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Amazing Poll from the Empire State: Libertarian Larry Sharpe at 13 Percent!

I will have to keep track of this state’s elections more closely upon reading this:

Latest Poll shows strong 3rd Party Field

Gravis Marketing released it’s latest survey of likely voters with Cuomo at 48%, Molinaro at 25%, Sharpe at 13%, Miner at 8%, Hawkins at 6%.

Admittedly, this is from Sharpe’s campaign.  (Thanks!)  But the poll is legit (although we’ll have to see if this is an outlier) – it is Gravis Marketing (From a NY TV station):

NEW YORK – A recent Gravis Marketing Poll shows Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate, running a strong third behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo and GOP challenger Marc Molinaro.


The poll shows Cuomo leading with 48 percent, Molinaro second with 25 percent and Sharpe third with 13 percent. Stephanie Minor logged 8 percent and Howie Hawkins 6 percent.

The TV station also reported that Larry Sharpe is polling what would be best for ANY third party candidate in NY history!  After the poll, (I am not sure what this means), Sharpe actually runs ahead of the GOP candidate:

However, those asked how they would vote after taking the poll, Sharpe would beat Molinaro 25 to 19 percent, with Cuomo being reelected with 38 percent.

Sharpe has an interesting idea:  Sell naming rights to bridges and the like to corporations:

He would also lease naming rights on state infrastructure to bring in money. If taxpayers built it, he said, let’s get a private company to slap their name on it…for a price.

His prime example is the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, formerly the Tappan Zee Bridge. Why not charge a company millions of dollars to sponsor it?

“We have an imperial bridge named after our royal family,” he said. “It could be the Staples Bridge, the 3M Bridge, the Kellogg Bridge, the Apple Bridge, whatever. These companies spend billions of dollars every year on marketing. $100 million for a bridge? Why not?”

Clever name for the Governor:  “Royal family”.  I don’t know if they would get $100 million.  But they would pay and that money could go for bridge maintenance.  I would also limit the term to say five years.

I frankly ignored Sharpe at first but my friend Corey Fauconier said several months ago:  Check out Sharpe!  Well, I might be late to the party, but I am checking out Larry Sharpe.  Here is his campaign site.  I read his gun position and I agree!  Repeal the Safe Act.  Reciprocity with out of state concealed permit holders.  Try this political jujitsu:

Everyone has a personal right and responsibility to protect their families, communities and businesses, this includes members of the LGBTQ and minority communities whose second amendment rights are threatened.

Hey, Larry, this is brilliant!  As I say:  you’re talking dirty now!  My only fuss is I cannot access your white papers.

Now if your district is in a tough race and the LP cannot win, by all means strategically vote for the GOP candidate.  Or if you are blessed to have a representative like Dave Brat, vote for him.  But in NY, the Republicans should switch to Sharpe!  Hard to win but maybe second place for the Libertarian.  (BTW, for a party to get ballot access in the Empire State, the party only needs 50,000 votes!  13 percent based on approximate numbers for the two leading 2014 candidates would be about 525,000 votes for Sharpe!)

I think the Libertarians might not win a lot of elections but their vote turnout will be the highest ever in history.  Millions upon millions of voters will pull the LP lever.  Now let’s get Matt Waters up to ten percent!


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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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