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An Open Letter to John Whitbeck RE: Nancy Russell and Hanover Republican Committee Out of Control

Almost from the beginning Hanover County Republican Chairman Nancy Russell has been waging a war against Conservatives. On numerous occasions I have been forced to call her out for various calls and actions I and my Conservative friends have found questionable. In fact, Nancy Russell is the reason I resigned from the Hanover Republican Committee. As a Citizen Journalist I have found many times where the actions of our Party or those within the party were not in line with the Republican Principles, the Republican Creed or just plain wrong and clearly so. The last meeting I attended as a member was a couple of years ago. I had written a couple of articles about a particular Republican Supervisor in Hanover that had cast some, in my opinion, bad votes. And during the meeting, Russell recognized another member in what seemed to me to be a coordinated effort to shut me up. The member, ironically, “spoke ill” of me for “speaking ill” of an elected official. And of course Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment was mentioned.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment

First and foremost, this supposed commandment has been an effective weapon Establishment Republicans use to shut those up who disagree with them on any given issue. And I have had this tossed in my face many times. But this “commandment” was created by California Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson, not Reagan.And according to Wiki:

Reagan followed this “commandment” during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52–46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date.

So even Ronald Reagan abandoned this “commandment”.

And it was after that Hanover Republican Committee meeting that I realized as long as Nancy Russell is the Chairman, this committee was a waste of my time and my energy. And truth be told, being a member did tend to throttle back my ability to criticize those in the group when they failed to follow Republican Principles. Not being a member freed me to write the truth with no need to hold back. And it also freed me from the still raging war Nancy Russell is fighting against Conservatives.

Most of what I do as a Conservative Republican activist and Citizen Journalist is done to preserve the nation I inherited for my children and grandchildren. When I see Republicans working against the Liberty and Freedom I grew up with, I feel an obligation to do everything I can to expose and stop that practice. We have watched Boehner and McConnell do everything in their power to pass this “Free” Trade Act that will enslave Americans. We watched as our former Governor McDonnell and his wife stuffed their pockets with the “spoils of office”. We watched as Republicans passed the largest tax hike in the history of Virginia and we watched as Republican power brokers tried to run roughshod over the Republican members with slating.

And sometimes it is hard to speak anything but ill against Republicans.

This week in an Executive Meeting of the Hanover County Republican committee, Nancy Russell and Nancy’s boy John Hardy Wilson went off the rails about me – and I am not even a member – and another person who is a Conservative member according to reports I received. It seems that this person sent an email with the post I wrote about the HIPAA Violation complaint I filed against Dr. Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant because she used her Patient list to solicit campaign help, votes, money, etc. in what I and a number of Health Care Professionals believe was a violation of HIPAA. And for the record, there were others who filed a complaint as well.

And now Nancy Russell is looking for a way to kick this person out of the committee for sending that email. And of course, this is another Conservative in the Russell War on Conservatives.

We all know that the Conservatives are the ones who knock on the doors, who make the phone calls and do all of the heavy lifting for the Party. In Hanover, the Grassroots Conservatives must fight the war on two fronts. One, with the Democrats to elect Republican Candidates and two, against Russell and Nancy’s Boy Wilson. And I can tell you, the battle against Russell is far more taxing than the one against the Democrats.

And while Russell is willing to look the other way at potential violations of laws, a definite violation of Party Ethics, many of us are not. A failure to hold Republicans accountable has cost us more elections than anything else. McDonnell’s tax and spend policies and his corruption with Jonnie Williams is the reason McAuliffe is now Governor. Do we really want to sit by as Russell seems to advocate and wait for the Democrats to file a HIPAA Complaint in October and flood the airwaves with ads about this? We all know that is what will happen. Dunnavant has put the Republican Party in jeopardy of losing the Senate in her quest for power. And to people like Russell and Wilson, this is not an issue as long as they have an “R” after their name.

I sincerely hope that Dunnavant is cleared and that this is not an issue in November. And if that is not the case, I hope that there is time to put in another Republican that can hold the seat and the Senate. Because remember, Bill Bolling poisoned any possibility of a power sharing arrangement in a 20-20 Senate by voting in the organizational phase of the Senate proceedings.

So while Russell focuses on purging another Conservative from the Committee because this person is, like myself, looking at the big picture and the overall control of the Senate, Russell can’t see past her support of one candidate. It is good that some of us can.

Nancy Russell has this committee on the verge of an implosion. We have a Presidential election coming up and she is alienating the people that do the work. Russell has been an obstacle to growing the party and a hindrance to the efforts of the party itself. She has a narrow focus on power and control of the committee and is known for constantly twisting and bending rules to achieve her desire to control the committee even to the detriment of the Republican Party in Virginia and to the County of Hanover in particular. She is so myopic in her War on Conservatives that she has lost sight of the big picture.

Hanover County Republicans are ill prepared to win a presidential election in Hanover with Russell as Chairman. I have called for her resignation and do so once again. We simply cannot move forward with this barrier she has created. After fighting with Russell day after day, party workers have nothing left to take the fight to the Democrats.

I am asking John Whitbeck and the RPV intervene in the Hanover Republican Committee and put a stop to the internal war in this unit so Republicans can focus on winning elections and not expend all of their energy on this senseless power struggle against Russell. We just want to work and elect good Republicans. And yes, we want to hold Republicans accountable.

Hanover County is a strong and reliable Conservative stronghold that is slipping. The current all Republican Board of Supervisors will most likely see a couple of Democrats elected to replace Republicans because Russell is presiding over the boiling cauldron she has created. The Committee has lost focus. And that focus will never be regained with Russell in charge.

It is time for John Whitbeck to ask for Nancy Russell and John Wilson to resign their posts with the Hanover Republican Committee. The committee needs leadership that can focus on winning elections, not on preserving the power of the Chairman. There is much work to do and we cannot do it with Russell and Wilson stirring up an internal war.

Mr. Whitbeck, your assistance is needed in Hanover, Sir!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

28 Responses to “An Open Letter to John Whitbeck RE: Nancy Russell and Hanover Republican Committee Out of Control”

  1. Hanover County Conservative says:

    Amen, Mr. White.

    The Hanover Republican Committee has existed far too long to keep the Developers in Power in Hanover County and the money flowing into their coffers. Now that Republican Hanover County is being Destroyed by the very Republicans who OPERATE it, the backlash against that Republican Power base has them unhinged. They no longer recognize their enemies. Are they democrats, Tea Party Patriots, conservatives, or Libertarians?

    The malice pervasive in the Hanover Republican Committee towards fiscal conservatives is a disgrace. The gag orders issued by the Chairwoman, the membership attendance proxies, and the fast one she pulled along with AKW allowing nonmembers to vote for magisterial district chairs without giving the same rule book to the other candidates recently is more evidence that Mrs. Russell needs to go. Rewriting the by laws in an attempt to purge conservatives from the committee just ahead of the 2016 likely conventions should give all Republicans concern for their party.

    Mrs. Russell couldn’t lead Wolves to Meat and Mr. Wilson couldn’t organize the fruit in a Punch Bowl. Mrs. Kelly Wieck subterfuges conservative volunteer efforts at every opportunity– scorched earth tactics she learned under the Cantor regime. They are on life support following his stunning 2014 defeat- gasping for air and lashing out in desperation.

    The Chesterfield Reagan Day Dinner raked in $50K and the Hanover Republican Reagan Day Dinner raised $3000- an abysmal failure- they couldn’t even remember to order silver ware- people ate their food- BarBQue – with their fingers.

    It’s time for Whitbeck to have a “Come to Jesus talk” or a trip to the Wood Shed with the most ungracious Nancy Russell or Virginia will never win another statewide election.

  2. Republican Gal says:

    In 2012, three Conservative Republican activist women organized Poll Watchers in Hanover County for the November election. They recruited them, trained them, organized them, and assigned them. It was nothing short of a military operation involving several hundred volunteers. In fact, many Republican poll watchers were trained from the City of Richmond, Henrico, and Chesterfield Counties and beyond by these three women. They volunteered hundreds and hundreds of hours for this project.

    When one of the women was invited to the Hanover Republican Women’s Committee monthly dinner to recruit and discuss the need for volunteers- Mrs. Angela Kelly Wiecek stood up in a crowded room of Republican Women and kneecapped her by stating to the entire crowd- “That is a complete waste of time. We need those volunteers outside.”

    As if there is a finite number of Republicans in Hanover County to work 36 precincts inside and outside.
    This exemplifies “The Hanover Way”- led by Russell, Wilson, and Kelly Wiecek, who aspires to be a Delegate if only she can find a way to upset Delegate Fowler- he’d better wear knee pads.

    Thanks for exposing these empty suits on Virginia Right- we’ve all stepped in puddles deeper than these GOPers.

  3. Jim K. says:

    The All Republican Board of Supervisors never voted Mrs. Kelly Wiecek into the Chair or Vice Chair position in her four years on the Board of Supervisors. One supervisor- a conservative- tells people all over Hanover County that she is a raving liberal and the other board members don’t want her in a leadership position. He says- You can’t believe what she’s for- Big Regionalism proponent- send Hanover tax dollars to Richmond for every boondoggle promising to sell a McDonald’s hamburger in return.

    She is the poster child for NOT electing dim wits to local boards. She wasn’t there a minute and started running for Delegate. God help Hanover County if that happens.

    Beware Hanover Voters- Beware……..

  4. Mechanicsville Mike says:

    Mr. White. Thank you for telling the truth about the vicious attacks and the unfriendly atmosphere of the Hanover Republican gang. I attended 2 meetings over the past couple of months and I picked up on what you wrote about here in minutes. I am a conservative and the last thing I need is to join a group with such hostile leadership.

    Do you know where I might go in Hanover to give my time other than this gang? I am retired now and walk every day, so I am happy to knock on doors or whatever I can do to help.

    Thank you for all you do. I read VARIGHT first thing every morning and I am glad to know you are watching things in Hanover.


  5. Fed Up in Hanover says:

    I was present at the Hanover GOP meeting that Mr. White describes in this article where Mrs. Russell and her toady Buddy Klotz delivered their pre-planned and orchestrated public “hit” on Mr. White.

    Mr. White being the gentleman that he is made Mr. Klotz cry like a baby outside following the meeting.
    Mr. Klotz doesn’t come around anymore after that.

    Every Hanover GOP meeting is always filled with this type of melodrama- some planned personal attack aimed at some member they have targeted. Grandstanding and Showboating by Russell, John Wilson, and Kelly Wiecek like Peacocks. Many members needed to drink before attending just to get through it. When the GOP used to meet at Bass Pro Shops, people came in all liquored up and red faced- numb for the fight about to happen.

    Guests coming for the first time who witnessed this bad behavior first hand- never returned.

    Not once did Mrs. Russell ever welcome or introduce guests or invite them to join or make them feel welcome.

    There’s not an ounce of professionalism among any of the three of them.

  6. Lisa H. says:

    Oh my God- someone please save Republican Hanover County and get rid of these people before 2016. We don’t want Jeb Bush as our nominee from Hanover County or Virginia.

    Doesn’t the state Party Leadership see this is why Cuccinelli, Obenshain and Jackson and Gillespie couldn’t win? Too much Dysfunction.

  7. Hacked off in Henrico and Hanover says:

    During a candidate forum for Vice Chair of Precinct Operations at a Hanover County Republican Committee meeting several months ago, Mike Reynold was questioned by 3 members- Hannah Kraynak, Dale Hargrove Alderman, and Kim Singhas.

    Mrs. Singhas was sitting in the back of the room next to Ron Hedlund from the Henrico County GOP unit.

    She asked Mr. Reynold how many meetings he had attended in the past year. His answer was 2.

    At the conclusion of the meeting, Brutus Russell – an ex cop and GOP Chairwoman Nancy Russell’s husband, rushed to where Singhas and Hedlund were sitting and came completely unhinged- raising his voice and shouting at them: ” You got Fred Gruber Elected- you think attending meetings is important? Fred isn’t even a member of his own county GOP committee. He doesn’t attend his own meetings. He’s completely inept.” The outburst was recorded on two cell phones.

    Mrs. Singhas has told people this story in a way only she can tell it- it’s becoming legendary in 7th District circles. “He was completely unhinged and had serious anger management issues concerning our role in Fred Gruber’s victory over Linwood Cobb for 7th district chair. For a moment I was frightened- but Ron was sitting next to me and I knew he would protect me if the situation continued to escalate. We just sat there speechless and stunned that the Chairwoman’s husband had the audacity to speak to us in such a violent manner.” “His body language and facial expressions were those of a person not in control of his emotions.” she said in an interview.

    These people in power in Hanover have no filters and feel free to attack and LIE about anyone who they perceive as a threat to their power.

    “Fred Gruber confirmed for Mrs. Singhas in an email that he was definitely a member of his Louisa County Committee and regularly attends their GOP meetings.”

    They could sell tickets to that circus in Hanover as a fundraiser.

  8. VCDL member says:

    It’s apparent Hanover Committee members need a conceal carry permit for protection to attend the GOP meetings when the Xanax, Prosac, and Estrogen wears off and members start going after each other.

    I’ve never read anything more entertaining on VARight except “Bill Janis releases Flying Monkeys” with Jim Croce singing Bad Bad LeRoy Brown.

    Medicate, Medicate Medicate those crazy Hanover GOPers.

  9. DuctTape says:

    The meetings are nightmares. No one knows what the rules are, but all of a sudden they are enforced (or not), interpreted the “old way” or “the new way” on a whim, depending on who might be effected. Despite the executive team’s pronouncement that they’d like to grow the committee, they turn off members and guests at every turn. It seems to be their goal to rid the committee of anyone who’s not in lock-step with them. Of course they’ll say that “it’s a big tent” while at the same time openly criticizing those with a different opinion. The attitude is not one of reconciliation and cooperation. And, while I am at it, can someone tell me why are they reading statistics that most of us already know? Can they not do something productive? More often than not, the meetings are a waste of time. And, it’s probably by design.

  10. Kristi says:

    Mr. White,

    Do you know how Nancy Russell became Chairwoman of the Hanover Republican Committee?

    When Wayne Hazzard, former Magisterial District Chair of South Anna, announced that he planned to run for Supervisor of South Anna, Nancy Russell planned to run for his Mag Chair position until Mrs. Angela Kelly Wiecek said, “We have bigger plans for you.”

    So you can blame Angela Kelly Wiecek for her gift of Nancy Russell to the Hanover County Republican Committee to succeed Mrs. Kelly Wiecek as chair when she ran for supervisor. The gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Dancing Bear says:

    Dear Duct Tape-

    You are so right. Nancy Russell stands up there and Reads Rasmussen Reports each month like she’s lecturing preschoolers at Wharton Business School. The meetings are a complete waste of time and energy- planned by design. People drive 40 miles each way from the far reaches of Hanover to attend her mindless babble meetings. When Fog Horn Leghorn Jimmie Massie ( I said thats Jimmie and Massie with a IE at the end of my name Jimmie Massie) was the guest speaker- the audience made a fool of him.

    He said he was on the education committee and if a teacher taught Common Core in Virginia they would be fired. Two Conservatives pulled up Common Core in Va standards and Jimmie I Said Jimmie with an IE after each of my Names Massie” looked like a clown.

    Then someone asked him about enforcement of EPA mandated Storm water taxes and he said, “We told them not to enforce that. ”

    Well Hanover County Public Works Director Mike Flagg- EPA Nazi enforcer of EPA in Hanover said he was enforcing them.

    Jimmie Massie- what a joke. Thanks Nancy- we drove over to the Courthouse to laugh all the way home and dream about primarying him in 2 years.

  12. Captain Kangaroo says:

    Have you ever noticed that Nancy and Brutus Russell have a lot of Garanimals matching outfits- usually pastel polo shirts- that they wear together? What’s up with that? It’s weird.

  13. Nova Observer of ROVA says:

    From what I’ve read on VaRight, the entire Hanover County GOP committee and Board of Supervisors should be committed to Jail or an insane asylum. It really is the Dukes of Hazzard County.

  14. Born in Hanover County circa 1950 says:


    You almost have it right. It’s not Angela Kelly Wiecek who chose Nancy Russell as the chair. The “We” is Bob Setliff and Bill Bolling. They really run and control the Hanover Republican Committee.

    They are behind the sudden “By Laws “Changes of the Hanover Republican Committe to weight the votes of the membership. Treasurer and By Law Chair Bob Nelson’s daughter worked for Bill Bolling. See? It all makes sense. Bolling and Setliff are neighbors and go way back. Nelson is their shill on the committee.

    Now once you convince these people that Bill Bolling IS NEVER going to be Governor, maybe they will stop with the games and the membership selectivity and the slating off of conversatives. In the meantime, it is imperative that you maintain membership status ahead of the By Laws vote- that is how they plan to slate off the conservative vote. They stacked the committee with their votes already.

    The axis of Evil controlling the Hanover Republican Committee is Bill Bolling- Bob Setliff- AKW- Nancy Russell in that order.

  15. Janine Woods

    I feel I need to set some things straight. The truth still matters to me as it’s the only thing I’m taking to my grave. I was actually at the last EC meeting. Also notice that I post with my name, not hiding behind any screen name.

    We should all take a breath. Emotions run high when things escalate. I hate drama. We should be minimizing negatives and emphasizing positives.

    There is a Japanese philosophy called Kaizen. It means always improving. We should all strive for Kaizen.

    It’s very disturbing to see any meeting put into the public. We’re not hiding anything. Everything we decide is made public information eventually anyway.

    We cannot change history. Tom, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience in the past. We are trying to make things better.

    It’s hard for me to believe that so much drama has escalated to this point over an email. Harsh words and feelings have been exchanged.

    To set the record straight, nobody proposed to take a vote to remove anyone from the committee. At the end of the discussion, we agreed that someone should talk to the person who forwarded an email.

    As for you, Tom White, it’s still a free country and according to the Republican Creed, we believe in free markets/free press. We might not always like everything we read, but to stifle speech in the public is wrong. It’s not the Republican way.

    No matter what anyone says, we are working to try to improve the Republican Committee and promote Republican candidates and the Republican Creed. If we stick to the Republican Creed and the Commonwealth and Federal Constitutions, we should be on the right road.

    People complain that nothing has changed. My gosh, we were just voted onto the EC one meeting ago(April). If you don’t like what we’re doing, join the committee and run for a seat on the EC.

    I pray that we can mend fences. We need all Republicans to work together respectfully for two reasons. The first is because it’s the right thing to do and secondly because the world, especially, the Democrats are watching.

    We want to tap into everone’s God given gifts. We need your help, and hope you join us.

    Also, South Anna District is having a meeting/ice cream social this Saturday, June 27th at the Dairy Queen in Ashland at 10:30am. This is family friendly and there are non dairy products as well. The owner will have additional staff to support our meeting. I hope to see South Anna GOPers there this Saturday! Non members are very welcome to come! We’re going Dutch, but you can get a small dipped cone for under $3.

    Janine Woods
    South Anna Magisterial District Chair
    [email protected]

  16. BoB says:

    Ms. Woods-

    So Hanover Republicans can go to the Hanover Executive Committee and lie and spread vicious gossip and inuendo about conservative people who the establishment politicos disagree with and because Nancy Russell has a Gag Order on her Executive Committee members, you all go along to get along? That’s the Hanover Way?

    This is the most malicious group of people outside of the Chesterfield Crowd under Chairman Don Williams control- that’s where Nancy Russell learns her witchcraft- The Don.

    Nancy Russell has to Go-

  17. Janine Woods

    I never said anything such thing. If I had honored such gag order, I wouldn’t have tried to set the record straight.

    I tried to stop the escalation. I tried to be as positive and uniting as possible, yet you still attack me.

    I only speak for myself. I believe there should be a high bar to even consider removing a member. We were no where close to that.

    We are trying to make things better.

  18. J. Richardson says:

    It has become self evident to most conservatives that have attended &/or are attending the HA GOP meetings that there will be little gain under the current divisive leadership (or really lack of total leadership) of Nancy Russell.

    P.S. Mr. White’s honest assessment is the answer not the problem. He is a modern day Patriot & hero in most eyes.

  19. Bob Nelson says:

    Following up on Janine Woods’ post. You can read posts on this website on the Hanover Republican Committee (HRC) and form judgments, or you can consider some facts.

    This year the HRC decided on the method of selection of Republican candidates, expanded party elections to include magisterial district (MD) chairs, and held contested and uncontested elections in April for the entire precinct organization. Important decisions all, every one made by the membership.

    To read VA Right, you’d think the meetings are a waste of time; and membership is down. Wrong. The April elections generated such interest that 80% voted in the contested ones. People even volunteered to be proxies for others before someone asked.

    Join the committee and you’ll find MD chairs hosting appreciations for their precinct workers, doing lots of lifting, and welcoming members and guests at meetings. Attend a Breakfast for Brat, a Burgers for Bill, or a fundraiser for a candidate. You’ll see lots of Republican conservative Hanoverians.

    You could have attended the committee’s recent fundraiser, listened to an inspirational speaker, and maybe learned that John Hardy Willson was involved in an accident the week before. He’s only done four of these, and our candidates have and will benefit from his efforts, particularly this year. (Yes, full disclosure, I missed it. My bad.) Readers of these pages, however, find criticism of the event, the individuals involved, and the results. For some VA Right readers, that may be OK if it “sends a message.” Seems cynical to put it mildly.

    The Hanover Republican Committee is working to build a better organization for this year’s elections and for 2016. Members step out and attend Tea Party or Hanover Republican Women’s Club meetings. I remember reading a post earlier this year about how no one from the Executive Committee was at a Dave Brat town hall meeting in January. Excuse me. As I recall, I was there as was Scott Wyatt, then MD chair (who’s unopposed in the Cold Harbor Supervisor election). But then one gets “labeled,” and we know what happens then.

    The HRC sponsored the 12th District Senate candidate forum. Debbie Agliano and Nancy Russell took the lead on that.

    Coalition building, talking face to face. Making mistakes, learning from them. Trying to communicate as best we can.

    Thanks Janine for posting. We’ve worked the Republican booth at the Virginia State Fair and the Ashland Strawberry Faire. Step up in an election for Janine and others, go door to door, and take along campaign material for all our candidates. Done it in every general election since I moved to Hanover County in 2012. Ever worked a recount for Obenshain, poll watched for Romney, or attended a post-election canvass for Gillespie? Plenty of that needed next year. Big tent stuff. We need more of it.

    Came down here from Arlington and had to be major league vetted for HRC membership. I get it. Say what you will about NOVA, it’s big tent among Arlington Republicans. Has to be. Why not in the HRC? Bob Nelson

    • Tom White says:

      Hey Bob Nelson, great ad for the Committee. I usually get about $300.00 for an ad like that. Do I send the invoice to you personally, or the committee?

      But let’s boil down your lengthy comment to a terse and succinct statement: The HCRC has certain duties to perform and it does them.

      Ok. Now, what’s left?

      We have a Chairman that thinks she is a dictator and is waging a war on Conservatives. What do you think all the vetting is about?

      This story isn’t about the fluffy kittens, it about the inept execution of the office and the rabid internal conflicts between the bittewr Cantor clingers wanting to hold on to the fading vestiges of power and their desire to retaliate and punish those that dismantled the Cantor machine, their lifeblood. And the internal struggle to refocus the Committee on electing good, honest people who don’t deal underhandedly and use any means necessary to grab power.

      What’s that invoice address?

      Hope that clarifies the topic for you a bit.
      Tom White recently posted…The Council Has Spoken!! Our Watcher’s Council ResultsMy Profile

      • Bob Nelson says:

        Thank you Tom. We enjoyed Breakfast with Brat a few months back, sat at the same table, enjoyed ourselves, and could both afford the fundraiser. Trust business is good, and my Google juice helped.

  20. Republican Mom says:

    Mr. Nelson:

    You missed the Hanover Reagan Day Dinner? And how did you feel when Mr. Wilson exploded in his usual pediatrict tantrum at Monday Night’s meeting over lack of support for the Reagan Day Dinner by the Hanover Republicans? And he is mystified why people don’t want to spend an evening with that jerk.

    Mr. Wilson didn’t even have silverware or plastic ware or tongue depressors or toothpicks for people to eat their dinner with- it wasn’t finger food and the guests had to eat like Moroccans with their fingers.
    The man is a drug rep- a professional caterer and can’t plan a simple event with utensils?

    And you wonder why attendance is declining year after year? Time to kick his can off the committee like Middle Resolution did- he failed at fundraising for them and they downloaded their virus to your committee. “Unreliable” is how their board labelled him. Stop enabling his bad behavior. He’s never going to be Chairman.

    Until you clean up your act, The Hanover Republican Committee will continue to deteriorate.
    Be transparent with everyone- your daughter worked for Bill Bolling and you are a Bitter Bolling Clinger.

  21. Patrick Henry Rolling over says:

    Mr. Nelson-

    Why did you and Nancy Russell contact general counsel for the RPV in March for an opinion on allowing NONMEMBERS of the Hanover Republican Committee to vote in the Mag Chair elections you mentioned and not share the opinion with all the Mag Chair candidates so each candidate in the 7 Districts was playing with the same set of rules?

    Let me tell the readers of VA Right why- because you wanted Supervisors Angela Kelly Wiecek in Chickahominy where you and Bill Bolling live and Canova Peterson in Mechanicsville to have absolute control over the membership in their districts via their mag chairs who bring in new members. Big Tent? Yeah right. Whitbeck needs to fire both of you.

    • Bob Nelson says:

      The RPV General Counsel contact on proxy voting procedures was in late April, after the election, not in March. Check the RPV website, and you’ll find the 5/12 ruling.

  22. Redskins Cheerleader says:

    Ms. Woods-

    You go girl- Roberts Rules. You can’t remove a member from the committee because the president of the HRWC- a NONVOTING MEMBER- of the Hanover GOP committee doesn’t like someone. To have allowed that moronic chirade to carry on without a motion or a point of order demonstrates how incompetent Mrs. Russell is to conduct a meeting. She has no understanding whatsoever of Roberts Rules of Order.

    Send her a copy- download Rules online.

  23. Dear Mr. Whitbeck says:

    Dear Mr. Whitbeck-


    Please save us. Hanover is often cited as the most Republican County in Virginia. We deserve an election to give us a Real ChairMAN. We are desperately tired of the estrogen deprived hysterical women who have run this committee in the ground. One needs a sedative or a stiff drink just to make it through an executive committee or monthly meeting. It’s too painful to attend. We deserve better and Virginia is counting on you to win in 2016.

    Waiting to be rescued.

  24. R.I.P. says:

    Remember after these establishment Republicans ( many in Hanover County) led by Ray Allen on behalf of Bill Janis were done with him, Matt Geary killed himself following the campaign where the Republicans destroyed him publicly after nominating him for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Henrico County in 2011.

    These people have no soul. Don’t give up the fight, stand by your principles, and carry on the good work of the conservative cause. They will get theirs on Judgment Day.


  25. VFRW alumni says:

    Mr. Whitbeck and Mr. White: Where is the outrage from the RPV and the Hanover Republican Women and VFRW over this email sent by VFRW president LInda Bartlett following Dave Brat’s victory June 10 2014 and why wasn’t that old blow hard thrown out of the party?


    From: Linda Bartlett [mailto:[email protected]?]
    Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 11:51 AM
    To: [email protected]; [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Anna

    your friend Dale now threatening the VFRW and the NFRW
    she has facilitated the election of a democrat to rep the 7th district-and done a huge favor for Obama
    you’d think she’d be happy enough with that accomplishment

    when asked in his first interview his opinion of the minimum wage-the econ professor whined that he didn’t expect that question and apparently has no opinion on the subject
    unless Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham come up with the 4 million for the guy they promoted he will be staying home in humiliation
    good grief

    Linda Bartlett, VFRW President
    [email protected]


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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