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An Honest Discussion – R.I.P to the Politically Correct Crowd?

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Trumps election was perhaps the culmination of Americans growing disdain for the P.C world that has swallowed the media, academia, the entertainment world, many of our courts, and a number of other institutions that bowed to these fools for at least the last forty years. Slowly it appears we are crawling out of this dark hole and the sunlight of some commons sense is beginning to shine through the clouds. Why I even heard a commentator just days ago declare

perhaps I might suggest we return to just using the bathrooms we are biologically assigned by our gender at birth”

Those very words may have required massive application of smelling salts being applied in certain circles of marginal fools that struggle to equate certain rights for self- proclaimed groups of the oppressed.  What has been oppressed or shall I say suppressed has been the very common sense God gave human beings, supplanted in recent decades by an obsession that the law and the courts should be utilized to cast aside thousands of years of cultural customs that served mankind well until this aberration ( political correctness) reared its ugly head. To equate transgender bathroom use with civil rights should have signaled this nonsense had gone on long enough and was about to begin a reversal. Trumps candid and often ridiculed public speech was richly embraced by multitudes of Americans who finally said……enough.

From bathroom use to colleges using tax dollars to bring in “ mental health professionals to help college students who were struggling to cope with Trumps election”, to a rational discussion on immigration, what to do about the costs and cultural rot brought about by decades of our government forcing its citizens to subsidize illegitimacy and the lingering impact this has had on society. Maybe we can begin having honest discussions without the emotional blackmail the P.C crowd seemed to constantly resort to when their facts were obviously weak and could no longer serve as anything remotely considered defensible.  Try to shame or guilt the other side into submission has been their modes operandi, and why………because we became almost obsessed with not wanting to hurt anyone’s FEEEELLLINGS.    Perhaps it  just might be time to tell these folks……sit down and be quiet, adults are going to take back control  and restore some order. Allow me to cite a few examples where this candor might actually do some good.

Watching on the news a week ago this crew of 4 misfits who pummeled and tortured a disabled youth who had the audacity to wear a Trump T-shirt, state support for Trump verbally, or whatever his perceived offense was is just such an example of how much damage political correctness has done to an entire generation raised in an environment that has allowed for young people who have the opinion that anything they do is okay. Millions in America today have been raised without any boundaries or parental discipline, with the expectation that these millions are now the responsibility of other citizens who play by the rules , keep their own children in line ,yet are taxed to subsidize behavior and the unintended results of so many kids being born into circumstance that no rational person would  permit, condone or support, absent elected officials  who have created the bevy of programs that support this nonsense by saying…….” We are going to take your money and perpetuate this societal illness because we think it is the fair, or right thing to do”   Says who ?

I have publically said we need to stop subsidizing illegitimacy when one takes into account the horrendous effects out of wedlock births have wrought on society and the very children themselves throughout their lives.  It isn’t just the costs of providing for these children’s needs but the ongoing costs of education, court costs associated with what more often than not becomes a strain on the juvenile justice system and sadly the ongoing costs of these very same children who as adults replicate the same vicious cycle themselves with having even more children they are ill prepared or equipped to raise.  People will privately agree, but won’t take a public stand for fear of the ridicule and harassment stating what is otherwise simple facts.

No one wants to punish the children , but allowing people to suffer the consequences of their own behavior is one way to curb it. If a family is forced to provide for that child, in lieu of taxpayer provided support , if the costs and attending problems are left with the people responsible for it you would see a diminishing of it, not the proliferation we have watched for the last 4-5 decades. Perhaps a starting point would be to ban anyone from welfare assistance of every kind who has a second child under these circumstances. No excuses, no brow beating of society into reversal of the policy. Human behavior is self-correcting when one has to suffer the circumstances of one’s own choices.

Adding to the ongoing costs of providing for the child throughout the life cycle,  localities have ever burgeoning social service agencies (also at taxpayer’s expense  ) more often than not contending with the array of problems these kinds of households are mired in . Here in King William a few years ago the then County Finance Director told me this agency was one of the fastest growing among all county agencies.  Accepting that children born in these circumstances is okay, that the social stigma that used to be part of out of wedlock birth no longer exists, that moral relevancy is not a part of the equation is stupid. Race has nothing to do with it, it is simply the threat of using it against someone wanting to have an honest discussion about a serious social problem that has created an atmosphere where no one can even discuss it in the deliberate and thoughtful way it deserves. Much like a substance abuse problem , first you must admit there is a problem before anything can be done about it.  Add the lost productivity of those who are now adults and often unemployable making the issue one that permeates the entire life cycle, not just birth to adult age.

I attempted 6 years ago to discuss this with Del. Chris Peace , asking why Medicaid which was/is in need of serious reform given that 1 of every 5 dollars Virginia spends is on this single program, that raising the $1 & $3 co-pays would cut down on utilization rates, to which Del . Peace responded….”Mr. Shannon, you realize this program serves the poor”, and I replied in kind “ Del. Peace, are you referencing the poor people covered from head to toe in tattoos” ?

Some jaws dropped around the table, and I can only imagine what was said about me personally after that meeting………………but it doesn’t change the fact that an honest question can be raised relative to someone who spends their disposable income on getting their entire body tattooed while asking me to pay for their health care costs.  It’s a fair and honest question, and one that perhaps now we can discuss since the P.C folks are losing their mojo.


Bob Shannon  King William


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

7 Responses to “An Honest Discussion – R.I.P to the Politically Correct Crowd?”

  1. GOP mom and dad fed up with Lying Chris Peace says:

    For all of those people in Hanover County who go blindly to the polls every two years and fill in their ballots with their number 2 pencils for RINO Delegate Chris Peace who tells them he’s a conservative…..

    Here is a News Flash for you:

    Chris Peace wants to pass Transgendered Bathroom Legislation in Virginia for the “Trans Men to use your little girls’ bathrooms.”

    His precious cargo attends St. Catherine’s School, a $25K a year all girls school, so his SNOWFLAKE won’t have to be exposed to perverts in her school bathroom like the children of all you Good Christians who vote for Delegate Chris Peace.

  2. No Transgendered Bathrooms in VA says:

    Coming to Virginia if Delegate Chris Peace and the Libtards have their way:

    Snowflake UMASS student hosts “Sh*T In” to promote neutral gendered bathrooms on campus.

    You cannot make this stuff up. Dare I say…I hope that it all comes out OK in the end?

    What in the world is “critical transmisogyny from an intersectional perspective”

  3. Make Amerika Great Again Strike Force says:

    Bloomberg News reported today that TARGET STORES’ earnings are coming in well below expectations


    The boycott of Target by millions of Christian conservatives is working.

    Make America Great Again Strikes back.

  4. Paul Yarbrough

    Excellent Article. I posted on Facebook and Twitter

  5. robert shannon

    Thank you Mr. Yarbrough for your kind words and posting this where more will read it. After 8 + years of striving to eliminate the scourge of PC and the damage it has done not just to our culture but to the very human beings they often state the progressives are trying to help.

    When one becomes dependent, one loses a sense of dignity and the cycle spirals downward from there.

    If a human being internalizes that they are deficient, that they are not worthy their behavior is almost certain to become very negative and self destructive. At that point the suggested help society renders becomes counter productive.

    When public school student can not even read at grade level ( recent study finds this at 64% of all public school students) no favor is done to or for them by giving them free lunches. It is the ” free lunch mentality” itself that destroys ones view of their own self worth.

    Bob Shannon King William

  6. Denver Donadio says:

    Is this still relevant for today? Or have things changed? What I’m curious about is how this will carry out, like what will the trend be for this type of stuff?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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