously 97-0. “After prolonged debate and partisan finger-pointing, the House of Delegates yesterday soundly rejected former Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s $2 billion proposal to increase the income tax in connection with a plan to complete the phaseout of the local car tax. The measure, which a GOP-dominated committee pushed to the floor to force Democrats to vote on it, was defeated 97-0. Del. Robert H. Brink, D-Arlington, the bill’s sponsor, abstained.”  (Olympia Meola, “House Rejects Kaine Tax-Increase Plan,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/22/10)


  • ·         Unanimous Vote Against Kaine’s Budget The Beginning In Fight To Fix “A $4.2 billion State Budget Shortfall.” “Not a single member of the House of Delegates voted Thursday to support former Gov. Tim Kaine’s proposal to increase the state income tax and effectively eliminate the personal property tax on vehicles. But that didn’t stop lawmakers from staging 40 minutes of partisan theater before killing the legislation, the opening round in a fierce fight over fixing a $4.2 billion state budget shortfall. By a vote of 97-0, with one member abstaining, the House defeated Kaine’s plan to impose a 1 percent income tax ‘surcharge’ that would generate new revenue for counties, cities and towns.”  (Michael Sluss, “Bill To Raise Taxes Gets No Takers,” The Roanoke Times, 1/22/10)


Kaine Closed Rest Stops While Sitting On Nearly A Billion Dollars In Transportation Funds


In 2009, Virginia Closed 19 Of Its 42 Rest Stops In An Effort To Cut Spending And Help Close The $2.6 Billion Budget Gap. “State transportation officials last month decided to close 19 of the state’s 42 rest stops to help ease a $2.6 billion budget gap over the next six years. Each rest area costs about $500,000 to operate annually.” (Zinie Chen Sampson, “Crews Close 18 Virginia Rest Stops To Save $9 Million,” The Virginian-Pilot, 7/21/09)


“A Savings Of $9 Million Simply Isn’t Enough To Warrant The Closing Of 19 Rest Stops.” “A savings of $9 million simply isn’t enough to warrant the closing of 19 rest stops. A severe consequence is being levied for a minimal reward. If this is the way the governor works, then there is little chance that Virginians will be able to work our way through the remaining $2.591 billion shortfall and get to the stable economic light on the other side.”  (Editorial, “Give It A rest, Governor,” Manassas Journal Messenger [Virginia], 7/15/09)


“The Exhaustive 137 Page Study Says VDOT Left Nearly A Billion Dollars Collecting Dust In A Transportation Bank Account.”  (Phil Riggan, “Audit Reveals VDOT Mismanagement Of Tax Dollars,” NBC 12, 9/23/10)



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