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Battered Obama Supporter Syndrome – B.O.S.S.

shameA friend wrote to me about an email they received from another person saying that they were not really “into” politics, but went on to blast Republicans, TEA Party, Conservatives, and had nothing but praise for Obama and especially Obamacare. And it is probably relevant that this “non political” Obama supporter is black.

This friend responded with a short reply and received a brief response in return followed in a couple of weeks with a long reply that stepped through the Obama talking points that we hear every day.

I was asked if I might help with a reply. So I thought I would publish this as a public service.

There is a disease that is going around that has devastated the nation and infected a countless number of people. We have a name for it now. It is called Battered Obama Supporter Syndrome.

This is defined as:

Psychological and behavioral pattern displayed by victims of Barack Obama’s hopelessly failed leadership. Explanations that have evolved since late 2007 include learned helplessness, a “cycle of dependence” theory, and a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. The term is a legal concept rather than a psychiatric diagnosis and lacks clearly defined criteria. It has been used to support legal arguments of self-defense, diminished responsibility, or insanity when an Obama supporter continues to support Obama despite being completely dependent on government handouts, jobless, unable to afford insurance despite the “Affordable” Care Act (Obamacare). This insanity is a type of blind support under Obama’s coercion using peer pressure on low information voters and it effects blacks in the same disproportionately large percentages (90% +) as unemployment and poverty. Critics say the term creates a stereotyped image inadequate to describe individual experiences as many of these people believe that Obama is improving life in America.

Research is being done to find a cure, but so far, little progress has been made.

Back in 2007, Barack Obama, then a US Senator, attacked the Bush Administration for what he believed was unnecessary and unconstitutional recording of American citizens records. He promised that if he were president, he would choose our liberty over these unconstitutional wiretaps. The Obama Supporters agreed with him when he said:


Now Obama has expanded the wiretapping to unimaginable levels. And despite Obama’s own opinion that these wiretaps were unconstitutional, BOSS sufferers still support this man.

It cannot be explained.


And on the economic recovery, BOSS sufferers actually believe that the economy and jobs situation is improving. We have pumped trillions of dollars into the economy and what do we have to show for it? Did the jobless rate really go from 10% in October 2009 to 6.5% in January 2014?

Hell no! Not even close. People who have given up looking for work are no longer counted. They would look for work if there were jobs to be had, but after years of being told “no, not hiring” you eventually give up.

Actually, in October 2009 the true unemployment rate was 11.2% (not 10%). And today the true unemployment rate is 11.1%. Only one tenth of a percent. (There is a great article here to explain this.)

So the 6.5% is actually the percentage of people looking for work that can’t find it. Not the unemployment rate.

But BOSS sufferers are unable to comprehend this. It is one theory that constant barrage of spin and lies alters the proteins in the brain and impedes the neural pathways responsible for logic, critical thinking and self reliance and responsibility.

And BOSS has taken women, who are infected in larger numbers than men with BOSS, from being loving, nurturing creatures full of compassion and hope and turns them into rabid animals that kill their young. This is perhaps the most savage behavior known to occur with “full blown” BOSS.

And many of the blacks infected with BOSS simply baffle scientists. Many people in this particular ethnic group go to church, praise God and read and believe the bible. That is until they see a TEA Party member, a Republican or a voting booth. A sudden flair-up occurs resulting in a complete loss of morality, Spirituality and moral decency. And for the members of the Black Community that are not infected with BOSS, the victims are known to attack and impugn the character of the healthy. And it is still unclear why some black people are immune. Clarence Thomas and Allen West have been working with the CDC to find a cure or a treatment, but so far little progress has been made.

The disease is presently un-contained. Quarantine would have worked back in the early 2000’s but unfortunately many doctors and health insurers along with the media were infected early and were and still are in denial of the existence of BOSS.


  • Watching MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN
  • Donating to a PBS marathon
  • Listening to Barack Obama speak from a teleprompter. If he is off script it is usually OK.
  • A sudden urge to raise other people’s taxes
  • A desire to quit your job and become a poet or songwriter
  • Believing any numbers that come out of Washington DC without question
  • Voting for a Democrat


So if you or someone you know begins to exhibit any of these symptoms, please visit your nearest TEA Party group to help prevent the disease. You can also listen to Conservative Talk Radio which seems to act as a prophylactic against BOSS.

This is a disease we need to take very seriously. We already have a lowly country like Iran sitting off our coast with – perhaps – nuclear weapons. We have dead border agents, dead Ambassadors and the IRS has become the Secret Police to force this disease upon you.

BOSS is an epidemic and we must all work to find a cure.

Please donate to the most Conservative organization you can find. And keep in mind that it does no good to donate to Establishment Republicans (like John Boehner or Eric Cantor). They are not interested in a cure, but rather have a burning desire to learn to live with the disease. Many scientists believe people like that are infected, but do not yet have full blown BOSS.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

We now return you to the Olympics.


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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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