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And the Constitution Party?

The Constitution Party (formerly the US Taxpayers Party) has just a few states with ballot access and you can see this handy-dandy list at their website.  (CO, ID, MI, MO, NV, UT, WI and WY)

Colorado – Amanda Campbell is running for Secretary of State and Gerald Kilpatrick for State Treasurer.

The CP needs only one percent to keep ballot access.  Probably not a “lesser of two evils” office to run for.

Idaho – Walter Bayes is the Constitution Party’s gubernatorial candidate.

The vote is irrelevant for ballot access.

Michigan seems to be one of their best states.  These are the statewide candidates for the CP.


  • Todd Schleiger; Governor
  • Earl Lackie; Lt. Governor
  • George Huffman III; United States Senator
  • Gerald T. VanSickle; Attorney General
  • Robert Gale; Secretary of State
  • Karen Adams; State Board of Education
  • Doug Levesque; State Board of Education
  • Crystal VanSickle; University of Michigan Board of Regents
  • Joe Sanger; University of Michigan Board of Regents
  • Janet Sanger; Michigan State University Board of Trustees
  • John P. Sanger; Michigan State University Board of Trustees
  • Christine Schwartz; Wayne State University Board of Governors
  • Marc Sosnowski; Wayne State University Board of Governors

The party only needs the one percent of the Secretary of State’s vote.  If the Greens are right and all these college board seats count, that ought to be doable.

Missouri – Jacob Luetkemeyer is running for State Auditor

If Luetkemeyer gets 2 percent in this election, the CP keeps ballot access.  Probably not a “lesser of two evils” office.

Nevada – Russell Best is running for Governor, Janine Hansen for LG, Bill Hoge for State Treasurer, Joel F. Hansen for AG and Kamau Bakari for US Senate.

Nevada has the weird rule (one percent of the total US House vote) on ballot access – ask a CP leader what to do.

Utah – Tim Aalders.  I’ll lift this from the LP post:

Utah has the US Senate race and this might be a bit interesting because the son of George Romney, yes the GOP 2012 Presidential nominee, who I did vote for – I just said – I’ll pretend it’s George! – George Romney was my hero as a kid (and I told Mitt this personally right here in RVA in 2007) I know I was a strange kid.

There is a LP and a Constitution Party candidate for US Senate and lots of conservatives think Romney, who is almost the sure winner of the race, will be the next Jeff Flake.  A few might vote for the LP (Craig Bowden) but this may be the Constitution Party’s best chance for a decent turnout in Tim Aalders.  (Aalders’ got 30 second attack ads against Romney!)  I’d know what I’d do in Utah; not pretend it’s George this time.  I’d vote Bowden.  One Flake is more than enough.

Ballot access:  Two percent in either of last two statewide elections.  I almost hope Aalders and Bowden get the 2%.  If Romney does turn out to be the next Flake, he’ll get primaried.  And I hope so.  I am sorry George!

Wisconsin:  Terry Larson is the CP nominee for AG.

If Larson gets one percent, the Constitution Party keeps ballot status.  I would think even in a tight race, Larson ought to get that turnout.  Only three parties running for AG.

Wyoming:  Rex Rammell is the CP candidate for Governor and Daniel Cummings is running again for the statewide US House seat.

Cummings ran for that House seat in 2016 and got just over four percent.  I cannot imagine he won’t do worse this time.


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