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I did not realize until today that I actually got a tweet to vote for UKIP from Great Britain!  Here it is from UKIP Bexley:

Hello. Have you decided who you are voting for on Thursday?(please put a reminder in your phone)If not, have you considered UKIP?

Thanks to UKIP Bexley.  I can’t vote for UKIP but I hope my commentary helps the cause!

Also, a question arose in my mind:  What is my advice in EU nations where there is only a unsavory or semi-savory anti-EU party in my nation?

1.  Can always try the William Lloyd Garrison option:  Don’t vote.  He refused to vote for either pro-slavery candidates as they arose and I am not sure he ever voted again, even after the Civil War.  I would not vote for a racist, anti-Semite or communist party.  Nor would I vote in an EU election for any Tweedledee/Tweedledum party.

2.  But make sure you are not being lied to.  Almost all the MSM in the UK (thank the Lord for Breitbart London!) did nothing but try to show UKIP is racist when it forbids members from every having been members of parties like the British National Party.  Same for the Alternative for Germany.  If you think the Front National has really changed its spots under Ms. Le Pen (and there is evidence to that effect) then vote for them.

3.  If you have no choices, try to find any (however small) anti-EU or pro-liberty party – even something like the Pirates for example.  It’s not a wasted vote to say this is my choice even if they are unlikely to win seats.

4.  Can always hold your nose, ask the Lord to forgive you as you vote or go to confession and vote away!

Other ideas?  I would also think about finding a small anti-EU or pro-liberty party and get involved.  You might be surprised – they may ask YOU to run for office – even MP or EU MP!  (I’m jealous already!   🙂  Jesus forgive me!)  The next EU elections are in 2018.

Most of the EU nations vote tomorrow (Sunday).


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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