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The Murrieta Patch reported the following story:


After all here’s the last word from the Murrieta city manager!

City Manager Rick Dudley said Murrieta’s membership in ICLEI came about to adhere to California law.

“It’s much ado about nothing,” Dudley said in a phone interview Thursday. He said he was “flabbergasted” at the connection some citizens are making.

“(ICLEI) is not affiliated or under the U.N.,” Dudley said.

Well that settles it; let’s just close the blog and apologize to ICLEI.


ICLEI was founded in 1990 at the United Nations in New York.  Don’t take MY word for it; take ICLEI’s instead:

At the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 1990, ICLEI was created to halt the degradation
of global ecosystems through concerted, multi-local action.

Seems logical to me that an organization founded at the UN Headquarters just MIGHT be affiliated with that organization.  But there’s more (by the way I thank the Roanoke Tea Party for this information!) from ICLEI about ICLEI, the UN and Agenda 21:

Two years prior to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, ICLEI prepared input to and introduced
the “local authorities” chapter of Agenda 21 into the UN Rio Declaration, thus initiating the Local
Agenda 21 Campaign – with more than 10,000 local governments engaged, the first and largest global
campaign of cities and towns the world has seen.

Sounds like they implement Agenda 21 and assisted in the preparation of a UN document:  The Rio Declaration.  (How come ICLEI USA President Mayor Hays wasn’t told of this!  It is reported by a public official I trust that he heard about Agenda 21 first on the Glenn Beck show!)  But there’s more?  Yes there is:

ICLEI connects leaders. We will foster and establish relationships, partnerships and synergies that
unleash creativity and innovation.
We will continue connecting cities and local governments to the United Nations and other
international bodies. We will forge multi-stakeholder partnerships, form strategic alliances and join
forces with leading institutions from the academic, expert, business and NGO sectors.  (emphasis mine)

How can you connect cities and local governments to the UN if you are not part of it?  It was President Lincoln (turn your head my Southern readers, I’m not getting soft on the Sixteenth President he just happens to be right this time!) who said a house divided against itself cannot stand.  How can ICLEI not be part of the UN structure?  There’s even more (I almost forgot – local governments in the USA cannot constitutionally be joined to the UN or any other international agency!):

ICLEI serves as a global entry point for cities and local governments to engage with the United
Nations and international and national policy processes.
Goals for 2010-2015:

  • Continue and widen advocacy work on behalf of local government worldwide, wherever

possible in cooperation other global associations of local government, in particular vis-à-vis
the Conferences of the Parties to the UN Framework Conventions on Climate Change and
Biodiversity, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, and the UNEP Governing
Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum.

  • Advocate increased powers of, and access to revenue by, local governments with the United

Nations and governments.

This is blatantly unconstitutional; while I do not condone in any way throwing words around like treason  – it ought not be done – let’s treat all elected and appointed officials with the respect due their office – I have to say the Murrieta Patch and City Manager Dudley are wrong.

People ask me occasionally if I believe in such conspiracy theories such as the Bilderbergers and the CFR and the like.  My answer is:  Of course not; it’s the UN I worry about!

Alas, the city manager is probably right about one thing:  State law mandates the things that make it necessary or highly desirable to be a member of ICLEI.  A terrible law that is another reason why the home of Ronald Reagan is now the worst place to do business in the US for seven years:  Assembly Bill 32.  It looks like the Temecula Murrieta Tea Party has it work cut out for it; that’s all right, so did the colonists when they decided to fight for liberty.  But fear not, Temecula Murrieta Tea Party, you are on the right side.  Because liberty is a God-given right to every person, when it is on the march it ultimately will win.


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  1. Lisa Martin says:

    This Mayor has basically sold out his constituents to the United Nations for a price


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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