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Best List of all Libertarian Statewide Candidates to Commence Our Third-Party Election Night Coverage!

Libertarians (thanks to the LP candidate list!) (where vote is relevant I have ballot access needs based on the Winger handy-dandy list!) running statwwide – if your state is not listed, there is no statewide LP candidate:

Alaska:  William “Billy” Tolen – Governor  Care Clift for Lt. Governor (LG)  Alaska has been friendly for LP candidates.  Joe Miller won second place and nearly 30 percent of the vote for US Senate against incumbent Lisa Murkowski.  That did win the LP ballot access because it is based on Governor or US Senate – 3 percent of the vote or 2% of all registered voters.  Got to vote Tolen to continue that access.

Arkansas:  Mark West – Governor  Frank Gilbert – LG  Kerry Hicks for Attorney General (AG)  Christopher Olsen – Sec. of State (think Secretary of the Commonwealth combined with the corporation work of the State Corporation Commission)  Ashley Ewald – State Treasurer  TJ Campbell – Land Commissioner  David Dinwiddie – Auditor of State  (This is an impressive slate of candidates although I only heard a few minutes of a debate with West.  West is polling at 5% in a recent poll and 3% is needed for ballot access!)

Colorado:  Scott Helker – Governor  Michelle Poague – LG  Bill Robinson – AG  (James Treibert is running for an at-large seat on the U. Colorado Board of Regents and that may be a statewide election)  Any statewide election the LP gets 1% they keep ballot access.  Wish the Old Dominion had that rule!

Connecticut:  Rod Hanscombe – Governor  Jeff Thibeault – LG  Richard Lion – US Senate  Jesse Brohinsky – State Treasurer  Heather Gwynn – Sec. of State  Paul Passarelli – Comptroller  (Another impressive list of candidates!  If you get 1 percent of the CT vote your party gets ballot access for that office!)

DC – yes Virginia there are Libertarians in DC!  Martin Moulton for Mayor  Joe Henchman for AG  Denise Hicks is City Council At Large  Bruce Majors is running for the DC non-voting representative to the US House of Representatives.

Delaware – Nadine Frost – US Senate

Georgia – Ted Metz – Governor  J. Smythe DuVal for Sec. of State  Donnie Foster – Insurance Commissioner   Ryan Graham – Public Service Commission Seat 3   John Turpish – PSC Seat 5 (The PSC regulates utilities and sometimes many other entities.)

Don’t look past the GA PSC races.  They are statewide.  In 2016, Eric Hoskins ran for the GA PSC Seat 2 and garnered 1,200,076 votes (33.42%) and David Staples in 2012 earned over 34 percent but fewer votes (1,095,115) in Seat 5 race and in 2008 John Monds earned over a million votes (1,076,726) in the Seat 1 race.  I’d find the right candidate and target this race for a statewide win.  I read Turpish’s webpage and I liked – really liked one of his answers:

When Republican and Democratic PSC candidates talk about deregulation, what they really mean is letting the utility companies do whatever they like. Proper deregulation, as advocated by Libertarians like myself and Ryan Graham, is about allowing competition to thrive and giving Georgians more choices.

Graham is great, too.  Let’s get the tarantula back to focus!  Next state, Sanders!  (BTW, you only need one stinking percent in Georgia in ANY statewide race.)

Idaho – Bev Boeck – Governor

Illnois will keep us humming election night:  Kash Jackson – Governor  Sanj Mohip – LG  Bubba Harsey AG  Claire Ball – Comptroller  Mike Leheney – Treasurer  and the candidate endorsed by Sanders and more importantly the leading newspaper in Springfield the state capital:  Steve Dutner!  If ANY statewide candidate gets 5% in any race the LP gets ballot access.  I would guess Dutner has best chance of that as he has a realistic but long shot chance to win.

Indiana – The LP US Senate candidate Lucy Brenton has gotten a lot of attention from the Democratic Party in a dirty trick effort to defeat GOP hopeful Braun.  Sean Hannity urged his Hoosier voters not to vote for the Libertarian and I cut him right off my car radio!  The dirty trick might have been a boon for the LP.  Here is some coverage:  This video, this article are a start on your reading; the LP candidate also showed up in the Indy Star and this tristate media outlet.

Brenton would drive this blogger crazy with comments like this:

Independent Indiana Senate candidate Lucy Brenton on Oct. 30 said “people of color don’t want to be given some sort of bone because of the color of their skin.”

Amen!  Those blacks who want to go BLEXIT in Indiana can start with Brenton!

“As a Libertarian, I want the Constitution to be recognized for what it is, the ruling document of this country,” Brenton said.

Preach it sis!

Try this Brenton humor in a recent debate:

“I have 10 children, so the idea of contraceptives is something I’m very much interested in,” Brenton said, bringing laughter from the crowd. “Are there days that I want that to be retroactive when they haven’t done the dishes? Probably.”

Ten kids?  The Senate might be easy…!

What’s a Hoosier to do?  Well, first ballot access is dependent on the 5% for the – wait for it! – the Secretary of State’s race.  And that candidate is Mark Rutherford.  So first make sure you vote for Mark.  John Schick is running for State Auditor, too.   Second, pray about it and do what the Lord leads you to do.  It would be nice if Brenton could win.  I would be in agony in Indiana.  But Brenton could get a nice decent vote.  Seven to ten percent is possible.  If asked right now I’d say vote Braun.

Iowa – Another nice group of candidates and if I read it right, the effect of ballot access resulted in genuine primaries for the LP!  Jake Porter won the Governor primary with 58% of a small vote.  Lynne Gentry for LG  Marco Battaglia for AG (running against a Dem who is serving his eighth or ninth term and no other candidate.  Marco is the fellow to watch and maybe he’ll run up the score, vote-wise for the Iowa LP!)  Timothy Hird for Treasurer  Julia Ofenbakh for Secretary of State  Fred Perryman – Auditor and for a quintessentially Iowa elected office:  Secretary of Agriculture.  The LP nominee is Rick Stewart.  Ballot access according to the handy-dandy chart is two percent for Governor (or President).  So vote Porter in Iowa for ballot access.

Kansas – Jeff Caldwell is the LP gubernatorial candidate  Mary Gerlt is LG and Rob Hodgkinson for Sec. of State.  Kansas has the enviable ballot access law of 1% for any statewide candidate.  So vote a straight LP ticket in Kansas to ensure somebody gets ballot access or if you vote in the tight Governor’s race for Kobach, make sure the other LPs get a vote.

Maryland – Shawn Quinn is running for Governor, Christine Smith for LG and Arvin Vohra for US Senate.  Need ONE percent for President or Governor.  Vote Quinn for ballot access.  I think Hogan is safe but former MD Governor O’Malley says Jealous has a chance.  Governor Hogan needs to pardon abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison on Monday!

Massachusetts has only one statewide office – the Sanders (and better yet – Boston Globe) endorsed Dan Fishman for State Auditor.  If Fishman get 3 percent of the vote (or one percent of registered voters) the LP keeps ballot access.  Fishman has a realistic but uncertain chance to win the election.  I like his emphasis that the auditor ought to be neither red nor blue.  I agree.

Michigan – An impressive five (plus – see below) statewide offices (what statewide offices in Virginia should be elected that are not at present?  Definitely not judges!  I am against judicial elections.  But maybe Secretary of the Commonwealth or Superintendent of Public Education – which in 1921 my hero Maggie Walker ran for as a Republican!) in the Wolverine State that I lived in – because dad was stationed at KI Sawyer AFB in Northern Michigan – as a boy.  George Romney was my governor.  But the LP nominees are:  Bill Gelineau for Governor and his running mate Angelique Thomas for LG.  Also running in MI are Kerry Lee Morgan for Justice of the state Supreme Court, Gregory Stemple for Sec. of State and Lisa Lane Gioia for AG.  Stemple is key, like in the Hoosier State, for ballot access because the law is one percent of the Secretary of State winner’s vote.  (I have looked at the Michigan law and it is an excellent start for a ballot access law – a PARTY can get ballot access with petitions equal to one percent of the gubernatorial vote in the state.  That would have been about 25,000 signatures in Virginia.  Then if in ANY race, the new party gets one percent of the Sec/State vote, they stay on the ballot.)  Can vote James in the Senate race and as long as you vote LP for the Secretary of State’s race and other races as you see fit you are good.

Before I leave Michigan, there are several LPers running for seats on the board of trustees of various Michigan colleges:  UM (James Hudler, John Jascob), MSU (Tim Orzechowski) and Wayne State University (John Hargenrader).  I am not sure they are statewide offices and I am not ignoring them but saving time for other races.  We’ll look at them once or twice during the night.  Also a candidate for state board of education (John Tatar)

Minnesota – if Nina had only taken me curling when I came to see her in Minnesota, would I be in politics in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes?  Only the Lord Jesus knows for sure but here are the LP nominees in Minnesota:  Josh Welter for Governor, Mary O’Connor for LG and Chris Dock for Auditor.  The LP must receive 5% in either of the last two elections.  That last happened in 2010 for any party.  My guess is not this time.

Mississippi has only one LPer running for office.  Period.  Danny Bedwell for US Senate.  (Remember if I say nothing about ballot access, the vote does not matter.  In Mississippi, it is only required that the party be organized.  I wonder how the Dems and Reps got ballot access?  LOL!)

Missouri – There is a huge contentious US Senate race and I’ll say this up front:  Got to get Claire McCaskill out.  But these unknown mailers are urging Missourians to vote for Japheth Campbell, the LP for US Senate.  My guess this is a dirty trick by a Dem but not necessarily McCaskill.  The only other LP statewide is Sean O’Toole for State Auditor.  Two percent in either of the last two statewide elections wins ballot access.  So a savvy voter needs to know:  How did the LP do in the last election?  Does President count?  Seems it is safe to vote O’Toole for Auditor.  But what about US Senate?  This is a tight election.  I’d say vote Hawley and O’Toole.

Montana is officially crazy with the alleged withdrawal of LP US Senate candidate Rick Breckenridge from the race and then allegations that was a dirty trick.  I am not going there.  But you have two more statewide races to watch and monitor for ballot access:  US House (Montana like six other states have the minimum three electoral votes and in those states the congressman has a statewide race) Elinor Swanson who has nice bling on her website and Roger Roots for Clerk of the state Supreme Court.  (I’d probably run for that if I lived in the Treasure State)  Don’t laugh:  Mike Fellows ran as an LP for the state clerk’s office and got the highest percentage of any statewide candidate (43.13%) in any statewide contest.  Montana LPers need 5% of the Governor’s vote in any statewide election in past two statewide elections.  Can vote Swanson and/or Roots to get that.  Roots has an amazing but controversial past – a JD and Ph.D but also a convicted felon.  He is licensed to practice law in Rhode Island.

On a brighter note:  A Sanders-touted state representative LP nominee Sid Daoud is running in House District 6 and he could win!

Nebraska:  Besides the race we will closely watch – State Senator Laura Ebke in District 32, the LP has a US Senate candidate:  Jim Schultz.  The LP needs five percent in one of the last two statewide elections.  Ebke has been heavily touted right here by me at Virginia Right!

Nevada:  Jared Lord is running for Governor and Tim Hagan for US Senate.  If either of these nominees get 1 percent of the total vote for the all the Congressional races (House), the “minor political party” gets or keeps ballot access.  I have no idea here; ask a LP leader in Nevada.  The governor and US Senate races are tight.

New Hampshire has two scenarios that allows up to tally its votes  The LP has a nominee for Governor:  Jilletta Jarvis.  The party also has a candidate in each of the two (and only two) US House seats.  (Dan Belforti in D1 and Justin O’Donnell in D2)  In the Granite State you need 4 percent for Governor or US Senate to get or keep ballot access.  Vote Jarvis for that coveted ballot spot!  (Caleb Q. Dyer and Brandon Phinney are ELECTED state reps – Phinney switched from the GOP to the LP – and we’ll cover those races.  Dyer and Phinney can consider this the sought-after Sanders endorsement!)

New Jersey – The Garden State, like our Commonwealth, elects their Governor in the year immediately after a presidential election (2021 is next).  If there was one race the Lord Jesus would allow me to pick the Libertarian to win it would almost certainly be Murray Sabrin in NJ.  He is a respected senior libertarian and was endorsed by Ron Paul himself!  Sabrin had a chance to win a substantial vote early on but the Menendez-Hugin race has tightened considerably and many liberty-minded voters will now have to take sides.  I’d love to vote Sabrin and maybe I would anyway but it has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on ballot access.  The LP would have to get TEN percent of the total vote for the lower house of the state legislature.  According to the handy-dandy chart that last happened in 1913!  (Not a misprint!)

New Mexico – I really thought the US Senate race might be a breakthrough for Gary Johnson.  There was even the coveted Sanders endorsement!  But hopes are fading fast.  The LP is also running Blair Dunn for AG, Sandra Jeff for Sec of State and Michael Lucero for Land Commissioner.  None of these races affect ballot access – it is 1/2 of one percent for President or Governor.  The LP did not run a candidate for Governor.  Johnson did his best state effort in his home state (9.34%) so the ballot should be secure.  Vote as you please.

New York – the ballot access comes first and if I read this right at another place, the LP has NEVER gotten the ballot access – it is an amazingly small 50,000 votes (about 1% according to the handy-dandy chart) but I think cautiously they will get it and them some this time.  The rockstar Larry Sharpe (who almost dethroned former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld for 2016 VP nod) has polled as high as 13%!  Besides Sharpe, the LP has Sharpe’s running mate Andrew Hollister for LG and Chris Garvey for AG.  I would not even bother to vote GOP in NY for Governor; vote Sharpe instead!  The record for the LP for Governor is just under 15% (14.91%) for Dick Randolph in Alaska.  (Guess who was third:  Virginia’s Robert Sarvis!)

North Carolina – home of LP nominee Erik Raudsep (NC House District 31) who got the ultimate campaign perk:  A hip-hop video made by our very own Corey Fauconier!  I said one perk of running in 2019 or whenever could be my own hip-hop song!  (I hope Corey would write me a hip-hop song but I am not committing him to do so!)  I also commend you to the extensive list of NC House and state senate candidates this time.  (A shout out to Susah Hogarth the state party chair!)  But the only statewide race is a state Court of Appeals battle where the LP candidate is Michael Monaco.  The ballot access rules in NC were liberalized in a way that as I understand is based on state ballots for President.  As the LP is very close to 50 every Presidential cycle or at 50 (and DC of course) this Court of Appeals race has no bearing on that issue.  Run up the score here in that race.

Ohio – Five statewide candidates for the Buckeye State LP – another state where I lived and almost stayed at – graduated from Wright State University in 1980.  (Was William McKinley Governor when you graduated, Sanders?  LOL!  But Jim Rhodes was, I think!)  Governor and LG run together:  Travis Irvine and Todd Grayson.  Also Bruce Jaynes for US Senate, Dustin Nanna for Sec. of State and Robert Coogan for State Auditor.  The Governor’s race may be tight between a fellow I supported for state senate many years ago (he won’t remember me) Michael DeWine and the Dem Rich Cordray.  Because the Governor’s race determines ballot access – or President – it is reasonably important (especially in light of some alleged issues in the LP getting ballot access) for the LP to keep that ballot access.  (You need over 54,000 signatures to regain lost access in Ohio.)  What happened in the Buckeye State when the LP got ballot access:  Lots of candidates! That is why I say:  Vote Waters and open up Virginia politics.

I would personally have a tough time on this one but I’d probably end up voting Irvine-Grayson to keep the ballot access.

Oklahoma used to have very restrictive ballot access laws (I think it was TEN percent like Virginia) but in 2016 that was amended to 2.5% – very reasonable – of President or Governor.  The LP has a gubernatorial candidate – Chris Powell and a State Auditor nominee John Yeutter.  The liberty-minded voter will have to decide amid a tight Governor’s race to vote for Powell and he polled in this poll at one percent.

Oregon – Nick Chen is the only statewide nominee for the LP and he is running for Governor.  If Chen gets one percent, the LP gets ballot access.  (It would apply for any statewide election.)

Pennsylvania – the Keystone State with that exciting Trump win in 2016 now has LPers running for Governor (Ken Krawchuk), LG (Kathleen Smith) and US Senate (Dale Kerns).  You can run up the LP score – it appears the Governor and the US Senate race are probably out of reach for the GOP.  That vote is great to see but has NO bearing on ballot access.  Ballot access is arguably the worst in the US:  The party must have 15 (not a misprint it is FIFTEEN) percent of the total voters registered with the LP.  No third party has EVER met that requirement.

Rhode Island has no statewide LP candidates but William Hunt, running for the 68th House District, endorsed by Sanders and touted by the LP ought to have a decent chance of winning.  We’ll watch the Hunt race.

South Dakota has TWO state legislative nominees touted by Sanders:  Aaron Aylward (HD 6) and Gideon Oakes (SD 50).  Oakes has a decent chance of winning if the voters will trust a third-party candidate enough to risk a Democrat winning.  Aylward is less certain.  But both races were targeted by the national party.

They also have two statewide nominees:  Kurt Evans for Governor and George Hendrickson for the statewide US House race.  If either one gets 2.5 percent it will ensure ballot access for the next two statewide elections.  The governor’s race is tight but the US Rep race is not.  If you vote GOP for Governor, try to find your way to vote LP in the Congress race.  Hendrickson recently polled at 1%.

Texas:  Got an hour or so to read?  Here are the candidates for statewide office:  Mark Jay Tippetts for Governor, Kerry McKennon for LG, Michael Ray Harris for AG, Neal Dikeman for US Senate, and Sanders-endorsed candidate for Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8:  Mark Ash.  But wait:  There’s more!  Eric Piña is running against George P. Bush for Land Commissioner, Michael Wright for Railroad Commissioner, Richard Carpenter for Agricultural Commissioner and William Strange for Ct of Criminal Appeals, Place 1.  But my favorite is:

Benjamin SANDERS for Comptroller!  I love his website:  So I went there to see what Benjamin stands for:

Sanders has several degrees including a Doctorate in Business Administration in applied computer science.  He got 3% last time and is running against a R and a D.  He probably ought to win but probably will not.

Now that we’ve had some fun, let’s finish this!

I did read at the Conservative Treehouse that some GOP voters spurned George P. Bush and voted for Piña the LP candidate but he also has a Democrat opponent.

Mark Ash ought to win too (here’s why) but even though he has a GOP opponent only, he probably will not.  Ash could get a huge vote – perhaps exceeding a million votes.  Four LP candidates for judge/justice have garnered more than a million votes (and fifth one for Railroad Commissioner in a special election) with Mark Bennett winning the most for Ct of Criminal Appeals, Place 7 (1,331,364).  That is the highest turnout for any LP candidate who did not run for President (Gary Johnson of course won well over four million votes in 2016 – 4,489,235).

Tippetts might get a sizeable vote in that this poll has him at 3% and the Governor’s race, unlike the US Senate race, appears to be a Abbott runaway.

What about ballot access?  It is two percent for Governor and five percent for any other statewide office.  I can see that happening in both the Tippetts and Ash race and maybe other races.  Ash may well get more than a million votes.

Whew!  We’re going to be watching the Lone Star State closely.  Next!

Utah has the US Senate race and this might be a bit interesting because the son of George Romney, yes the GOP 2012 Presidential nominee, who I did vote for – I just said – I’ll pretend it’s George! – George Romney was my hero as a kid (and I told Mitt this personally right here in RVA in 2007) I know I was a strange kid.

There is a LP and a Constitution Party candidate for US Senate and lots of conservatives think Romney, who is almost the sure winner of the race, will be the next Jeff Flake.  A few might vote for the LP (Craig Bowden) but this may be the Constitution Party’s best chance for a decent turnout in Tim Aalders.  (Aalders’ got 30 second attack ads against Romney!)  I’d know what I’d do in Utah; not pretend it’s George this time.  I’d vote Bowden.  One Flake is more than enough.

Ballot access:  Two percent in either of last two statewide elections.  I almost hope Aalders and Bowden get the 2%.  If Romney does turn out to be the next Flake, he’ll get primaried.  And I hope so.  I am sorry George!

There is a Sanders-endorsed state house LP candidate targeted by the national party:  Daniel Holloway in Dist 74.

Virginia:  LP has Matt Waters and maybe he’ll get the ten percent the LP needs for ballot access.  Don’t let it be 9.8 percent!

West Virginia has the tight Manchin Morissey race and I almost think a Manchin win is good for the country in that there is one moderate Dem left in the US.  If the Dems want to beat Trump, they’d run Manchin for President.  Never happen.  There is a LP for the US Senate and it is Rusty Hollen.  I’d probably vote Hollen.  No ballot access this year – it’s based on the Governor’s race.

Wisconsin:  I seriously considered living in Wisconsin.  Great visionary politics – Fighting Bob Lafollette, Tommy Thompson, beautiful state, the GB Packers, but the downer:  Awful Winters!  The governor’s race is tight between Scott Walker and Tony Evers (and their running mates) and I’d have to vote the GOP here.  Walker is a visionary and calls for a third (sort of) term.  The LP has a team:  Phil Henderson for Governor and Patrick Baird for LG.  The LP only needs one percent in last two statewide elections.

Finally:  Praise God!  Wyoming:  For such a small state it is an amazing FOUR statewide candidates:  Lawrence Stuempf for Governor, Joseph Parambo for US Senate, Richard Brubaker for for statewide US House seat and finally one who ought to win if names mattered:  Kit Carson (yes, really, Kit Carson) for Sec of State.  Carson’s slogan is Make Wyoming Great Again!  I think Wyoming’s super great right now!  Howard “Kit” Carson has some, let’s just say interesting ideas.  But gotta love that motto.  Ballot access is 2% in any of those races except US Senate.  Carson got ten percent in 2014.

There are two more races to cover:  Brandon Nelson – running in the 4th State Assembly District in California.  It is tough behind the lines in the Socialist Republic but Nelson is a happy warrior taking on the incumbent and spreading the message of liberty.  If Nelson is not sentenced to a tenner in a reeducation camp, we should (Lord willing) hear from him again.  He can call this his endorsement!

Likewise, Nicholas Sarwark, party chair, is running for Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona.  There are four candidates (the election is technically non-partisan), two aligned with the Dems, one with the GOP and Sarwark.  It is impossible to gauge the likelihood of a Sarwark victory or even getting in the top-two runoff, scheduled for March 31, 2019.  Sarwark can also claim this as an endorsement!

As Bach did when he finished a piece of music:  SDG – Sole Deo Gloria!  (To God be the Glory!)  All mistakes are mine.  I hope someone will help with the Greens!








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