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Are Environmentalists to Blame for Japan’s ‘Meltdown’?

The far left aligned environmentalists have, for decades, protested nuclear facility expansions as well as new nuclear facilities. They have argued that nuclear power is unsafe despite remarkable safety records of these plants. They have used the courts to delay and deny permits to build plants and dispose of the waste. In short, in the name of the environment the “environmentalists” have undertaken a full on war against nuclear power.

And what has been the cost?

The first and most obvious is the fact that America must rely on other sources of fuel to supply the growing demand for electrical power in the US. And while environmentalists have been busy attacking the nuclear industry, they have simultaneously attacked the other sources of reliable fuels on hand in the US as well as the methods of extracting them. Coal and the mines themselves are frequent targets and the oil industry has been under a constant barrage of demonstrations and, worse, litigation.

To be fair, these same environmentalists have also attacked “green” renewable energy such as wind mills and solar collector farms in the desert. It seems the wind turbines disturb this creature or that and the solar collectors in the deserts are ugly and may harm some of the sparsely populated wildlife in the neighborhood.

So while the power creation industry is busy in courts and legislatures fending off the attacks advanced ostensibly to protect the environment, spending billions of dollars on lawyers and lobbyists to fight the environmentalists often ridiculous assertions and overcoming the multitude of roadblocks, the research and development in the power production industries have stagnated as a result of the shift in financial resources to the legal departments.

Government funding is nearly impossible to find for “fossil fuel” and nuclear research and development, yet is plentiful for “green and renewable” projects. (The propriety of federal funding verses private funding for these projects is a topic for another day.)

In addition, the environmentalists have been very successful at bogging the power production industry down with draconian regulations, many of which are very costly and of little or no environmental significance. But the regulations serve to throttle and discourage the industry.

And in the true mold of the Obama Administration’s mantra to “never waste a good crisis”, the ongoing catastrophe in Japan is proving no exception. Democrats are questioning the wisdom of the newly discovered appetite for nuclear energy in the United States, and approval of new plants and expanded operations (and reactors) at existing sites.

The hurdles are still numerous and the regulations onerous, but a tiny sliver of hope for the nuclear industry is about to be slammed shut because of the Japanese disaster. And that is both a pity and a disaster to America’s future.

But when you consider that the reactors in Japan were designed in the 1960’s and built in the 1970’s using state of the art technology existing at that time, and that it took a 9.1 magnitude earthquake and a Tsunami of epic proportions to cause this problem after nearly 4 decades of impeccable safety, these reactors have outperformed all expectations.

While nuclear facility development has dropped to a minimum and the emphasis has shifted to retrofits out of necessity, consider what has happened in the Automobile Industry as far as safety of the past 40 years. When these nuclear plants were built, seat belts and padded dashboards were considered cutting edge safety. Now, crumple zones and impact energy absorption combined with air bags, automatic breaking and accident avoidance systems  protect us from auto accidents better than ever. Imagine if the same effort had been placed on nuclear power the past 40 years.

Japan could have really used nuclear airbags, or their equivalent.

Instead of continuing to push nuclear power back into the bottle, we should redouble our efforts on research and development and safety. And only the promise of new plants can possibly achieve that.

And we will learn from this unfortunate accident just as we have learned from past disasters.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

9 Responses to “Are Environmentalists to Blame for Japan’s ‘Meltdown’?”

  1. jim says:

    this is from daniel suelo’s website

    Coyote Stealing Fire by G. Yazzie
    (Navajo Creation story)

    Virtually all energy that humans have harnessed ultimately came from the sun. The energy running this computer and the energy running the cells of my body came from the sun. People tell me that I am using energy from power corporations based on the money system and thus am not really
    living without money. But what I am illustrating here is that we need to go back further to the source. Energy does not come originally from the power corporations. Energy comes from the sun. And if you want to take it back further, it comes from the Big Bang. And it comes from beyond the Big Bang.

    All the energy from the sun is freely given. It is not free (nothing is free), but it is freely given. The sun freely gives, demanding nothing in return, as does everything in nature. You can’t even pay the sun back if you tried! Originally, energy was not owned, not bought, not sold. Then some trickster got the bright idea that he could steal it. Then he could own it and sell it, and thus gain power over other creatures, and thus become just like the gods.

    The sun has no prejudices and makes no judgment. The sun shines on both the just and the unjust. The sun doesn’t even make you sit down and fill out an application for assistance to see whether or not you are worthy to receive its freely-given services. Even if you massacre millions in pogroms, the sun still gives freely to you. Even if you feed and heal millions, the sun still might scorch you. The sun is completely equanimous.

    Now this trickster who stole energy from the sun is abusive to us. This Trickster, just like the classic abuser, makes us think we can’t live without him. And he lays guilt trips on us. Guilt is debt. He lays debt trips on us. He makes us think we owe everything to him, that we can’t take anything from him without paying him. And he won’t give to us if he doesn’t judge us to be worthy. He is utterly ungrateful, stingy, and blind, because he can’t do for us what the sun is doing for him – giving freely, expecting nothing in return. He can’t forgive debt. And because we are fooled by him, we are just like him, utterly ungrateful, stingy, and blind. We can’t do for others what the sun is doing for us – giving freely, expecting nothing in return – giving freely, without judgment. We expect to be forgiven our debts, but we can’t forgive our debtors.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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