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#Binary. Why I’m Blocking #NeverTrump and Anti Trump ‘Friends’ on Facebook


The 2016 Presidential election is a binary choice. Our next president will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Zero or one. Of course Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian ticket, but he has no chance of winning. And he will not even be a factor as he seems to be drawing an equal number of votes from both Clinton and Trump. And please, my Libertarian friends, before you attack this statement I mean no harm. Just dealing in facts. And if you believe Johnson really has a chance, that’s some good weed you’re smoking. Right On!

But the race comes down to two options. Clinton or Trump.

And as much as the #NeverTrump folks want to deny it, if you are campaigning against Trump, you are, in fact, campaigning for Hillary. And for every so called Republican who pretends to stand on principle and write in Ted Cruz (who LOST by the way), you are one less vote Hillary will have to overcome to win. So by not voting for Donald Trump, Hillary’s road to the White House gets a little easier. And if Hillary Clinton wins, your principles will see people like Van Jones, Eric Holder, Huma Aberdin, and perhaps even Barack Obama sitting on the Supreme Court.

All I can say is that you have some really messed up principles if you fail to do everything you can to see that Hillary Clinton is never elected president. No matter how distasteful you find Donald Trump, or say you do, Hillary is a thousand times worse than your worst case scenario about Trump.

But the fact is, most of us understand that your opposition to Donald Trump is based not on principles as you claim, but on sour grapes at the way Trump dismantled your candidate. Whoever your candidate happened to be. Because we also know that you supported Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. And suddenly, in 2016 you find you can’t support Donald Trump because he is not “Conservative”? Where the hell was your conscience in 2008 and 2012?

So we all know your objection to Trump is not because he is not conservative, which leaves your hurt feelings as the main reason you won’t support him.

How do you expect us to respect your principles when we know they are complete B.S.? Well, I do not respect that at all. If you came out and admitted that you are opposed to Trump because you are a sore loser and angry because Donald Trump called your candidate mean names, bullied your choice and left him (or her) in a smoldering, stammering pile of rubble, I would respect you more than pretending you don’t support Trump on “principle”.

How we all lamented the ineffective, self castrated campaigns McCain and Romney ran. They were afraid to attack Obama because he is black. Well, half black to be exact. The press would call them racists. And they couldn’t possibly defend that.

So we lost in 2008 and 2012 because we ran spineless RINO’s who were afraid to speak the truth. Shrinking violets afraid to take a stand.

I have been blocking these #NeverTrump losers on Facebook because I do not believe that they suddenly had an attack of conscience. I believe they are sore losers still angry about their candidate being pummeled by Donald Trump. I’m not buying you lies.


You are either with Trump or you are with Hillary. If you are not going to support Trump then you need to resign from the Republican Party, or if you want to stay, then quite campaigning for Hillary by constantly attacking Donald Trump.

After blocking yet another one of these anti Trump (and therefore Pro Hillary losers) on Facebook I posted the following:

Anti Trump idiot [REDACTED] was added to my block list. Weeding them out slowly but surely. Any person who calls themselves a Republican and is helping Hillary is a real problem. I respect my Democrat friends and my Libertarian friends who post things against Trump. That’s how this works. But for the ones who are opposing their own party nominee, you have a mental problem. And I have no respect for you at all.

And so, if we are “friends” on Facebook and you spend your days searching MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the liberal media searching for the left wing spin and hate on the Republican nominee and posting this garbage, you have totally lost my respect and will be blocked. Not that you would (or should) care, but you make yourself an enemy of freedom by helping Hillary. And as I said on Facebook, Democrats and Libertarians have my respect because you are fighting for your candidate. I absolutely respect that. But the anti Trump “Republicans” are not for anything. They are only against Trump. They offer no alternative except a coup at the convention that will essentially end the Republican Party and hand the election to Hillary. Their constant Trump bashing has no possible outcome other than making things easier for Hillary. Absolutely no good can come from this.

I received 3 responses on Facebook to my post from the same person (again, name withheld):

“Trump is a RINO and a Progressive.”

I only support Republicans if they are actually conservatives or libertarians.”

“What about Republicans who only support the nominee when they are real conservatives?”

Well, let’s take these three statements / questions one at a time.

Trump is a RINO and a Progressive.

Is Trump a RINO? A Republican in Name Only?

Not by my definition. Because a RINO implies that the person is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. Trump is a former Democrat like many in the Northeast. But he has said that the party moved so far to the left he is not a Democrat any longer. But Trump is not a politician. He is a Businessman. So placing political labels on non politicians is a bit like nailing Jello to a tree. And for those who insist on labels and looking at every position a non politician has held over several decades, it simply is not an accurate measure. Trump has evolved over the years. But remember, in New York, like Hollywood, if you are a Republican you are blackballed. Much of Trump’s stint as a Democrat was nothing more than checking off a box on a bid for property. As were his donations to the Democrats who run New York. It is a Pay to Play state. Many of his “positions” were not political positions bu, rather, business decisions. And now, decades later in many instances, those calling Trump a RINO are looking at his positions made to advance his business as if they were political decisions. They weren’t. You want something from a corrupt Democrat run city, you play their game. And anyone who places any stock in Trump’s prior business decisions to determine his current political decisions is mis-analyzing Donald Trump.

Is Donald Trump a Progressive?

Heavens no! Not even close. Progressive, by today’s standards, are those who believe that the government must make the playing field level for all. This is done through heavy regulation, redistribution of wealth, and punishing success. Progressives have a one world view of humanity and detest borders. Religion and faith are obstacles to Progressives and secularism is the world religion.

Trump believes in strong borders, national sovereignty and regulation has been an obstacle to him and he understands first hand how regulation and government intervention kill jobs.

Donald Trump is the opposite of what has become Progressive ideology today.

I only support Republicans if they are actually conservatives or libertarians.

This is a pretty odd statement. Especially adding in Libertarians with Conservatives. Conservatives come in three flavors. Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives and both. Social Conservatives are pretty much the opposite of Libertarians in a lot of ways. And Fiscal Conservatives have a lot of similarities with Libertarians. Fiscal Conservatives want a restrained government that spends as little as possible whereas Libertarians want people to make their own decisions which means smaller, less expensive government. But I believe Libertarians are far more restrained fiscally than Fiscal Conservatives because the latter is willing to spend trillions on wars and police actions.

So as I see it, Conservatives who are socially liberal but Fiscally Conservative are closer to Libertarians in ideology. While Socially Conservative persons favor strong government intervention on things like drugs, abortions, etc. So they are pretty much the opposite of Libertarians. And those that are both Fiscally and Socially Conservative are also very dissimilar to Libertarians.

What about Republicans who only support the nominee when they are real conservatives?

Again with the labels.

Ok. For those like the questioner who surround themselves with “Conservatives” and never hear anything outside of their circle of friends, like those inside the Beltway your view of the world is tilted. I don’t mean this as criticism, but you surround yourself with far right Christian Conservative friends, attend only Conservative events and meetings and walk away believing that since most of your world is Conservatives that you should only support Conservatives. What you don’t realize is that your world is a goldfish bowl floating on an ocean. You only see your own tiny part of the water and believe that your sample set is representative of the world. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not.

Virginia has Democrats at every statewide office. Both Senators, the Governor, Lt., Governor and Attorney General are Democrats. And with the Liberal hires of the Obama Administration, NoVa has been growing deeper and deeper blue every day for almost 8 years. Bob McDonnell was the first Republican Governor in a while when he was elected in 2009, but between his corruption and tax hikes Republicans have left a bad taste in the mouths of all but the most die hard Republicans. And the McDonnell Administration has successfully painted as a far right wing Conservative Administration thanks to a willing press and inept GOP responses. Outside of your little fishbowl the word Conservative has as bad a connotation to the majority of the state as the words Liberal and Progressive have to you.

A Conservative cannot win a statewide election in Virginia or a lot of other states. That is simply Demographics.

We can win in a lot of State House Districts and a few Congressional Districts, but that is it. The State Senate is pretty much even and anyone identifying as a Conservative will lose.

If you want proof, you need to get out of your fishbowl and sample the waters. You will be shocked and stunned at how small the Conservative pool actually is. When I hang out with my fellow musicians, or other outside interests I have, I am often the only Republican, let alone Conservative. We are a very small portion of the electorate.

So does that mean we elect the “most Conservative that can win?”

Absolutely not! Because often, the most Conservative that can win is a RINO Progressive. Open borders, massive government spending, lies and deceptions like we have now with some of our NoVa Congresscritters – and elsewhere. Democrats learned that if they run as Liberals and Progressives they can’t win. So they figured out that of they lie and pretend to be moderates, they can win and then go back to being a Progressive Liberal.

On the Republican side, we tend to draw Liberal Progressives who pretend to be moderates or, depending on the district, Conservatives. The Progressive Liberal RINO Eric Cantor made a living out of fooling us. But Conservatives tend to preach Conservatism in places they can’t possibly win. And they lose.

I have never met a true Conservative who ran as a Moderate and then governed as a Conservative. Republicans always get ripped off in that aspect. We get Liberals pretending to be Conservative.

So if you live in the 7th District in Virginia and only support Conservatives who proudly claim to be Conservative, you have a good shot at winning.

But if you try to run as a full on Conservative for a statewide office, you will lose.

So the way we win statewide office is if we sneak in a true Conservative who pretends to be a moderate. But that person does not exist. Or we run a RINO “Moderate” who will turn full on Liberal as soon as they are elected.

Unfortunately, people like the person who wrote this question will never support someone who does not poison the voting well and chase off 60% of the voters by going so far to the right that the blue state of Virginia will never elect them.

So we fight time and again. We put a strong Conservative that can’t win into nomination, or we go full RINO and nominate a person who may win, but will betray us time after time.

The choice is maddening.

And you must understand that Virginia is a political microcosm of the rest of the country. We elected Obama twice. Between the brainwashed millennials who were taught to fear Capitalism and Free Markets to the low information voters who poke their heads up like groundhogs a couple days before the election and listen to ABC or CBS or NBC.

But what about Donald Trump? Nobody on the planet considers him a “true” Conservative. Yet he believes in a strong wall on our border, he sees that Christians are under attack and will stop this, his list of potential SCOTUS nominees is rock solid, he will repeal and replace Obamacare with a competition driven free market solution, he has a Concealed Carry permit and understands the importance of the Second Amendment.

Donald Trump may not come and visit your Holy Roller church, but he will protect your right to attend. Will Hillary?

What about guns? Hillary wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Hillary will continue and expand Obamacare. She will welcome Muslims and illegal immigrants with open arms.

So when I see statements like “I only support Conservatives”, what I see is “I would rather elect Hillary than vote for someone who is not Conservative”. “I would rather have a liberal Supreme Court that will take away most of our rights, approve speaking against the government as a crime, including global warming scam, than vote for Trump.”

I watch as you twist everything Trump says, mix it with his positions as a businessman in the 70’s, churn it with speculation and then extrude the thought to it’s most extreme conclusion and spread that crap around the internet. Move On and every Progressive group in the country smiles at you.

Is Donald Trump Conservative? Compared to Hillary Clinton, there is no contest. Trump is far and away the most Conservative candidate in the race. And his positions are as conservative as they get on almost every issue. Especially compared to Hillary.

And might I remind you what happened to the most Conservative primary candidate?

He already lost. Among Republican voters.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “#Binary. Why I’m Blocking #NeverTrump and Anti Trump ‘Friends’ on Facebook”

  1. Dave says:

    Good post… Trump is what he is.. for my money, the best thing about him is he’s not Hillary and I believe he will build the wall and reestablish the Rule of Law. If he makes ANY of that happen, he’ll be an American Hero.


  2. KTR Carol says:

    Dittos TOM.

    All the Trump haters must be very pleased …. Hillary is winning!

  3. Baptized by Fire says:

    SCOTUS Justice Scalia, the most strident defender of the Constitution and 2nd Amendment Rights, is DEAD. The next president will appoint at least 3 Justices because Kennedy and Thomas wish to retire.

    The Social Conservatives who say they won’t vote for Trump because he’s not “Christian enough” for them have been voting for Republicans for decades who FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, the nation’s largest Abortion Mill.

    The Christians are STUPID if they don’t see that Muslim Immigration and Sharia Law unchecked under President Hillary Clinton are the single greatest threat to religious freedom in America.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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