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Anti Brownlee Robo Calls

UPDATE: I have exchanged several emails with Brian Gentry. He denies responsibility for the robo-calls, but welcomes the hits to his anti Brownlee site. He has no interest in removing the site and is quite happy to get the hits. He is also not open to posting the full truth, which can be seen at the link below.

It seems that all of the delegates to the convention are getting robo calls directing people to visit a website set up to smear John Brownlee, candidate for Attorney General for Virginia. A little girl is crying AND and blames Brownlee for “locking up my Grandpa”. I will not give the address of the website, but a little digging through public information shows the site is owned by Brian Gentry with a business address listed as 3019 S Buchanan St. Unit C-1 Arlington, VA 22206. The business phone is 571-242-7500 and his email is listed as [email protected]

While the first amendment allows Gentry to have his say, he is omitting many details of the case in order to make Brownlee look anti-gun and cruel to elderly persons. A lie of omission is still a lie.

As a US Attorney, feelings and empathy are a luxury that must be kept separate from the job in order to uphold the Constitution one has sworn to protect. Gentry would have Brownlee act in the same manner for which conservatives are expressing concerns over President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, who Obama picked for her empathy. Empathy is another code word for ignoring the law and legislating from the bench.

Gentry left out a few important details in this case when he wrote:

In rural areas of Virginia there are old traditions that still carry on as they have for generations. One of those traditions is Snapp’s Trading Post in Washington, County. Here old men meet at 7 am on Wednesday mornings to trade guns with each other. According to one elderly participant that I interviewed, this tradition has been going on since before he was born.

Ronald Testerman was one of these old men, a widower whose hobby was his collection of old rifles and revolvers.

Like the fact that Testerman used a friend’s dealer’s license illegally to purchase guns online and he had over 70 guns in his possession when he was arrested.

While Gentry thinks Brownlee should have turned his back on this one case, the fact is that we must show the country that the gun laws we have are adequate and that they work, or the public outcry could erode our second amendment rights even further.

Had Brownlee ignored the laws that were broken and a weapon used in a crime were traced back to the case ignored, Brownlee would have to answer to that. If the weapon or weapons were used in a Columbine type shooting do you think anyone would have agreed then that “grandpa” should be ignored?

John Brownlee should be thanked for doing his job even in the toughest of circumstances and for having the forethought to avoid unintended consequences by upholding the law. It should also be pointed out that it was a jury and judge that convicted the gentleman. Brownlee only did his job.

If you would like to view the case and read the judge’s thoughts on it, click this link.

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