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There was a disturbing article in Bloomberg about the potential war with Syria.  The President was quoted that if chemical or biological weapons are used or shifted, the US might have to intervene:

“We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized,” he said. “That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”

Certainly that situation ought to be serious.  There is a vital national interest in making sure the chemical weapons are not used or compromised.  But, what is the solution?  Perhaps a UN resolution or authority for the President to act for the sole purpose of securing the weapons.  No nation building.  No regime change.  It’s none of our business. A clear line in the sand for the President.  Get the weapons and only get the weapons.  Here (It will cost a subscription fee) is an alternative solution in the Jerusalem Post: Buy the chemical and biological weapons from Syria after the rebels win.  I am not sure we can wait that long.

Now I have already said, the likelihood exists that the rebels that the neocons are itching to support are preparing to do pogroms of their own:  The Christians are rightly concerned.

Just today, we have a report from Pakistan that a Christian child, perhaps with Down’s, might be lynched for alleged blasphemy.  What the President ought to do – maybe while he’s waiting for the next debate – is call the prime minster of Pakistan and say:

“If you don’t stop the persecution and lynching of Christians in your country, no more aid!”

Not one dime in aid for any nation that allows or permits the persecution of Christians.  Period.

The legacy of our intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan (even back to the First Gulf War) is the persecution of Christians.  Christians had a fair amount of freedom under Saddam Hussein.  Today, they live in fear.  Afghanistan, the nation we built, is no more hospitable to believers in Christ than it was before intervention.  But now we bear some moral responsibility:  We rebuilt the nation and installed a new government.  So why are we there?  I do not have a problem with use of bases for anti-terrorism efforts.  But we need few if any troops to do that.  Time to get out.  Instead we are sending a mother, father and oldest son (who has small kids) to Afghanistan to defend, not freedom, but a nation that is hostile to believers in Christ Jesus.  Why?

If it looks like President Obama will lose the election, will he create a situation to go to war?  Bloomberg called doing nothing and sending in troops to be a false choice, but the real false choice is believing we can have a little bit of war.  The Bloomberg writer calls for a Turkish no-fly zone:

Turkey could have tipped the scales with a no-fly, no-drive zone on the Syria- Turkey border. A buffer zone would have given would-be defectors from the Syrian army protection and encouragement. Sunni recruits have been eager to desert the Alawite regime, shamed and violated by the cruelties inflicted on ordinary civilians.

But to enforce that “no-fly, no drive zone” requires war.  It’s this simple:  It is an act of war.  Suppose the Syrians fight the Turks, our NATO ally?  Turkey has already authorized military action.  Do we go to war?  Are we ready for yet another intervention?  Haven’t you had enough?  Certainly not Senator McCain:  He called for action in Syria at the RNC early in September.  He was actually booed a bit; there were a few brave non-interventionists in the hall still!

The October Surprise may be a speech by the President:

“My fellow Americans.  I have sent troops into Syria to protect the chemical weapons since I have reliable intelligence that they were about to fall into the hands of terrorists.  I have consulted with the leaders of both Houses and they agree with me this is necessary.”

I am sorry, I cannot trust this President.  I believe war is possible.  Let’s pray it does not happen.  But if it does, remember who was on the ballot in every state:  Ron Paul.  But people were scared away.  He’s kooky.  He’s a racist.  He’s soft on Iran.  He’s hard on Israel.  He’s soft on terror.  You name it.  What if they start a war and young men and women don’t sign up?  Young people stop believing they fight for OUR liberty?  Do we bring back the draft?  God forbid.  The American people could have stopped it.


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