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I have been a bad blogger lately and it is not for a want of things to talk about.  So, let’s kill two stories with one post!

Another leading Labourite has defected to UKIP (reports Breitbart London which I read nearly every day and is essential reading for by British readers right after this blog of course!)!  Here’s my prior post on another major Labourite defection).

A former Labour Party Press Officer has announced that he has joined UKIP, Breitbart London can exclusively reveal.

Richard Bingley was formerly head of the Labour Party’s East of England and London media operations during Tony Blair’s second and third terms as Prime Minister. He was seconded back to the Party to run its ‘Key Campaigner’ (Cabinet Minister) visits during Gordon Brown’s fateful 2010 general election and served for seven years as a Councillor in Thurrock in Essex.

As more Labourites realize that their former workingman’s party is now just a shill for EU politicos and a nanny-state party they will seek a new political home:  UKIP – the Party of Liberty and Sovereignty in the UK.

And across the channel, in Deutschland, the Alternative for Germany, that nation’s tea party group, is emerging from the shadows of “ultraconservative German nationalist party” that the leading pols in Deutschland want to place them into.  Again from Bretibart London:

The new Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) is upsetting German political dogma, and EU politics.


AfD’s leadership wants less EU bureaucracy on the shoulders of German people and German business. The party wants powers returned from Brussels to Berlin and most of all they want their country out of the euro.

They do not like the way Merkel has forced the German people to take on responsibility for bank debt and national debt across the eurozone countries in order to save the EU-elite’s political project of the euro.

I love it!  The debt issue was all done by the Tweedledee/Tweedledum politicians in Germany without seeing what the people wanted.  (the same is true for giving up the Deutschmark and that is part of AfD’s appeal.  AfD actually is not anti-EU but anti-Euro the currency.  Think the US anti-Federalists in 1789.)  Try this out:

The party’s election manifesto told voters to take “Mut zu Deutschland!”: Courage to stand up for Germany!

In the EU institutions it’s considered bad manners for Germans to talk like that.

Standing up for Germany is entirely against what Merkel calls “the European spirit” of compromise, consensus, “solidarity” across the eurozone and acting in the best interests of an EU of ever-closer union.

For the AfD standing up for Germany means “an EU of sovereign states supporting human rights, democracy and the values of the Christian West.”

It means a stop to “excessive EU centralism, bureaucracy, and a common currency that leads to rescuing incompetent banks, to frustrated jobless young people and to minimal pensions.”

It’s perfectly okay to stand up for your nation.  And the part about the “…values of the Christian West…” is excellent.  AfD has Chancellor Merkel on the run a bit.  She was upset at the British Tories when  they invited AfD to join their group because it gave it respectability.  I like this new party; Vielen Dank for AfD shaking up the political system and giving people a real choice.  That seven percent may, in a future national election, be the difference between Chancellor Merkel and simply MP Merkel.  And the sooner the Chancellor becomes a simple MP the better.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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